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Taming the red bull
Here are a few points as to what all we should do to address the Naxalite and the Chinese problem affecting our Northeast including tribal belts across India. Following these could help in solving the problem more peacefully.
I WAS reading an article about Naxalism. The article covered like many others the problem attached with Naxalism and never toched upon a solution, which is the need of the hour today. I would like to touch upon a few points as to what all we should do to address the Naxalite and the Chinese problem affecting our Northeast including tribal belts across India:

1. Create a Blue socialist party as a Gandhian way to win the peoples battle based on original Indian concept rather than an alien one like the concepts of Karl Marx or any other communist/Naxal parties are based upon. This Socialist movement should be based purely on the concepts of social Justice, non violence and secularism which all Naxalites hate. This movement should replace the violent and bloody opposite faction of the Salwa Judum (meaning "Peace March” as of now being clandestinely supported by the government as a viable solution.

2. Everybody knows that China is behind the Naxalite movement in the country. It is also the truth that the CPM activists are Chinese agents in the garb of Indian flesh and passport. The game plan is clear to create anti-government forces to disrupt our progress and bring our Northeast into their fold because of world's richest Uranium deposits in Arunachal Pradesh along with the Hydropower and water resources available like the Brahmaputra, which would outlast all world glaciers and hence a very precious and important water source for us 30 years from now. The government should give autonomous status to Arunachal Pradesh as “New Tibet” by shifting The Dalai Lama and his governing council as an independent governing entity in the region for the period until Tibet is once again free of China’s shackles.
This would solve two purposes one the state would be secured against China’s aggression forever and any movement against it would bring instantly international support. Secondly, it would alienate and strategically tilt all Buddhist states like Bhutan, Sikkim, and Myanmar towards India, thirdly the populace if pro-India would seal the state in India’s favor forever and would discourage any anti-India people’s movement. There should be Roads and a state of the art International airport developed their to attract foreigners as tourists and specially those international renowned personalities like “Angelina Jolie,” “Richard Gere” etc who support Buddhism and Dalai Lama. Holding Buddhist international forums in the area to create it as a centre of Buddhist Power and pilgrimage.

3. The biggest problem in any mass movement is logistics and control. This problem can be our boon or saving grace/ face for any disturbance or destruction of this would jeopardise the very future of any such movement. Identify and Kill the leaders and stop all means of logistical support would end Naxalism forever.

4. Excellent Intelligence infrastructure required of both national and state security agencies converging into a single dedicated entity or agency to monitor all such anti – India Naxal activities on n all India basis. They should identify the leaders / logistical support points/ supporters and other elements which garner a soft corner for Naxals both in civil and government bodies as such a movement cannot be run without local government support.

5. Jamming all GSM/UHF/Q -Band/Radio and other frequencies in the forest regions

6. Beacons should be hidden in supplies meant for Naxals so as to mark their hidden camps and stores.

7. Thermal and Infrared imaging via satellite for any forest movement of the Naxals as they are building Tunnels like the Vietcong in strategic locations.

8. Continuous Ariel survey to create and maintain pressure on the Naxals as often during such pressures they can semi – disciplined force makes mistakes

9. Armed suppression; It is the most effective way of handling and crushing an uprising but should be the last if the above fail. We should have a special task force created to crush this insurgency from the effected populace. This force should be highly motivated and any casualty should be adorned with state honors and other motivator gifts so that the people willingly fight this menace even if it involves sacrifice of life and limb. The irony is that our paramilitary forces involved in tackling these insurgencies are failing. This is as they are facing two threats one internal and one external. The internal threat of mismanagement, lack of motivation, corruption, and misuse has left the force totally demoralised and weans them away from direct combat as cowards and this should be improved upon. Externally the availability of modern training and equipment to the Maoists accompanied with a hostile populace which is people caught between the two systems is proving to be another sore point which can be curtailed by the measures mentioned above.

10. Upliftment and development of the affected area. This is possible only after this resistance is crushed as any strategy adopted in between is bound to be met with failure as the Maoists will vaporize such ambitious plans of the government or use them to their advantage. It is now the truth that Naxals are benefiting from the Rural Employment Guarantee scheme in a big way.

11. Good Judicial  and administrative system which dispenses fair and speedy justice along with a modern, educated, uncorrupt, dedicated police force providing good security to all. This would bring back the masses to the system.

12. Lastly a “National Will” with mass support is required to finish this problem forever. The Government as well as the public is lacking the will to suppress this revolution by force and all its efforts till date are half hearted. We have to change this to succeed. People need to be more secure if they have to oppose the Naxals which at the moment they are not hence confidence building measures are required to tackle this problem.

13. Political hegemony as Naxals are using local political system to their advantage by giving false image of support to gullible petty politicians and fueling enough hatred for them to fight and finish each other hence paving the way for them to take over just the way Britain had done by using “The Divide and Rule Policy”

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