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Anu Goel
Team Work yields better results: But to achieve it, feel proud of your leader, your team and forget indiscipline 31 March, 2015
As individuals, we often encounter a situation where getting along alone is quite difficult. There are times when we as individuals face problems like fear, lack of motivation, lack of self confidence, problem in decision making and are stuck in situations. This is where the role of a team becomes crucial. Be it in a school project, a family function, group discussion at university or big presentations at the workplace, we often find us incomplete without a team.
A team is basically a group of people working together to achieve a common goal in any field like education, medical, sports, business and the like. A team gives importance to each member of the group/team, consider their suggestions, work upon their ideas and develop strategies which are beneficial for the team as a unit. We all can agree to it that how things become simpler to cope with if we work in a team as all the pressure of the task is divided and thus all things come up quite satisfactory.

Team work is also not a piece of cake. It is quite difficult at time to work as team especially when the ideas of the team members are quite conflicting. But no matter how difficult it is to work as a team, the output presented by a team is always greater than what an individual can achieve. We all must have done some school projects where we had to work with two or more of our classmates. Such activities generate in us the spirit of team-work which proves to be beneficial in all spheres of life.

Why one needs to work as a team if one already has all needed resources at hand? This is one of the questions most frequently asked by individuals who have issues with dealing with people. To understand the importance of team work, let us consider an example of Anita versus Alisha and her team. Both Anita and Alisha are appointed with a task which requires a great amount of thinking, planning, practical and theoretical knowledge, as well as it is time consuming.

Anita worked on the project alone for 7 days and Alisha and her team of 7 members worked on the same for 3 days and it is quite astonishing that Alisha and her team worked better. The main reason behind this is the reason why team work is important.

To begin with, firstly by working in a team one gets to interact, share, discuss and learn so many new ideas and thoughts which all might not come to one person. Anita looked into the situation from one perspective and her mind-set was fixed whereas Alisha's team enabled her to understand a wide range of ideas and thoughts which might not have even crossed her mind.

Secondly, working alone on a difficult or time-consuming project becomes tire-some and frustrating at times. But with team, one can always divide up their tasks and keep rotating the tasks among themselves to avoid disinterest and also team-work enables one to communicate and cheer up one another.

Thirdly, working alone one might start feeling demotivated and loose the aim. But while working with the team, the members of the team as well as the leader/leaders always encourages and motivates all the team members and thus help one been focused and motivated to achieve the set-goals.

Fourthly, at times one may encounter the trouble of not being able to work with full productivity or feel sick or any such personal issue might come up that might affect the project. This problem is also taken care because when you work as a team you always know that someone has got your back and you can rely upon your team in such difficult phases.

Lastly, not to forget whether your project fails or become a success you will always have your team to share your experience with you. But if you are working alone and you fail at something it might lead to depression and you might not be able to cope up with it alone. Team-work improves your interpersonal communication skills and makes you feel complete at school, workplace and the like.

Despite of the above listed advantages, many people find it difficult to work as team due to several reasons that might include conflicting ideas and believes, lack of trust among team mates, feeling inferior to someone and the like. But we all have to understand that these are actually real problems that one might face while working as a team. It happens quite a lot when there is a breach of confidence among teams or groups which leads to splitting of the team.

Also this betrayal of trust might hurt one emotionally and make one suffer at work as well. Also, many a times the problem of conflicting ideas and beliefs turn out into subdivisions of the group. There is also a possibility that someone in the group might treat others as his/her inferior and subordinate them. But these all are things that we need to keep in mind while working as a team.

To get the best out of a team do try building a very friendly and frank communication between the team members. No one should feel odd or left out. Every team member should have an equal say while deciding on important matters and each individual should be respected for his/her capabilities and disabilities. The team should work in a manner that one person fills the disability of another and make it advantageous for a team.

Trust-building exercises and sessions are a must for a healthy team. All members should work like a family, respecting and caring for one another and realising the importance of achieving the goal for the team. Everyone should feel proud of their team, their leader and their working style as this keeps the negativities at bay.

Remember that achieving perfection is a struggle that never ends and working together makes this struggle more pleasant, memorable and resourceful. One always gets to grow in a team and also as an individual. Team work is a formula that is made up of Together Everyone Achieves More. And not to forget, that no matter what the situation is, together we stand and divided we fall. So promote team-work and that too efficient team-work.

The Article is written by ANU GOEL (Counselling Psychologist) & Jas Kiran Kaur

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
About The Author
Mrs. ANU GOEL is a Counselling Psychologist. She has practiced in Mumbai for 5 years, and is currently practicing in Delhi since the last 7 years. Goel, who can be contacted at 9313320146 and, is a member of the Counsellor's Association of India, and has been a guest speaker on several occasions.
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