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Steps Muslims should take to change their future – Part-I
After long deliberation I came to conclude that an apolitical/social movement is the need of the hour for all the destitute people and especially for the Muslim community of the country. I don't want to waste too much time on the plight of Muslims as it is the (un)written truth that they are even worse than SCs/STs in human development index.

There is no need to look into different government reports which talk about the conditions of the community and in some cases even provide certain measures to be initiated by the governments for the upliftment of Muslims in India. None of the political parties in the last 70 years has truly tried to take care of this community except mere proposals and promises. These had been understood by other groups as freebies to the Muslims whereas the ground reality is in contrast to common perception.

We are also not interested in the perception of the majority community as that is not going to help us in any way. Our main focus must be only on how to improve the conditions of our own community. We are followers of Islam and are hence called Muslims, and we have learnt lessons of true Islam which teach us to extend help even to our enemies if they come to us in their hour of need.

Here, I would like to tell three well known incidents which are well documented in history and actually provide the right guidance to the Muslim community for help their enemies.

1. There was an aged lady who used to throw garbage over the head of Prophet Mohammad (saw) everyday. Prophet (saw) never objected of her behaviour. One day no garbage had been thrown over his head. He enquired about the lady and after knowing that she had fallen ill, he visited her. He asked about her illness and talked in a very good way which melted the heart of the lady and she embraced Islam from the hands of Prophet (saw).

2. After attacking Hazrat Ali (as) with poisoned sword, Abdur Rahman ibn Muljim was caught by the people and brought to Ali (as). It was time of iftar (time to end your daily fast of Ramadan) and he offered his sharbat (drink) to his killer. He asked his sons to follow his four instructions about his killer:

· If he (Ali) survives from the attack, it will be his (Ali's) decision to either avenge or leave him (Muljim) free.

· If he doesn't survive, his progeny has the right to either free his killer or avenge.

· And finally if they decide to avenge, his killer must be given single blow of sword.

· The body of his killer should not be amputated or mutilated after handing the blow of sword.

None in the history of the world can provide such single incident apart from this one where the person who had got a fatal blow from the hands of his enemy is asking his sons to show mercy to his killer. That is the height of humanity which was shown by none other than the household of Prophet Mohammad (saw).

3. After the tragic incident of Karbala, one of the killers from the army of Yazid fled during the revenge of Mukhtar and arrived in Medina. He took refuge at the house of Ali ibn Husain (as) famously known as Zainul Abeedin (as) due to his height of worship. Ali ibn Husain (as) provided him everything asked.

When he decided to leave, he said, "I think you don't recognize me."

Ali ibn Husain (as) replied with all his calmness, "How can I forget you? You are the killer of my brother but that was your way of treating your guest and we are the household of Prophet (saw) and this is our way of treating our guest. Presently you are a guest though you have killed my brother and hence I did what was required to be done with a guest."

Remember that Karbala is the most tragic event in history where most of the men including a 6-month-old child had been murdered and their bodies mutilated by the army of Yazid.

No religion can teach such great humanity which had been taught by Prophet (saw) and his family (as). After such a tragic event, Ali ibn Husain (as) still helped his enemy who was involved in killing of his family members.

These incidents in history teach us certain things. They are not merely there to be read and forgotten. They teach us to help others in the time of their need, it doesn't matter if they were involved in destroying you. Muslims should start behaving like their true leaders rather than following leaders of today's time who are just using the community for their benefits. This will be the first step of this social/apolitical movement.

The reason of this write up is to inflame the burning desire among the community to change their behaviour. Be accommodatingto different thoughts not only among the community but outside the community too. Don't be judgmental all the time and instead allow the things to completely unfold in front of you.

I am not asking anyone to become a saint of that level which was shown by the family of Prophet (saw). I know it is near impossible to pardon someone who has murdered or tried to murder your family members, but bare minimum, we can at least try to pardon the people who have abused or cursed us. We should forgive and forget their deeds. Stop abusing/cursing the people of other sects. They are your brothers in religion. By cursing/abusing nothing is going to change, so, what is the point? Try to discuss things with rationale without being rhetorical. We have been asked by Allah to show patience even during the worst of times, then, why do we often get impatient? This behavioural change is a must and we should inculcate it as soon as possible for the betterment of the community and ourselves.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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