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Team India - On the way to attaining moksha
It appears that the time for Indian cricket is not running favorable. In fact, most of the fans have developed into astrologers because instead of putting stake on a possible win, nowadays they are betting as to whether team India will cross the mark of 100 runs or not.

The bowlers of England have never found their bowling experience so enjoyable, as they do not have to cover extra miles to fetch an Indian wicket. In their dressing room, perhaps they decide among themselves as to which bowler will be taking the wicket of which prime Indian batsmen.

 No doubt the traditional game of Kabaddi is gaining popularity these days. It will not be surprising if the other indigenous games which have been neglected so far might gain a higher status, including Kho Kho. One of my neighbors said jokingly that our batsmen and bowlers feel bored while playing a game for five long days and being paid in pennies, whereas in our IPL they get paid a treasure per second. The way cricket is moving forward in India, soon it will overtake Kapil Sharma's show in terms of comedy.

Losing a series or a few matches is a very subjective issue and the Indian fans do understand that it is not appropriate to expect that team India will always emerge as winner.  Especially when we are playing on the bouncy pitches of England in their backyard, it takes a hell lot of robust batting and comprehensive tight bowling to attain victory. One needs to put in a great deal of sweat and toil to attain a victory. When one's future is secured through the endorsements and ads, what is the need to work hard?

But the mystery of our non performing stars has been solved. If they really do well, they will be compelled by the BCCI to play in another away series in next tour, so the best and most viable option is to become a non-performer in tests but do really good in the IPL. Why to waste energy on the format where we are lagging behind from ages. Under the given performance, it will take another 50 years to level the score in an away series.

In fact, the recent performances of team India have converted the die-hard Indian Fans into some kind of saints who accept the defeat as God's wish. On a personal note, I have almost reached a stage where a victory gives me a surprise.

But the million dollar question which remains unanswered is that why our star batsmen fail miserably, without putting up a bare minimum resistance? They give up in a most casual way and rather surrender in front of the opponents. As I was writing this piece, a friend of mine and a hard core fan of team India called to say that perhaps, team Nepal or Afghanistan (the latest entrant) would have given a better fight and accrued a face saving for their skipper to have at least lost in a dignified way.

 Incidentally, Mr. Srinivasan has recently said that the biggest challenge for them is to ensure how to attract the fans to the stadium. The signals are really not good. The interest is vanishing and it had already begun the day Sachin took a final bow. This gala commercial venture called cricket has already started falling.

The inconsistency is really one of a kind. Perhaps everyone in team India is making a kind of sacrifice to give a chance to his fellow players to strike by getting himself out early. Otherwise, how come every star batsman we have gets out in a similar fashion? They do not regret and think that they have become indispensable. But in the end, we the fanatic fans will have the final heart burst laugh on these paper tigers.

As the Indian innings was about to finish, I am looking at the poster of Sachin Tendulkar. In the background, someone has aptly played a song, "Sun raha hai na tu, ro raha hu main."

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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