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Story of a leader's fall sans people's support
He came, he saw and he conquered Delhi; the man is Arvind Kejriwal. An intelligent person who rose to be a senior officer in the Income Tax Department but resigned from the coveted post to serve the common man is now perceived to be drifting away from the common man. His wife is still working for the government in the same department and is looking after her husband well.

When the maverick man sat on a Dharna or a public protest on a side walk in front of the Rail Bhawan to chasten the erring policemen, she brought home food to feed the hungry agitator on the footpath. She must have been emotionally moved to find that her darling husband had served on the road under the open skies in an inclement weather. Indeed a devoted couple.

The Aam Aadmi Party that came to power in the city state of Delhi, rising on the popular anger against the corrupt ministers of the ousted party, Arvind Kejriwal became the Chief Minister and many of his party colleagues occupied posh offices of ministers but not the bungalows.

One of the colleagues in the cabinet, Law Minister Bharti has come under fire from all directions for taking law into his own hands, violating the procedures laid down in the Criminal Procedure Code and using intemperate language bordering uncivilized behavior, Chief Minister Kejariwal jumped into the fray by lending his colleague unflinching support. Both have fallen from grace and gone down many notches in the estimate of the public opinion comprising literati, glitterati and pavement dwellers.

Public Protest Before Rail Bhawan

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal wanted to launch a mass protest by sitting in front of the Union Home Minister’s office before the North Block but was prevented by the Delhi Police. So they sat in protest in front of the nearby Rail Bhawan that houses the ministry and other offices of the Indian Railways. They were there for two days and one night before Arvind Kejriwal buckled under pressure of public opinion, inclement weather, strong attitude of the central government and apparently lukewarm support of the common man.

The Aam Aadmi was not inclined to join the agitating chief minister of Delhi as he had his own personal problems to solve. In the common man’s perception Kejriwal had crossed the line of civility, propriety and law by supporting the law minister of Delhi who had infringed the law by his high handed approach in dealing with some Nigerian women whom he suspected of drug peddling and indulging in flesh trade. The leaders of the AAP committed one mistake after the other and thus lost the support of the Press, both print and electronic.

Kejriwal who had demanded suspension of five police officers for dereliction of duty in rape, murder and prostitution cases could not press the point or argue his case to the hilt in view of the firm attitude of the Union Home Minister. The Central government that controls the Delhi Police refused to suspend even a single police officer and just ordered an enquiry as an eye wash.

Lt Governor of Delhi is credited with hammering out a solution by asking two Station House Officers to go on leave which they had already applied for before the agitation began. Thus the Union Home Minister and the Lt Governor just offered a ;lollypop to the crying Kejariwal that the latter grabbed as a way out of the jigsaw puzzle that he had got himself in.

The crest fallen Kejriwal called it as a great victory of his but the Media termed it as “Beating Retreat before the Republic Day”. Kejriwal had bitten more than he could chew. The dwindling public support; people’s leaving the venue of protest despite entreaties of AAP leaders, incessant rain, scathing criticism by media commentators and unflinching attitude of the Home Minister spelt disaster for the mass protest and demand of suspension of five police officers.

Kejriwal saw the writing on the wall. Time and people were not on his side. It was a great fall for Kejriwal. He started the agitation with a bang but it ended with a whimper. Kejriwal’s public support is sliding down and it forebodes his meteoric fall.

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hemen parekh
Maya - Mamta - MulayamApart from the fact that their names start with the same alphabet , what else is common between them ?They , all belong to Arvind Kejriwal's list of Be-Iman ( the Dishonest )But the list is longAlso includes , Gandhi and Gadkari !The list cuts across party-lines , to include Be-Iman leaders from ,> Congress> BJP> National Conference> Nationalist Congress Party> Trinmool Congress> DMK> BSP> SP................etcMembers of AAP are invited to submit the names of their favorite Be-Imans !Arvind wants the voters to defeat these Be-Imans in the forthcoming National Elections and vote for AAP candidates in their placesGadkari has asked Arvind to apologize within 3 days or face a defamation suitMy take :> Arvind will not apologize> Gadkari will not file a suit> None of the others in the list will file defamation / libel suitsReason ?> If they do , AAP legal team will get to cross-examine these leaders > Many a skeletons will come tumbling out of dark closets ! What horror !> With court-cases going on , these " tainted " leaders will get pre-occupied with the litigation for years , leaving little time for campaigning> They will find it very difficult to face voters in rallies > TV Anchors will invite them every evening for questioning- Media Trial !> Morning newspapers will carry " Screaming " headlines on court observations - " Objection Over-ruled " !> Election officers may even reject their nomination papers !> Unwittingly , they will confirm AAP as , " CHAMPION OF THE UNDERDOGS "Although , there is some undisputable proof against the CRIMINAL leaders , in the form of FIRs / court-cases / convictions / appeals etc , Arvind has very little SOLID PROOF re the corruption of the others named in his listThen how can he get away with such base-less allegations ? Especially those in the list , who are " Clean / Honest " ?It is a question of :" Whenever there is a fire , along with the dry grass , some green grass too burns "The entire political system has got so corrupt and criminalized that no leader is perceived to be clean / honest !People are so ANGRY that they want to dump the present lot of leaders and find some honest leaders - no matter , how inexperienced !In fact , in the forthcoming elections , a " PAST EXPERIENCE " ( as an MP ) , will be a BIG LIABILITY !By itself , that will be a proof that you have been part of a corrupt system !That is Arvind's TRUMP CARD !* hemen parekh ( 01 Feb 2014 / Mumbai )
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