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Syrian war crisis: Are we heading towards World War III
At the time of writing of this article, American fighter jets were manoeuvring over the sky of Syria whereas Russia has ordered its troops in high combat alert. Syrian air defence systems and forces are on their full combat mode.

Are we living in the era of complete destruction and annihilation of mankind? After World War II, the United Nations was created with the sole aim to solve the problems of different countries as an international body where all countries, irrespective of their power would be treated equally.

However, the UN has failed miserably, working itself as a puppet organization of the US-led Western world, where these powerful white supremacist ideologues use it as per their wishes, whenever required.

American hegemony got challenged for the first time in Syria when Iran and Russia came forward to help the beleaguered Syrian government headed by Bashar al Assad.

The Western world had always envisaged the Greater Israel plan in the Middle East and unfortunately majority of so-called Muslim leaders' especially Arab monarchs and princes helping them in their endeavour.

There are a very few Arab leaders who are opposing Zionist Israel and its expansionist plan. Bashar al Assad and his father never accepted Israel as a sovereign nation and believe that the land of Israel belongs to native Arabs of all religions.

The CIA hatched the conspiracy of removing Assad from his legitimate government on the pretext of installing American-style democracy soaked in blood of innocents and wrapped in corpses of native people, as it did in several other countries like Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bolivia, Sudan etc.

Terrorists were trained by the CIA in Jordan and Turkey and smuggled to Syria with the financial help of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other rogue Arab nations. They started bloodbath in Syria in the name of democracy and were helped by NATO and Arab monarchies with everything needed to topple the Assad government.

Hezbollah and Iran entered in Syria with official request of legitimate government of Syria led by Bashar al Assad followed by entry of Russia. All these forces worked together as strong cohesive units to defeat barbaric ISIS and other terrorists' groups across Syria that irked the originators of terrorist groups aka US, UK, Saudi, UAE, Jordan and Turkey.

During the Ghouta liberation by Syrian forces with the help of Russian air and Iranian strategic support, they raised bogey of human catastrophe and started "Save Syria" campaign to malign the Assad government with the intention to attack Syrian government and topple Assad from his position.

Due to vigilant role of Russia and Iran in the United Nations and other international bodies, US-led group failed to get enough support to attack Syria. Syria succeeded in liberating, almost all, Ghouta except Douma region where government is trying to negotiate with terrorists.

US-led group of countries once again raised the false flag of chemical attack on civilians by the Syrian government in Douma, although this time they failed to provide a single evidence in their support. Throughout the Syrian war, US led group alleged Syrian government for chemical attacks and civilians' killing and always failed to provide single evidence for the same.

The Syrian government asked the OPCW to visit Douma for fair investigations which was accepted by the OPCW. Now the United States has threatened to attack Syria irrespective of whether it had used chemical weapons or not.

In the meanwhile, Israel attacked one of Syrian airbase T4 with missiles, some of which were intercepted while others struck the positions killing several personnel.

Russia and Iran have promised a befitting response to any future attacks on Syrian soil. All the forces are in full combat mode and alert.

The situation is grim and we can just wait and watch time to unfold before our eyes. Any direct war between Russia and America will annihilate humanity as promised by Putin few weeks ago. It will be the last war….

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