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The bypolls 2018 and subsequent developments
In the recent UP-Bihar by-polls, the voting percentage came down from almost 70 to 40 per cent, a sharp drop of 30 percent.

The BJP's vote share came down from 52 per cent to 45 per cent in Gorakhpur, the best bet for BJP until this election. It implies that about 1 lakh of BJP voters in the previous election did not vote this time. This is a simplistic analysis but surely an indication. The more important question is why they abstained?

In the least, a large section of BJP voters expecting to be empowered and sharing/participating in the new dispensation, were disappointed and abstained from voting.

So, the BJP would now try to regain these deserters. A courtship is expected to start with that end in view, but what is the likely damage control pathway?

Firstly, their leadership would realize that the natural phenomenon of anti-incumbency is making its presence felt, and also the opposition is willing to forego internal differences to fight the ruling party. So, it would be necessary to not only retain the disappointed section but also to enlarge the numbers of potential voters by encroaching into the opposition's vote bank. It must also retain its core constituency of Hindu voters.

Therefore, the BJP would strive to reach a larger section of electorate with a clear message of renouncement of casteist and communal actions and simultaneous adherence to cultural roots and civilizational mores of the country. The national interest demands that the fault lines whether it is caste, creed or north-south divide, are mended. For the BJP to take control of these, they have to comprehend that they allowed these fault lines to linger,

The BJP has to convince its voters that it is in their interest that the different castes, even within the higher castes and communities come together with respect for all the languages and the different sub-cultures in different parts of India even as they come together under the broader rubric and fabric of a unified Bharatiya sanskriti.

It must also convey the good work done and being done for the upliftment of the left out and unemployed. All the rural development and housing schemes and skill and entrepreneurial development schemes must be promoted and publicized among the needy.

In the meantime, the TDP has left the NDA. YSR Congress Party and the TDP have issued a no-confidence motion against the Central government. Six other opposition parties have joined them. Notwithstanding this development, the BJP-led government still has a comfortable majority in the Lok Sabha having the support of around 315 members and on its own has 274 - well above the current halfway mark of 270. Thus, the no-confidence motion isn't likely to be passed by the Parliament.

However, there are two emerging benefits. Firstly, the debate on the no-confidence motion should bring out clearly the pros and cons of the present governance. It will also show how good the public policies being pursued by the government are. Secondly, opposition unity is firming up. These seemingly disparate parties have started mobilising their resources and cementing their alliances to take on the present dispensation. This is a good omen. A strong opposition is good for democracy. It can make its presence felt in the Parliament, establish parliamentary accountability and espouse the good causes of its constituents. Their impatience and sense of desperation hopefully would wane a bit. That however, will call for statesmanship instead of mere brinkmanship. Is the opposition ready?

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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