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The darners and the ripped quilt of the BJP
In the good old days of Nawabs, 'RAFOOGAR' was a smart professional that had rarely got its due place into the historical or fictional works.

A rafoogar was a very personal employee of royals. A 'Rafoo' is simple stitch hand sewing for mending ripped cloth, sewing on buttons, delicate areas in clothing construction, sewing on lace or patches or embellishments, or completing simple sewing projects without a sewing machine. The tailor who does it is called Rafoogar. As mentioned above, in nawab's court, the glib talkers and fast thinkers were employed to mend the intellectual blathers and blunders of royals in the court. 

All royals were no fools and they were aware of their deficiencies and shortcomings. To adjust, amend and to find a safe passage out of any embarrassing situation crept up owing to their follies, they would appoint a smart, shrewd, witty courtier who would salvage even the worst situation his master might have landed into. 

An example - a nawab was describing the hunting expedition he had recently undertaken. "I looked up high into the blue sky and there a Spine Tailed Swift just swooped across the blue dome. I put an arrow into the bow and shot. It hit perfectly its target and the 'bird turned into Kebab' as it fell into my lap."

Everyone in the court was ready to appreciate the hunting prowess of nawab sahib. There was no problem but the lacuna created by the sudden roasting process of bird and turning it into a kebab was becoming difficult for the courtiers to digest. On the faces of nobles there were expressions of surprise and disbelief. Nawab sahib had already realised the blundering part of his story. He looked at the 'Rafoogar' passionately and it was a signal for him to take charge of the situation. 

As expected, the rafoogar briefed the expedition story in his own way.

"In fact, as you must be already aware that nawab sahib often uses the smouldering arrows in his bow as and when the situation demands. And the last time nawab sahib had actually shot a re-hot arrow - just out of fire, at the bird. Naturally, the bird was roasted after receiving the blazing dart. The bird turned into a Kebab as it fell down into the lap of nawab sahib.


Following the protocol and etiquette of court, all the nobles exhaled their appreciation for nawab sahib's adventure. The audience were used to that kind of anecdotes.

Once the court was dismissed, the 'Rafoogar' requested nawab sahib for a private audience. It was granted. Very briefly he thanked nawab sahib for all the patronage nawab had accorded during his service. Before he left, he begged nawab's permission to part, he submitted his resignation with an excuse that 'he was a Rafoofar and not a Bhargarh (I was supposed to cover up the small holes of dialogues and not the craters).

These days, the job of Rafoogari is being undertaken by a team of pen-pushers for RSS / BJP conglomerate. The nation has realised, and I would say luckily in time that after getting power, the BJP has forgotten the core promises it had made before 2014. The BJP has done nothing to fulfil them regarding "justice to all and appeasement of none", Uniform Civil Code, abolition of Article 370, rehabilitation of Kashmiri Hindus in Kashmir, same rights and same laws for all Indian citizens irrespective of their religion etc. etc. These basic pillars had given BJP its distinct identity and enthused its supporters for quite a promising time.

Instead of working for the betterment of country's economy, the saffron set-up ruined the fragile business with GST, demonetisation and cow vigilantism tamasha. They concentrated on the slogan of Congress-Mukt Bharat. They kept on flogging the dead horses of the Congress' mistakes. Having failed to invent any creative idea, the BJP government has wasted almost five years in calling the past Congress-led government as anti-Hindu, discriminatory, pseudo-secular and minority-appeasing. None of that was going to fill the empty stomach that needed a square meal. The logic of democracy demands correction and the BJP lost the Assembly elections of 2018 in Hindi heartlands of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

BJP's supporters justly recall EMERGENCY imposed by Indira Gandhi in1975. However, when Indira Gandhi imposed the Emergency, the vast majority of Indian intellectuals and media commentators had refused to support her. Most newspapers carried sharply critical comments and truthful accounts of the excesses perpetrated in the name of defending India against contrived threats. Unfortunately, today, the stands taken by much of India's media is a red-carpet welcome to the emerging right-wing. The far-fetched rationalisations are made for all the failures of last 5 years of the BJP rule.

The Rafoogars of RSS / BJP are giving new dimension to secularism and the term 'Sanatana Dharma' is presented synonymous with 'Indian Nationalism.' The Indian World View' is transformed into a 'Hindu Worldview' with 'Cultural Nationalism'.

The political claques now disparage and pillory the Opposition as a bunch of Jokers as if opposion has no role to play in Indian democracy. All these Saffron Trumpeters / pseudo ideologues are undermining the sanctity of the Indian Constitution.

I don't know how these bulwarks of RSS / BJP would defend the latest chicanery of ex-Chief Minister of Karnatka – Yeddurappa. He is BJP state president also.  BS Yeddyurappa's admission on Sunday that he had actually met the son of a JD(S) MLA, just days after he denied the contents of an audio tape released by the CM explains the sorry mess the BJP is finding itself in. Accusing Kumaraswamy of concocting the audio tape to hide his failures and inability to keep the legislators of the ruling allies (JD-S and Congress) together, Yeddurappa had told reporters that it was a fake tape as he did not meet anyone.

The Congress and JD(S) demanded his resignation from the post of leader of the Opposition in the Assembly with Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy caustically 'congratulating' Yeddyurappa for admitting that it was his voice in the 'Operation Kamala' audio.

I'm waiting for statements of the Rafoogars of the BJP.

Contrary to his earlier statement rejecting the audio tape allegedly containing his voice which was released by the Chief Minister, State BJP president BS Yeddyurappa has admitted that he met the son of the JD(S) legislator and had spoken to him.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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