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Tarot predictions for Zodiac signs 2013
These are general predictions for each zodiac sign for 2013 using tarot cards and messages from angels! Predictions are always general and not specific. A lot depends on our personal birth chart, karma and date of birth too.

Aries: Time and tide wait for none but this year you will have to wait and be patient to get things done. Delays may spoil your progress and might not allow your plans to go according to the way you wish. Misunderstandings and arguments arise out of little issues but there is nothing that cannot be sorted out. Check finances.

Advice: Even though you face tough times and believe that things are not working for you, continue to put in efforts, eventually you will succeed.

Taurus: All that you have worked for is waiting to be yours; money, prosperity and increase in property. Handle it well. It might come after waiting but when you have already been so patient, just a little bit more. You deserve all that you get, your stars and efforts bring you results. A little late, but you get it.

Advice: It is all about having faith and keeping the hope alive because you may not be able to see the results right now but there is something positive waiting to happen for you.

Gemini: You are feeling responsible and over burdened with tasks to do, to complete and fulfill. Even though you are at the brink of change, you feel the impact of the weight put on your shoulders. Expect changes. Sometimes when you feel too bogged down with the situation at hand, it would be great to just let go and take a break.

Advice: Even among all the hardships there will be a reason to celebrate in the family, a marriage or some occasion.

Cancer: This year, if you cannot deal with a situation, don’t even try! This should be your attitude. Seek professional help if things go beyond your understanding or out of control. Practising yoga and meditation will help. Not a time to start new ventures. According to your past karma, destiny has taken over to make some amends. Think before starting something new.

Advice: Start new ventures by making a prayer and doing research on the subject or taking guidance from the higher power.

Leo: Re-evaluate your desires and wants and let go of all that does not work for you, especially on an emotional level. A time to take a step back from all the emotional giving, take time to rejuvenate and look after you. Emotional healing is the first step towards physical well being. There are things you wish to happen, this year you might not get it all.

Advice: There will be times that you will be willing to accept whatever is coming your way, just remember not to compromise because you deserve the best.

Virgo: Your ability to discard what is not good for you, to minimize and reduce anything that is garbage, could be literally like clearing your space or getting rid of anything that creates problems or makes a negative impact on your life. You will be able to decipher and understand correctly what others mean when they say and cut off the excess.

Advice: If you are confused about any situation this year, the best thing would be not to take any decision without consultation and research.

Libra: A rewarding year. You might have been feeling that you have been ignored when the time for rewards arrives. 2013 is the year when calculations of your previous karmic deeds bring you results; good, bad or ugly depending on how you have been and all you have done. You will feel a little tied down at times but that is only a message to do something different instead of taking the old and beaten path. Overall it is a good year.

Advice:  At times you feel things are not going in your favour; this is the time to change your direction and explore new horizons.

Scorpio: Your struggle to get results you want might not come about soon. This year, putting in extra efforts would not bring you the exact results that you hope for but it won’t go unnoticed too. There will be a nagging feeling of being incomplete that may lead to frustration and uneasiness.

Advice: After a great struggle and many changes which will lead to self transformations eventually happiness awaits you.

Sagittarius: Communications, travel, activities, movement, energy! Everything moves at a pace and you need to match your steps with all of this. Take a grip on your emotions, anger may flay as you will have a lot going for you. Give romance a chance, speak and clear issues this year. This is the time to take action and move fast. Grasp the opportunity that comes your way.

Advice: There will be time that you feel insecure about the path you are heading to; this is not the time to give up.

Capricorn: You are feeling powerful? Great! Just don’t let it go to your head. Being stubborn and putting your foot down is good, people respect you for that but do not overdo it. Channelize your energies towards creativity and making a stand in society.

Advice: This year is good for doctors, healers. It is time to take charge of your health and well being.

Aquarius: This year, you will be in control of a lot of things, starting with yourself and your thoughts. Career wise, you do well and will be elevated to a higher post. Try to include others in your plan; you might have the tendency to distance yourself from others while working or in any professional situation. Things look good overall in 2013.

Advice: You will become more intuitive, this is time to pray, meditate and study on a spiritual level.

Pisces: A lot of planning is going on within you! Your abilities will shine and you finally have the chance to work on all that you have wanted to with a passion and zest! Just don’t let that temper of yours flare even though you will calm down as easily. Action is required from you this year and you are so ready for it too!

Advice: There will be change in your living space or your work place. A career move is expected which will bring in positive energies.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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