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The Badshah Bose Fiction Story- The Truth Revealed
Jambudvipa was lucky to have given birth to so many pious and loyal Aryans who had time and again proven to be the true sons of the soil and had successfully and gladly sacrificed their lives in saving the honour of the fatherland. Badshah Bose was one such person, who had sacrificed everything including his life to save this great nation of our forefathers.

This story is actually about the ending days of Badshah Bose and how a great nation was mercilessly lacerated alive and thrown to the dogs. Where power, greed, deceit, lust, dualism had successfully murdered a great civilization and destroyed a culture, which had no parallel in the history of our Planet Vasundhara. Jambudvipa was the brightest jewel on Vasundhara Devi's crown.

It is a British led misconception to dilute our pro Axis Aryanic linage, there is no Baharat Mata as 'Jambudvipa' or 'Aryavarta' were always masculine words in both context and nature. In true Aryan religion Father Land is the only land for all Arya Putras and Sanatan Dharma, the only way of life.

The Jumbudvipa National Army was a part of a political movement originating in the 1940s with the purpose of allying with Axis powers to free itself from the British Rule with monetary, military and political assistance from Imperial Japan. Badshah Bose was the leader of JNA and the Head of State of this Provisional Jambudvip's Government-in-exile.

This government proclaimed authority over Jambudvipa's civilian and military personnel in Southeast Asian British colonial territory and prospective authority over the Jambudvipa's territory, which fell to the Japanese forces and the Jambudvipa National Army during the Japanese thrust towards it during the Second World War like the Adaman and Nilobar Islands in 1943 and the occupied parts of Manipuram and Nagasland. They had its own currency, court and civil code, and in the eyes of all its habitants its existence gave a greater legitimacy to the independence struggle against the British.

The Jambudvipa National Army went into action against the British Army and the allied forces as part of the Imperial Japanese Army in the Imphal-Kohima sector as part of its Burma Front. The JNA had its first major engagement at the battle of Imphal where, under the command of the Japanese Fifteenth Army, it breached the British defences in Kohima, reaching the salient of Moirang before suffering a catastrophic defeat. Much later the Japanese and the JNA surrendered in Rangoon.

On hearing the news of JNA surrender to the Allies, Badshah Bose along with a handful of his advisors formed a secret army in exile with minimal support from the Axis Forces. They divided themselves into two four parts and spread across into Japan, Germany, USSR and Jambudvipa, keeping the Channels of communication open between them. Badshah Bose took the JNA Funds to the USSR.

The part left in Jambudvipa was responsible for regrouping the JNA forces for a second front as Independence was on the Horizon and Badshah Bose knew the plans of the British to divide Jambudvipa on religious lines.

His plan was to wrest power from the British before the partition as his counterparts here were already in talks with the Pongress party for support for this decisive move, thus placing Badsha Bose as the undisputed President of the land and the rest of the leadership of the Pongress and the Mustafa party on the backburner. Something, which didn't go down well with the others.

Four forces were at that time in the race for the crown of Jambudvipa, the Communists, with full Chinese and Russian Support, the Pongress Party backed by the Allies along with Mahatma Bandhi and the Fascists with Badsha Bose and the consortium of Jambudvipa's Royalty. Both the Allies and the Axis powers were licking their wounds and the British were no longer able to keep a hold on her colonies.

The Allies had made a plan to divide Asia and Africa into as many territories it could on the basis of religion, culture and factionalism. This was to both weaken Asia and later rule them with their stooges, as they very well knew that after such a deceitful division Asia would never unite as a single force challenging the west. The Jambudvipa Pongress party knew about the partition of Jambudvipa way back in 1943 and already had decided about their support for such a partition of Jambudvipa, which the Communists and the JNA were deadly against.

USSR and China had their own designs about Jambudvipa as a powerful Ally as Stalin knew about the imminent cold war and its aftermath of division of societies into two politically divided fronts. Meantime Stalin was looking for a force within Jumbudvipa on the likes of Mao in China, Badshah Bose was the only available choice for him. China under Mao was looking towards controlling and uniting the entire South East Asia under its red flag but were still a few years away from power and were economically weak due to their war with Kuomintang forces.

Russia on the other hand was now becoming a powerful military nation and China was not only its communist counterpart but also its future foe due to its demographic and physical boundaries after Mao came to power in 1949. NATO feared entire Asia as a Soviet led force.

Badshah Bose was welcomed by Joseph Stalin with open arms and thus started the second regrouping of the JNA in 1946 with full soviet support. This was not a welcome sign to the Allies and also to the Pongress Party members. MI5 and the British forces were now once again under threat with the re-emergence of the JNA front. Col.Premvada Saigal, Col.Gurubaksh Singh Dhimon and Col.Shah Nawab Khan along with 25000 remaining troops who were under the British arrest posed as the other threat.

Meantime the Pongress party and the Mustafa Party endangered by the JNA, secretly colluded with the Allies and the MI5 with the plan to nullify Bose. Even the great Mahatma Bandhi supported his arrest due to reasons best known to him. The Allies too had forced the Soviets to respect the treaty of peace as the US was then in the mood of attacking the USSR fearing it as even a worse force than the Germans.

Thus Stalin was pressurized to send Badshah Bose to a Dacha in Siberia as a political prisoner in 1946 as part of post WW2 peace strategy. This news was a godsend to the Pongres party and the Mustafa Party who floated the theory about Badshah Bose's death in a plane crash with MI5 support thus resulting in the partition of Jambudvipa and its subsequent independence from the British.

The story did not end there as the British had placed its stooges in power who had clandestinely helped the British loot the Jambudvipa's treasury and devalue the Jambudvipan currency pitifully against the dollar.

In 1965 the same forces were responsible for the murder of Lal Badarpur Shanti who had refused withdrawal from captured Trasstani territories. The Soviets had given in to NATO pressure and had allowed the US to attack Jambudvipa if Jambudvipa refused the US fabricated UN order of restoring prewar boundaries as they had a vested interest in Trakistani as Lal Badarpur Shanti had madeup his mind to fight the US than give up the captured territory.

The same corrupt US fed Jambudvipa's traitorous stogies again surrendered back captured Trakistani territory thus paving way for terrorism, POK and Sargil episode. God Save Jambudvipa as its political leadership has not changed.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to any country(s), incident(s), organization(s), event(s) and or person(s) dead or alive is highly incidental, unintentional and regretted. The author can be reached at 

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