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Terrorism, a nemesis for government and masses
No country would like to share expertise and technology with other nations to fight terrorism, which is still not recognised as a common enemy. Consequently, a sense of helplessness and hopelessness prevails
MORE THAN earthquakes, it is terrorism that shakes mankind. The forces of nature are blind and as such indifferent to human suffering. The earthquakes occur just because that is how nature functions. Man is an unauthorised occupant of earth. He ravishes it, its resources, and monopolises and devastates everything on its surface. Now, the greedy humanity is eyeing the moon, the planets and beyond. But, these things aside, a section of misguided humanity has a different perspective of the world inhabited by its own limbs, ie the other fellow beings. They have converted themselves into terrorists and their religion is terrorism, a nefarious cult.

The scourge of terrorism is universally endemic barring a few countries for some reasons. Like a double-edged sword, it hacks right and left indiscriminately or like a blind mad elephant kills anything and everything that comes in the way as it marches on towards its target.

At present, it is more frightening than the likelihood of the third world war, which is more calculating and sane than in the past. It could be Al-Qaeda, LTTE, Maoists or any other fundamentalist or politically motivated groups. Among the terrorists that kill in the name of religion, the structure is minus one. Leaders of the first and the second wrung two. The technical hands/experts are the third slot. The ground forces, the executors of the evil plans. The so-called leaders or the planners do their nefarious work from secret and safe hideouts or from places with front camouflaged establishments. Of all, the worst type belongs to the fundamentalist groups. The suicide bombers belong to this group. They are programmed to kill like unfeeling robots. They are incapable of possessing any conscience and are devoid of rationality.

To most, ignorance is bliss. I watched with amusement, a group of university students in Delhi shouting anti-government slogans demanding that laws stricter than Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) should be applied to terrorists. A journalist asked the mike holding student leader to elaborate POTA. He started beating about the bush giving foolish, irrelevant explanations and finally shying away with an embarrassing smile. Pity surged forth for this young man and numerous others like him. If university students can be so naive and ignorant, what could be said of terrorists?

Obviously, they are just programmed like robots and they can do only one thing and that is to kill and destroy. By what, whom and how could this vast ungainly fatal machine be controlled, is a serious question. The real intent of their leaders is just beyond these robots to comprehend and is not intended to either. Creating anarchy, affecting a nation’s economy, demoralising and destabilising governments and causing panic among the masses are some of their motives. They disrupt the civilised society and push civilisation to the barbaric era.

Those they kill include Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Parsis, and anyone. Men, women, children, the good and the bad are all bundled together and are killed, for powerful blasts or indiscriminate shooting do not have the intelligence to distinguish between human species. All are killed indiscriminately. No tears are reserved by these inhuman robots that are incapable of sharing misery. It takes eons to build castles of a civilisation, but, just a few seconds to demolish them, leave scars that can never be healed. Such considerations are alien to them. These zombies just inexorably move from one destruction to the next heaping more misery and leaving pools of blood and tears. Their leaders bask in the sun of the success of their inhuman acts. They monopolise religion, morality, loot, rapes, wealth and whatever their filthy minds can conceive of.

Governments around the world acknowledge this modern cancer that pesters the civilisation, but they are hindered in their efforts to counter it. There is distrust of each other in international relations. Narrow national interests, exposure of their vulnerability to the other nations, their sense of inadequacy in dealing with terrorism etc are a few of the things that the world doesn’t fight terrorism as a united front. On the other hand, there are word juggling and hypocritical diplomatic somersaults that fool none except perhaps they themselves.

No country would like to share expertise and technology with other nations to fight terrorism, which is still not recognised as a common enemy. Consequently, a sense of helplessness and hopelessness prevails. One nation pats another nation on the back and gives huge grants for joining it in fighting terrorism where nothing of the sort has happened. Formal protests are made by the rival nation or nations with the full conviction that they are not worth the paper they are written on. They are just deluding themselves and are perhaps meant for the public consumption.

The security agencies and intelligence gathering network suffer from inadequacies in many aspects. The training of their personnel has not kept pace with the fast technologically changing scenario. As such there is no accurate information about the impending terrorist attacks. The response time is too long and the harm has till then been done. People fear harassment at the hands of the police more than an injury in an attack. Brave hearts are rare. There is as such public apathy and rarely do people tend to lend a hand to the police.

In Stalin’s era when the notorious KGB (KGB was a Russian organisation with a military hierarchy aimed at providing national defence) men knocked at a door, nobody dared speak up. It was feared more than a devastating fire. When there was in fact a fire, some one would shout, “Neighbours, it is only a fire in the neighborhood not the secret police.”

The government wakes up after the harm has been done. Then a red alert is declared. Security is beefed up. Then TV channels show handbags or purses of ladies being searched as classic examples of the very alert police. The oft- repeated clichés of red alert or beefing up of the security or posting police men at the site of the blasts look more a mockery than anything of any practical use. When and why, so to say, the red alert or the beefing up of the security were slackened is perhaps not known even to the authorities responsible to put them on. These activities are mere futile exercises and are always hard to sustain by the insufficient police. The routine of life again starts slowly moving down the old ruts and things are conveniently forgotten till the next calamitous incident occurs. In recent times, the recovery of over 20 live bombs in Surat, in Gujarat is the type of work that is expected of our security agencies. But then, has such a thorough work been done in other cities? The government knows which cities are prone to face blast threats.

Political leaders are compelled to give vent to bravados on the TV for people who just ignore them or take them with a pinch of salt. All know that the fight against terrorism is an unequal one but, has to be fought as there is no other way to tackle it. Alerts are not sustainable and practicable from many angles and are not financially viable. People try to shield themselves behind the short memory and pretend that everything is normal.
The need of the hour is for the governments to sincerely treat terrorism as a global problem faced by the entire humanity and not by any given nation and discuss all its aspects in detail to find ways and means to effectively deal with it. Patchwork, here and there, is no solution and the cancer will keep spreading its tentacles with immunity.
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