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System has lost its immunity
I look around and see saffron, white and green; people are bursting with feelings. Where was this feeling till now? Who brought this change and how? Is this a shout or a roar? I never experienced this before, let me try.

I WANT to speak my mind, but why do we need a person like Shri Anna Hazare to lead us? Had the people realized their power earlier, they would not meet such barriers. I feel ashamed that I voted for such a government that has been sucking our blood like a venomous serpent. We are waiting for change.

Not only the people at Ramlila Ground in New Delhi, but the entire nation is fighting against corruption. The question is not about supporting Shri Anna Hazare, but about who is supporting the cause.

Corruption is the root cause of all problems in the country. It has seeped deep into our system. And the only way of eradicating it is by changing the mind-set of the people. I went to Ramlila ground yesterday morning; it felt as if I was in the modern Gandhian era where people were shouting slogans in support of Anna and calling on the government to accept his demand. Well, my question is where was this aggression earlier? Why did we wait this long?

Corruption is not a new thing, it has been dwelling in our system since ages. We, however, bore it all quietly, thinking that the government would finally bring a change, but all that it changed was its Swiss account figure. People have finally lost their patience and are venting their anger, but is the government paying any heed? It is such a shameful moment, Anna, 73, has been fasting since the last 11 days, but there is hardly anyone from the political world to do something about it.

I agree that Anna has stood up for a cause, but where was he all these years? Lokpal Bill is not a new phenomena, it has existed for quite some time now, but how many people are aware of this fact? But, on the positive side, it is finally getting the attention it deserves. However, I am not sure about how many people exactly know the difference between the Lokpal and Jan Lokpal bills? Now that is where the system is lacking. People are supporting Anna because his activity is showcased by media, which plays the most important role in highlighting this revolution.

Since media is quite aware about the bill, then wasn’t any effort made to highlight the bill earlier? It seems all were waiting for someone to stand up for the cause. Since the issue has been finally hyped, many so called experts are coming forward with their “precious” comments over the bill. Arundhati Roy recently said that had she been in Anna’s place, she would have supported the cause in a different manner.

Day-in and day-out, news channels are broadcasting how the issue is gaining momentum, but what is the outcome? It’s been 65 years now and we are still counted as a developing country. The reason is not poverty or shortage of money, but corruption that has stunted the country’s growth. Now, what we need to do is open our eyes and stop ignoring all the wrong we see around us every day.

We need to change this system, which is doing no good to the country. In the name of providing facilities to minority classes, a reservation policy is followed, which is not even in proportionate ratio. No action is taken against terrorists and criminals, while cases against them are postponed from one date to another. This has to end. We need a new India.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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