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The Damini phenomenon and the Indian society
Damini or whatever her name is, was brutally raped by a few lumpen elements. The girl died later. It invoked sharp reaction among citizens. Rapes are now daily, and even an hourly occurrence. Does India have a sick society?

DAMINI HAS DIED. The issue of rape is alive. Damini or whatever her name was barbarously wronged by a gang of brutes. A precious life is extinguished for no fault of her except that she was living at a time where to live is difficult for commoners. Those who have come to control the life of the citizens in the name of governance have pushed the matter to such a critical juncture.

We are witnessing that the ‘animal’ instinct is on the prowl, and our expert economist lives by this principle for growth. For over two decades every ounce of his energy is invested to release animal instinct and our intellectual class is trumpeting its advantage for the country to be world class. Whenever there is slowdown in the flow of this instinct his team of experts is alerted on emergency duty to correct the fault line with many Guptas to cry foul in tandem to deaden the searching queries. 

Credit goes to MMS. He took the country from a regulated regime to LPG. Credit went to Nehru; he took the country from a colonial market to a regulated one for capitalist growth. Now, the economist PM is doing his job for a liberal, private and global market to usher India in the hands of exploiters on the strength gained during the regulated regime.

Let us not forget that Damini died as a collateral damage in a war between civilisations all around that is released for this change to succeed. It is not economics alone on the agenda; it is the social life that is sought to be changed to suit the predators and their economy on Western model where sexuality is an openly accepted commodity in the market for profit and pleasure to unwind the overworked nerves. Animal instincts so released in the economic field cannot but cover all other residual areas for sustenance. Sexuality of men and women cannot remain insulated from its predatory grip, neither it is intended so. We in India are witnessing this shift over now. It is this instinct released in economic field with full state patronage and support that has given birth to the following flourishing industries worth trillions in GDP growth, which all rest on female sexuality, like:

1. Bollywood i.e. the film industry; 2. Advertising industry; 3. Cosmetic industry; 4. Readymade garments industry; 5. Fashion industry; 6. Modelling industry; 7. Entertainment industry with variety of sub-sections like entertainment channels, albums, etc.; 8. Porn industry with flourishing porn stars; 9. Porn literature and pornography; 10. Flesh trade, Prostitution, comfort-girls, call-girls industry; 11. Surrogacy industry; 12. Tourism industry; 13. Hotel industry; 14. Night-clubs and pubs; 15. Beauty Parlours and beauticians; 16. Sexuality-based medicines and appliances; 17. Air Hostess and cheer leaders industry; 18. Massage, healing and Spa industry and more with no questions asked.

And it is for nothing that there is so much clamour of individual right of women on their sexuality to make the raw material/labour market freely available without any hesitation or constraint for these industries to flourish for profit. Readers may recollect that ground of this ‘freedom’ was laid right in the beginning when our country became free from colonial slavery and resorted to regulated economy to firm up capitalist growth.

The Law Minister bemoaned that the then class of intellectuals is exhibiting an infinite but pathetic love for the village community and he was glad that the foundation of a new India is being laid now with individual instead as its basic unit rather than the community with guaranteed freedom on the Western model! It is for nothing that the corporate media turns frantic about the right and unregulated freedom of individual the moment if ever parents or the community concerned slightly ask their wards to remain saner in social conduct. However, the same media shuts its eyes the moment any individual is brutalised for his/her quest for dignified space under the sun.

Family and its neighbourhood community stand emasculated due to a concerted effort by the state after independence and individual right to freedom of choice in matters sexual made fundamental through sponsored a campaign without reference to its social context have done the mischief what it was intended to achieve. Political parties almost of all colours, more so the leftists and their leaders, including Shibdas Ghose of SUC have proved their worth in this game to succeed; Leftists because they feel community and family institutions represent feudal hangover and are impediments for capitalist growth in India as precursor for socialism of their vintage to arrive.

There is a puzzle: when India was part of poor Asia in 1947 with relatively less education and technology to qualify modernity, hardly anybody heard of the word grang-rape or sexual assault by a father on his own daughter. However, when India qualifies to be an economic power now enabling it as a reliable partner with America with modern outlook, Damini or Damini like girls become an easy prey every hour and a love-lorn educated girl in Kabulpur slays the whole family after sedating them to sleep, including the children to be free for comfort sexuality or a small time actress seduces a well placed TV journalist in Mumbai for advancing her career prospects.

It is not so uncommon feature now similarly when girls even in townships are out to rape the service boys contriving convenient moments for pleasure enjoying their right to sexuality without any sense of guilt or shame. The contrived urge for sex even among urchins is a common scene these days of modern lifestyle. The constant campaign by powerful forces on matters sex has come to such maturity after the labours of a little over two decades. And this is also the period when female sex-based industries have come to boom. Is it a strange coincidence? Hardly.

In the present case concerning Damini, animals could not do what liberalised men did at wheels. Animals are never sick of sexuality except at cyclical set of heat, only the set of brutalised/dehumanised men can, which is the creation of the capitalist system at its corporate mode for which sex is converted into a source of entertainment/pleasure at price or force of the muscle like any other commodity in the predatory market without consideration that men and women are human beings involved. It is an irony that at the moment when Delhi was clamouring for stringent laws against rape another gang-rape occurred in another corner of the Capital despite declarations of the government for stringent steps against violators!

Remember, alienated lumpens as necessary product of this economic system too crave for entertainment when their nerves are strained to the limit for extracting profit and when they find no money to purchase they tend to use muscles in this wild game of survival let loose by the forces of predatory market to whom dominating intellectual class is made to sing sponsored songs every day and night. For those who are not out of this category of lumpens night clubs or pubs duly produce Mannu v/s Jessica instead. Result is the same.

We are living in a hypocrite world indeed! Those who produce liquor at massive scale do sing songs at times about benefits to remain teetotaller for health! Singing for freedom and liberty the present mode has turned body of a woman or of a man as sex slave for money. The liberator has turned slave master. Or was he not a slave master in mask? What a journey indeed to celebrate! The question is: who turned female sex as source of entertainment/pleasure in the first place and made the society sick of sexuality, taking cue from Sigmund Freud and conditioned the society accordingly for its purpose? It may perhaps benefit all to recognise the culprits in this game of cheating, barring the cheaters. Women liberation needs better treatment to be a honourable partner with her male colleague. Degraded and sick males and females at the hands of this brute force of capital, rolling in carnal pleasure for money or career, cheating or debunking each other, cannot lead the path; slogan-mongering apart.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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