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Terrorism has no religion, true! Then why to call India "Intolerant" for an isolated case of Dadri?
World is already in a state of shock and panic following the barbaric Paris terror attack on people who were eating dinner at a restaurant, attending a concert, watching a football game in a stadium on November 13. They were unaware of the monsters targeting their lives.

"It is really a horrendous nightmare to wake up to a world where there is an ardent effort to prove God's claim wrong that "Humans" are its best creation. One would really wonder from where on earth or in Universe they outsource so much hell of hatred in them to execute such bloodbath of innocent people. Sometime, it makes me feel, may be calling them beasts is an insulting tag even to the "beasts in jungles".

I found a mum in me (surely fell short of words) to express my grief and feelings for the victims of inhumanity. But they weren't. They don't feel the "terror of terror". In fact they've a validation for it.

Yes, in India we have champions of terror sympathizers. If one of them (read SP Minister Azam Khan) quickly came out with "action-reaction" logic almost quite effortlessly - pointing ISIS barbarity is a "reaction" to the Western foreign policy saying "The global super powers must realize that the terror attack is a reaction to their action in Syria and Iraq"

Then someone else (read Mani Shankar Aiyar) went a step further to describe it a backlash of powerless saying "We have to admit that ever since there has been a war on terror after 9/11, many innocent Muslims have lost their lives. This is what America did in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is, therefore, only to be expected that there will be a backlash. Countries like America can't do what they want just because they are powerful. Why should just powerful countries act this way? Why should those who are less powerful not respond? Powerless people will find powerless means of responding, when there are drone attacks."

They really deserve applause for their exceptional brilliant words and logics for being the Devil's advocate mitigating evil acts of barbarism.

We all remember another unfortunate event in UP on 1st October 2015 that almost filled the Indian political atmosphere with all hell broke loose. Yes, I am talking about Dadri lynching.

Azam Khan wrote a letter to the UN stating how India has become "Intolerant" of minorities even it happened in a state where his own government is in power. I hope at least now UN bodies will take a note of Azam Khan's definition of "tolerance" as he has already leveled US President Barak Obama's statement on Paris attack as "Shameful".

Mani Shankar in one of his articles in Times of India even called the mob that lynched Mohammed Aklaq as "Hindu Mob" (So mob has a religion Mr. Aiyar). Congress is still leveling India as "Intolerant".  

I just want to ask these two "Mahapurush - The great men of my nation (Unfortunately)" that how do they define the religion of these terrorists who killed people chanting Allah-Hu-Akbar. Also as the terrorists were Muslims who hate peace and love to create chaos by spreading terror and hatred, does that mean the entire followers of Islam are "intolerant" of peace?

Any form of violence can't be justified. Be it lynching, murder of someone by someone or terror attack on anywhere on earth. Does it mean that the mob, the criminal or the terrorist has a religion tag? Also just because of a nonsense incident like "Dadri" how can you call my India "Intolerant" of minorities?

I urge the selfish (pseudo) intelligentsia, the award wapasi gang. The Congress and those who are leveling my country as "Intolerant" to realize how anti-national they  have become in the course of hating PM Modi.

We can never tag our Muslim brothers and sisters as terrorists just because of some mindless incidents of terror executed by some nuts who incidentally are followers of Islam. The same way how can you call the entire people of India "Intolerant" because of rare incidents like Dadri?

And for God's sake don't misunderstand me that I'm defending my India. Actually I'm showing you the "Mirror" and I expect "you still have something called Human in you" to understand that how much wrong you all are.

If terrorists think killing innocents mindlessly will serve any purpose of Allah, then they're actually living in hell.

For the victims of Paris terror attack and all those who faced similar fate due to violent acts of brutality …may their souls Rest in Peace. 

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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