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Tech tête-à-tête with President, Turbolinux
In an exclusive interview to Pritha Roy Choudhury, Merinews, Mr Deepak Wassan, President, Turbolinux India (Pvt) Ltd spoke about the unique capabilities of Wizpy, the palm sized USB device that is being launched in India.
What are the features of the Wizpy?
Wizpy has the following features:
a. Portability
Wizpy gives users the unique feature of allowing them to carry along their own operating system including their desktop environment, applications and data with them. The OS portability allows users to unbind/ separate the OS from the hardware.
b. Privacy
When the users plug in wizpy on a host computer, the entire web input history data, email information and files remain on wizpy itself and can be carried along. As such, no trace of history data or files is left on the personal computer.
Likewise, the wizpy user does not have access to the data on the host computer. This protects the host computer’s data as well.

c. Player
Wizpy has rich multimedia features like audio and video files playback (in varied formats), FM radio, image viewer and ebook reader. wizpy also boasts of a 256,000 colours OLED display. So, when used in a standalone mode, all this makes wizpy a feature-rich multimedia player.

d. PC
A user can just connect wizpy to a personal computer and start one’s own operating system. It allows the user to have the familiar desktop environment and applications irrespective of whichever PC wizpy is plugged into.
How advanced is it compared to its competitive products?
To be honest, we do not have any competition to wizpy. There have been some USB bootable Linux devices in the past, but because of very limited boot options and almost no storage space, they never made the cut. Wizpy allows you four different options to boot your PC and we can very confidently say that almost 95 percent of the world’s PCs can be booted using wizpy. And the integrated high-end multimedia player with an advanced OLED screen completes the USP of this product.
What is the new technology and what issue does it address?
Wizpy symbolises an innovative use of the existing technologies to create a conceptually new product. The idea behind wizpy is very simple but radical. Today all the PCs come loaded with some variant of Windows which is only helping make Bill Gates richer. With wizpy, we have separated the OS from the hardware and now you can take your OS and your environment which includes your desktop, your icons, your bookmarks to any number of PCs and boot and operate it. Thus our tag line which says "Make any computer in the world yours" And wizpy also gives you 4 GB of storage space.
How, in the company’s view, does the new application ease one’s life?
In various ways. As explained, you can carry your own OS to any host machine and work in your own environment. This effectively eliminates the need to lug heavy laptops around. Also, as wizpy allows you to boot any system without installing any software on the host machine, This means that a would be Linux user, who was till now apprehensive about removing his Windows to try out Linux to "touch and feel", can now actually do so without installing a single piece of software on his existing hard drive. So you do not get entangled in complicated and time consuming installations. Also, once the system has booted using wizpy, the safety of the existing data is absolutely guaranteed, as neither the wizpy user can read the data on the hard drive nor he can write on it or leave any traces behind. And as said earlier, wizpy give you enough storage space to carry your programs, data and emails with you.
What is your view on the booming gadget / technology market in India?
These are exciting times. The booming gadget/technology market in India is a pointer to the maturing of the economy. People are acquiring and adopting gadgets and technology to increase efficiency, enhance productivity and to improve the overall quality of life. Today technology has impacted every walk of our lives, from education to healthcare and from work to entertainment. It has brought in a paradigm shift from being "nice to have" to “must have".
Where do you see gadget use / application use in India in about 10 years?
I believe we will not be using words "gadgets" and "gizmos" in ten years from now. These will become all pervasive and an integrated parts of our lives. And they will do so unobtrusively, with seamless connectivity amongst themselves and the user. The applications will become more integrated and "intelligent" and will be able to command and control entire processes. The silos that exist in our work environment will cease to exist.
What are the must-have gadgets you absolutely cannot do without?
My PDA, my Laptop and now my wizpy
What is one innovation in the field of technology that you wish to see in the future?
More than just the innovation, we should be more concerned in making the available technology more affordable and widely available so that it can benefit a larger section of the society. Projects like OLPC (One laptop per child) are a right step in this direction. In a country like India, we should be endeavouring for technologies that provide breakthrough in healthcare and education and rural upliftment. Technologies that help us fight AIDS and cancer, help us provide education to all our children and help us provide cheaper and better dwellings to the economically weaker stratum.
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Tech tête-à-tête with President, Turbolinux
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