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The ecstasy of spiritual sojourn to poetic wonderland with Soumya Vilekar
Soumya Vilekar, a Pune based (earlier Saudi Arabia) female writer in multiple genres , who can make you feel the essence of love and life yet shows a graceful felicity to capture the essence of Indian spirituality. But reading her poem is like going steadily deeper and deeper into a world of spiritual subconscious. She hardly writes for readers of limited perception though such an ordinary reader can no less enjoy her poems in 'Suroor of the Soul or Life: Inspiration to Spiritualism'.

The ecstatic spiritual poetry of Soumya Vilekar is more popular than ever. All her anthologies are delightful selections for ever. The essential Soumya is elusive in the first reading of the poems where she is a passionate singe of life and love sometimes within the limits of perception for which she writes though most of the times like Shelley's Skylark soaring very high as the denizen of the ethereal firmament.

It is only very much interesting to know that Soumya is never the scorner of the ground. As an avid blogger with over nine hundred very much well appreciated poems, she loves smooth sailing in the sea of passionate poetry where she sings of the quintessential love tinged with rainbow splashes of orange romance but never failing in providing through them a soulful insight to awaken the readers spiritually like Rumi or Gibran Kahlil in their wonderful poetic flights. She is from the field of powder metallurgy and has published three poetry books of inspirational and romantic poems.

Her poetry has been selected and published in various anthologies of poems on social issues and love. Her political piece "Sludge of Politics" was published in the Nov 13 issue of CLRI. She is a writer and a vocal contributor on World Pulse. Belonging to the mystical and spiritually enlightening land of India, she seems to have drunk from the fountain of Tagore's mystical poems or that of Indian scriptures.

She never commits to any religious codes or never makes herself busy with decoding the spiritual nuances of the great texts of religious and ecclesiastical nature. But her poetry irradiates with the vision rather than the sight, with the vibrations within the soul than the pulsations of the body. Her recent book Suroor of the Soul (1484914759 (ISBN13: 9781484914755) with Shaheen S Dhanji published by Createspace is a poetic rendering of a soul's journey on earth in pursuit of the real happiness.

Soul, the eternal existence of life travels through the space of the universe to the land of the mortals, the earth. It yet again undertakes a journey on earth since its birth till the last string of life is detached. Living in this world, it struggles continuously to search for the real happiness. It tries to accumulate the wealth of knowledge and money through the fame and riches, however fails to contend its hunger for the fruit of happiness. The ever growing thirst forces him to traverse through the aspects of nature and life, to ultimately quench the desire only by assimilating with the Divine. 

Poems in the Life: Inspiration To Spiritualism (ISBN 1105740528 (ISBN13: 9781105740527) published by Lulu reflect the depth of life, its inspiration and the journey undertaken to seek the ultimate one…an enchanting passionate book of poems, which shall enhance the heart and mind of everyone to lead a contended, joyful life full of enthusiasm. The experiences on the path of life, which provide us something to learn enriching our views and thoughts, are presented in the form of poems.

Beauty discovered in every inch of life through nature, people and everything around us. The Mystic Journey (ISBN1105742555) is an inspiring book that takes one through a mystical journey of faith, patience and contentment in seeking god. It has a therapeutic effect and prepares the mind a catharsis from stress, tensions and overmuch preoccupations of life's burden. It is a rejuvenating book that can enthuse and revive enthusiasm of life enriched by blissful songs of experience while the reader traverses the road usually not taken, the path of the mystics.

The ceaseless process of evolution in living and existing deep within ourselves in pursuit of happiness graphically looms large in the poems. It is clear that Soumya has gone a far too long way from her earliest version of poems Winds of Philia (ISBN139781301865888) published by Smashwords  in which the poetess delicately wove the threads of love.

The warmth and the depth of every feeling in love is expressed through the emotions described in this exquisite anthology. Love manifested in every bit of nature and experienced as an overflowing emotion is the highlight of this poetry book. This is more humanise version of love which Soumya might have written on a real occasion of her personal life. Nevertheless, the beautiful sparks of the mystic desire for spiritual union are visible even in those valentine poems.

Soumya says about herself: "Romance is not my star and I tread  on a path less travelled  to assimilate  emotions." She focuses on the idea of love which is connected to resurrection. Soumya can write so gracefully in poem after poem as if the poems have no legs only wings "Oh the bliss of touch when wept the soul sighs exhaled breaths fused when the hearts danced on same rhythm." 

Very few poets in modern times can boast of writing this breath-taking run-on lines of poetic marvel. Soumya wants to go into the essence of things. Talking to her on her poetry is no less fantastic and the reviewer may prefer to write a love poem more than write a harsh critique on her poetic idioms and devices. It is like a feeling as if you were talking to Jibananda Das's Banalata Sen.

A beautiful woman writing beautiful poems, so detachedly about the attachments in life and love. One is bound to be transported veritably to somewhere, not here type of world as one feels in reading Tagore's love poems. One can go easily crazy about the lyrics in Soumya's poems. To read her poems is a holy ride. It is a poetic pilgrimage.

While one reads her poems, one usually may feel as she writes in one of her poems:

"Here hath thou vanished  in the blue, no shadow, no silhouette, neither can  I see you silent, quiet where doth you sit under the blossomed tree of love I await…is my fragrance lost, or my dreams fake, where hath you gone dear, Here I await.

"In spite of the grammatical irregularity, syntactical derangement, there is a Whitmanesque flourish of the eve encompassing thoughts that aim at assimilation rather than bunching of words or juxtaposition."

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