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Steps Muslims should take to change their future - Part-II
In my previous piece of writing on the subject matter, I discussed about the behavioural change which is need of the hour to be inculcated by Muslim community. This behavioural change is not possible to achieve in whole community in short period of time and lot of ground work is also required to achieve the desired result.

This is something which is going to take long and tedious process to attain the success and hence all those who are going to join this movement should not get disheartened by mere failure at one stage or other. This is not a project of corporate world which can be judged after completion of project or financial year. Here we are discussing to change the mindset of whole society.

We all know that society is made up of several structural bands and every band of that structure has its own importance. There are people who are going to join your movement without any hesitation if it has good intentions and clear sets of objective. At the same time you will find people who are going to oppose you tooth and nail as their life support is dependent on fooling the community.

They are getting heavy paycheques from their masters so that they can fool you as much as possible. They are doing this since the country got the independence. They will try their best to change your path using all available means with them as any good movement is biggest hurdle in their path of success.

Don't confront them with harsh words. That is the basic thing all of you should adhere if you really want to be ambassadors of change. Don't use harsh words or offensive language against anyone. Try to listen their reasoning with apt attention. There is no harm in getting the point of view of even your worst enemy. As such, we as Muslim had been taught to learn from cradle to grave.

This piece of paper is not for masses but for ambassadors of the movement who are going to be backbone of such movement. Believe me without a movement, you are going to languish for another 70 years as you are suffering since Independence. Actually you are suffering since long only difference was you were suffering under Muslim rule.

1. There may be different sects among you but accept person of all other sects as your brother/sister with open heart as all these sects came to the world after the demise of Prophet (saww). Basic requirements to be Muslim are to accept the oneness of Allah, Prophethood of Mohammad (saww) and all the prophets before him, teachings of Prophet including Quran and finally having faith in day of judgement which is Ghaib (unseen). Why you have forgotten Quranic teachings which ask us not to get divided in sects?

2. Befriend with everyone without thinking about sect of other people. It will reduce enmity among you. You are enemy because of ignorance rather than due to knowledge. Leave your ignorance aside and embrace people of all the sects.

3. Don't use harsh words against anyone even at the worst of time. Try to achieve the height of calmness.

4. Try your best to avoid confrontation not only with people of other sects but with people of other religions too. Too much confrontation actually poses questions about your own likings. If you are always in confrontation mode, it gives impression that your religion taught you be so. You are ambassadors of your religion so help the religion to get right impression.

5. Even if someone uses foul/abusive language against you, don't start abusing that fellow. Try to reason him out with rationale dialogue rather than becoming aggressive yourselves.

6. Try to read as much as possible about your religion that is going to help you in understanding nuances of religion. Don't just believe what maulana/maulvis are saying. Learning has great importance in your religion but unfortunately Muslim left this important aspect of life due to one reason or other.

7. Stop assigning masajid (mosques) to different sects. Mosques are not the property of any person/sect. I can understand that people of different sects used to collect money to build/renovate mosques and termed them Mosque of this or that. If you are really interested in getting the reward from Allah for your help in construction/renovation of mosques you should stop assigning them to any sect. Throw open the doors of all the mosques for everyone. Don't stop at this juncture; motivate people to pray in different mosques.

There are many other points which need to be discussed and implemented but to start the behavioural changes leading to positive social impact these are good enough to begin with. All the likeminded people need to come forward so that positive changes can be initiated with immediate effect. I have discussed about the behavioural changes at minimalistic level to bring about the change in society. There are many more things, which need to be discussed and embraced to achieve the social/apolitical movement for the betterment of community.

Your future is in your own hands don't look towards the politicians/leaders to help you to come out of your problems. We all know that these leaders/politicians are real culprits for your most of the problems. You have enough resources to overturn all your adversaries. You just need to believe in your hidden qualities which lost with the time due to erosion.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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