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Tejpal-Ganguly fall out: Fear psychosis of Farooq Abdullahs and Naresh Agarwals
After Samajwadi Party's Naresh Agarwal, this time National Conference's Farooq Abdullah on reference to the recent indictment of retired Judge Ganguly by the Supreme Court panel said, “These days I am afraid of talking to women, in fact I don’t even want to keep a woman secretary, God forbid, if there's complain against me then I would end up in Jail!’

He though reluctantly said sorry after uproar from many quarters, but point remains that there is a sizeable section (male) which share such thoughts. This might be fall out of Tejpal and Ganguly's case. They even feel that the anti-sexual assault act is as draconian as ant-dowry act!

Before going in to the fear psychosis of such section, let's briefly scrutiny whether the anti-sexual assault act is as draconian as anti-dowry act. Even whether the anti-dowry act is draconian?

To end a social course we always need strong laws. Anti-dowry laws are one of the strongest laws without any doubt and see the result, there is a substantial decrease in dowry related cases? Thus this is a successful law! This is sometimes termed as draconian because of some mis-utilisation of the law, like false dowry cases too registered to harass the husbands.

But then every law is subject to misuse! Checks and balances are required to curb misuse  and over the period, this has also been achieved. Secondly, law alone never succeeds. In dowry cases, social naming and shaming too helped to curb the menace. Thus the net result is very positive. You just can't say a law can be draconian only because it might be misused.

Same is the case of new anti-sexual assault laws! Post Nirbhaya rape, on public protest such laws are made stronger! The definition is elaborated and procedures were made appropriate so that the culprit can't get away. I always reiterate my stand that rape and molestation cases are not on the rise, rather the reporting have been rising!

One women activist rightly said that, such statements amount to threaten women that their jobs are to shrink further. Earlier despite sexual harassment, women prefer to remain silent because they don’t want to lose a job! Now perhaps even to be PA of such people, ladies have to give an undertaking that they will not complain!

Till now there is no misuse, rather big shots have been trapped which were impossible sometimes ago! Though it can’t be ruled out that there would be no misuse, but it also can be said that such misuse would be very minimum & as per present provision, such misuse could also be exposed!

Further we need to trust our women folk. Someone rightly said that when a man of any age touches even a 10 year old girl (head, shoulder, hand etc), the girl immediately sense the intent and thought behind such touching. Even one could realize the intention, how a man looks to a girl! Thus generally women will never complain an unintended act!

Is there a fear psychosis among a section of male! Well if one is righteous, respecting women right and has a clean mind, I don’t think anybody need to fear irrespective a draconian law or not. I have many women friends and colleagues where discuss any length on very sensitive issues including sexual aspects. But there always remains a line of limit complementing each other’s self-respect. We respect each other very much and there is never a chance of complaint from either side!

For Farooq Abdullah’s fear psychosis, the problem lies in the timing and his statement. Timing is SC panel indict former judge Ganguly finding prima-facie evidence. The part of the statement ‘if there’s complain’ speaks his fear! A seasoned senior leader why apprehend for complain? If he conducts himself well, none would ever complain against a father figure!

Thus advice to Farooq Abdullahs and Naresh Agarwals is to refrain from dirty thinking, respect to womanhood, conduct yourself and yes change with the time! The public as well as womenfolk post Nirbhaya episode started asserting themselves. This is a good sign for our society! Those who have fear psychosis better take retirements and do ‘Banaprasth’.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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