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The Accidental Prime Minister: A doomed product of RSS juggernaut before the 2019 general elections
"Prolonged, indiscriminate reviewing of books is a quite exceptionally thankless, irritating and exhausting job. It not only involves praising trash but constantly inventing reactions towards books about which one has no spontaneous feeling whatever."…….……George Orwell

The feeling I had got when I read about the book of a thankless subordinate of Jawaharlal Nehru - M.O. Mathai, who was the longest serving Private Secretary to India's first Prime Minister. He was working with the United States Army in India before becoming the Secretary to Nehru in 1946. He had to resign in 1959 following Communist allegations of misuse of power and spying. Despite the allegations Pandit Nehru maintained contact with him. It was ironic that a man Nehru had trusted too much showed his ingratitude by publishing his controversial memoirs 'Reminiscences of the Nehru Age' and 'My Days with Nehru' when Indira Gandhi went out of power in 1977.

According to the old periodicals, Mathai had joined Nehru in 1945 after having sold substantial quantities of surplus war relief supplies allegedly gifted to him by the Americans. He had started as a Man Friday, an English knowing family retainer and he wielded considerable clout through clandestine connections with certain members of the Nehru household. He is the one ingrate who had tried to tar Nehru family with the dirtiest brush.

Modern politics is a separation of religion, personal life, political belief and practices. However, it's also a whirring continuum that seamlessly unites different diametrically opposite activities of existential reality. I care two hoots about the off-the-duty errands of a politician as long as he behaves just in his political fiefdoms.

And the latest example of the ingrates is Sanjaya Baru, a political commentator, policy analyst and chief spokesperson from May 2004 until August 2008 of Sardar Manmohan Singh, our ex-Prime Minister of India. He has last served as Secretary General of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) until his resignation in April 2018; he was Director for Geo-Economics and Strategy (GES) at the International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS). He was an associate editor at 'The Economic Times' and 'The Times of India'and the chief editor of 'Business Standard.' Even his father Shri B. P. R. Vithal was the Finance and Planning Secretary during Sardar's tenure as Secretary of Finance in the Government of India.

The Accidental Prime Minister by Sanjaya Baru is an account of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's two terms – UPA-1 and UPA-2. The book primarily presents Sardar Manmohan Singh as a puppet-like person dancing to the tunes of the UPA chief Smt Sonia Gandhi. Intriguingly, the book doesn't cite straight references and names but there are enough hints for the common man to judge the then Prime Minister's efficiency and honesty.

According to the author, Singh's first tenure from 2004 to 2009 was unreasonably successful and he terms it as 'The Accidental Prime Minister'. Shri Baru had to resign or resigned himself and he doesn't explain why or inform which is the first lacuna that creeps from his response - "It is better to leave when people start asking why instead of when."

Baru feels that the world for Sardar turned upside down after in the second tenure of Manmohan Singh after 2009. The PM  was pumped with lot of difficulties and a 'puppet-like' term was attached with his name by the media. In his first term, according to the author, Sardar had threatened to resign and sealed the Indo-US nuclear deal and got his way in his first term but he felt helpless against the charges of corruption in his second tenure. Baru says that Singh should have resigned as corruption hit the party and not defend the Government.

Manmohan Singh did not want more troubles and he chose to be quiet and serve. Prime Minister Singh should have left the position but he chose to bear all alongside the party as media called him "Sin is King" as compared to the term "Singh is King." which he received in his first tenure.

Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan had differences but the relationship endured. These were telling especially in the second tenure of Singh when Rahul Gandhi came into the picture more prominently. He alleges that Prime Minister Singh was omitted from important decisions and his faithfulness remained to Gandhi family remained unrewarded.  The Accidental Prime Minister by Baru shows Sardar Manmohan Singh failed to possess a strong hold for himself at such a big position from the time when he started under PV Narasimha Rao in the 90s. Baru concedes that there are gaps in the book because of information that he could not publish or did not have access to. According to Baru, the Congress president constantly met Singh at his residence for consultations  and to clarify things, but Singh hardly went to 10 Janpath except for attending committee meetings. As per media and other sources, Singh was burdened and came to be known as the UPA president's puppet. The book puts up a question on the whether it was Singh's incapability and meekness or Sonia Gandhi's interference in governing the country? The author has no convincing answer!

The author gives the impression that the Prime Minister had full freedom in the management of the coalition without intrusion. The contradiction in the book is evident as to why a relationship with ministers like A Raja was maintained as the 2G scam leaked out?

Baru asserts that Singh's power was a mere power without any force and his responsibility without power, the reader is left wondering whether Singh was meek and submissive to take any action and why was it so. However, Baru states that it was just an attempt to show Singh in a more compassionate light.

I've not seen the film by confused Kher but the trailer that was release is an obnoxious exercise to tarnish the image of Nehru family and Congress Party with the not-so-secret support of RSS juggernaut. It is no surprise to see some protests over 'Accidental PM' even before film is released.  The film is expected to be pure political propaganda before general election. These efforts are further going to make the dough of a cake for BJP. Indian public had shown many times that it can't be fooled all the times. However, the producer has every right to make it. If you don't like it, just don't see it. India must remain an illiberal India! Jai Hind!

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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