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The enemy within our gates
Bananas are meant to be eaten. This holds true the universal statement for all men who are considered so by the high and the mighty ruling them. The Indian public has gone bananas or is in the process of turning completely vegetative as they have stopped minding or reacting towards whatever fates the politicians have in store for them.

THIS DEADLY silence is actually deafening for a few who still listen and have the guts to protest. Arvind Kejriwal and Anna Hazare along with few others tried to pioneer a new wave of patriotic thought process for the banana men so that they can consider themselves human again, but until now they have miserably failed in their endeavour.

Even our erstwhile godmen have failed in moving the notorious and somewhat fanatical and lethargic Indian public to adopt the new age of protests for the protection of their fundamental rights and fair governance. Even our religious scriptures have shown the way to protest against "Adharma" but to no avail. The banana man is happy being a banana.

The Rajya Sabha on Monday passed the constitution amendment bill to provide reservations in promotions to scheduled castes (SCs) and scheduled tribes (STs). This would prove dangerous to the functioning of our country. The more damaging part is the bill being passed to appease a political party so that it can support the government on the FDI in retail bill. Everyone knows that FDI in retail will only benefit the enemies waiting at our gates rather than the banana men inside the gates of our motherland.

The government has stooped so low as to compromise our democratic set up just for questionable gains. It gave in to the blackmail of the likes of Mayawati. This is something I consider to be most damning in nature.The motive behind this is to appease the SCs/ STs in pursuit of their obnoxious vote-bank politics, hence compromising the democratic dream of a casteless society with equal opportunities for all Indians irrespective of their caste and creed.

The promotions on the basis of natural justice should be decided on performance, hard work, education and one’s capability. Why should non-SCs/ STs suffer stagnation due to deferred promotions just because their junior, lesser capable colleagues, but now privileged class to be have been accommodated for votes. We all know corruption has already eroded true governance and work in government offices to a great extent. I consider this promotion quota bill to be an outrageous, undemocratic and unconstitutional act on part of our politicians threatening the right to equality, work and livelihood. This will also see the augmentation of divide and rule politics in government offices as one faction will oppose the other factions' decisions indiscriminately. Hate politics, distrust and violence only would be the end result of this act. The society would become more cattiest than before if this bill ever sees the light of the day.

The Indian banana men are already reeling under the brunt of corruption which has resulted in our rupee falling 87 times down against the British pound since independence or Indians becoming eighty-seven times poorer than their English counterparts since independence. We poor Indians have seen trillions of dollars of our wealth siphoned offshore. We have seen corruption killing our growth at grassroots level for truly in the years after independence we should have been the most developed nation in the world till date.

We have seen the country's territorial divisions being divided into many parts by the same powers now pursuing the FDI in retail bill. They are once again bringing our nation at par with the atrocities faced by people at the hands of East India Company earlier. Isn’t it ironic that we have one Gandhi on one hand having pushed the "Quit India Movement" and the other now currently pushing in "Adopt India movement"? We already are seeing the breakdown of our much coveted democratic set up in the form of Naxalite and other terrorist movements and if the bill passes then these powers would surely gain in achieving their goals.

Today our enemies like the Chinese are already inside our gates and we still have a defense force standing with a begging bowl in front of the parliamentarians for modern weaponry to tackle this threat. Why is it that we do not have indigenous nuclear submarines, aircraft carriers, fighter aircraft, tanks, laser weaponry and satellites till date?

The list of my corruption related woes is endless, hence we should consider the answer to the question at hand: the identity of the real enemy inside our gates. Only one answer comes to my mind and that is us, the banana men, who are not bothered about the country at all as they only care about their families first rather than the country. They exalt in keeping their courtyards clean by throwing garbage into others. They don't know that someday they would be left with nothing if they continue to act like this.

I request my countrymen to get up and take note of issues threatening our nation and start behaving like true and responsible citizens. I would love all Indians to be known as the patriots rather than the the banana men.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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