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The disturbed dream - Part II
Another night, another set of dreams. It was already 10.30 pm and the nurse had left the room after checking the usual health parameters. She switched off the light. I was all alone for a while. The church bell rang several times and barking dogs went remote. And I can't recall when I fell asleep.

In the pitch dark I heard James Shirley crooning his "Death the Leveller" behind the curtains in his melancholy voice. It was no fun as my previous night had already been spoilt by Hindustani poets' eulogizing death. As a show of respect I kept my peace and listened to what Shirley wanted to say. He reminded me that death is a force that haunts all human beings. Death is a great leveller. The high and the low, the mighty and the meek, the rich and the poor are all equal before death. He gave depth and vividness to this common truth. Human glory will not last long. All success and victory are mere shadows, not substantial things. When death catches hold of someone with icy hands the rich and the poor, the powerful and the weak must yield.

"Sir, you're hiding behind in the shadows. Listen, your country and your language had ruled us for 200 years. Thank you very much! Enough is enough. Will you please leave me now?"

I saw a shadow jumping out of the window behind the curtain.

The proscenium of dream changed and the next to cross my bed was Tim Sebastian. Tim was a talk-host of BBC's 'Hard Talk" and "Conflict Zone." He is a world-renowned television journalist with more than 40 years of experience. He entered my room and sat on the white sofa without my permission and with an air of aristocracy.

"Good evening Your Excellency??." He accosted me in a style I had never been addressed in my life before.

"Very good evening Mr Tim Sebastian?I can recognise you. I used to like your programs." I tried to be polite.

"I know you're in a hospitium and faced recently a very unfavourable heath situation. I am glad that you are feeling better now. However, may I yes may I share with you a penny of thought?"

"Of course do it Mr Tim?.."

"You see, we cannot defeat death because we are part of a system that recycles life by eliminating life and creating new life all the time. Stars die and new ones are born. Plants grow and die ?people are born and die just like birds, animals, insects?etc.. So there is no death cheating because the system of universe is like that. We can postpone death or find methods to live longer by many means. So, postponing death or somewhat cheating death in a certain way but not truly the way we really want to. ??."

"I got your point Mr Tim but sometimes we love to cheat. Anyway, carry on Sir. It isn't every day that a renowned Television Journalist visits anyone?..Yes, please carry on?."

"Thank you very much Mr Naim Naqvi. I often read your articles and let me assure you that I found them very engaged and passionate. You have always some constructive thing to say. You often pass on very sharp and bright comments????"

"Thank you Mr Tim. It is all honey to my ears. But you can't cajole me make a single statement favouring a scenario where death would seem urgent or inevitable. And Mr Tim, will you please vacate the room before I push the call bell and the nurse would arrive with all the guards and asks you to do the favour of?."

"I'm issuing forth but read my lips. Don't believe in a word what I said. It was my monumental mistake and comedy of error that I'd entered your room??You have treated me exactly as your leaders had treated us in 1947?..Anyway I wish you a speedy recovery?I'm British."

He left the room and to my greater agony and surprise I saw Arnab Goswami and few other Sarkari TV anchors trying to sneak into me room. Before I could jump from my bed with an Oxygen Cylinder as a weapon to face them, the security guards had managed to pull all of them back.

By the time by slumber of broken???..

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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