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The four races of investor, consumer, suicidal and the outcaste
Because of global politico-economic evolution humans have evolved into four races: investor, consumer, suicidal and outcaste. In order to convert the latter two, change in thinking and end of exclusiveness are required.

IT IS believed that humans are born of four African cousins and the humans immigrated to various parts of the world from Africa. The modern non-White, non-Black humans are born of fair fathers and dark mothers. Since the industrial revolution and colonialism that followed it, the White Europeans had been the dominant race. The end of the World War II led to the end of colonialism and to the dominance of the US and resulted in segmented world based on ideologies and principles.

During the cold war, the trade and commerce outside the West was not that high nor was the level of investment. The capitalists thrived as compared to communists and invented technologies and made consumer products based on them. On the other hand, the communists invested relatively heavily on military technologies. Due to unsustainable systems and their related drawbacks and inefficiencies, the communists lost the cold war. The victory of free world led to the proliferation of identities and their assertion. The capitalist world saw huge potential for its products, services, capital and ideologies in the non-Western world. Consumption became the necessary thing and ultimately, the compulsion of the world. Europe started to integrate and the world order based on the WTO-based regime started to take shape.

The White dominated world, particularly the US, instead of showing racism and exclusiveness started to propose adaptive make-believe theories and proposed huge potential for the non-White world, has been investing there and has been sustaining many local beliefs. Through shredding of inertias, imports by the primary producers of the products made by secondary producers, expansion to tertiary markets through joint ventures, immigration, flow of capital and inflation, the two worlds are related.

But not all are the participants of this process; some oppose it by choice and some can not be participant of the growing world by default. Together the actions and decisions since the end of World War 2, though mostly after the end of the cold war, have led to divisions of the human race into four broad categories: investor, consumer, suicidal and outcaste. The investor race includes the White world and elites of all nations. The consumer race is divided into two subcategories: consumers of the West and those of the Rest. The suicidal race includes those who oppose the integration of the world economy and are neither investors nor consumers of the West. The outcaste race includes those who are not any of the three races and they are like that because of the flaws of the distributions and the deposits of time.The investor race invents, produce, consume maximal and generate capital for both primary and secondary producers. Because of this the nationals get employment, governments earn taxes and shareholders and stakeholders earn returns.

This is the shrewdest race. The consumer race participates in the production, consumes and the consumption results in multiple-benefits to all sides. This is the most vocal race. All kind of theories; from egalitarian to racist, are proposed to spurt the consumption. As long as the proportion of these two races exceeds that of the other two, future is bright for the whole of the world. The suicidal race sticks to orthodoxy and opposes both production and unrequired consumption. The outcastes are unable to consume and requires huge subsidies those that comes by huge tax collected from economic activities and by printing currencies.

But subsidies beyond a point can distort the whole system. The investors and the consumers, if they oppose subsidies, may face revolutions and counterrevolutions. Investors can not become suicidal and outcastes. But the consumers can become either of the three depending upon the results of economic activities. There is great exchange between suicidal and outcastes though both can become consumers.The best thing for the whole world is that the world has only two broad races: investor and consumer. To convert the suicidal race and to reduce the relative proportion of the outcaste race are the biggest challenges for investors and consumers.

Changing the opinions of the suicidal race is like creating a bosonic trap and doing away with exclusive fermionic trap. Once suicidal are persuaded to change, the number of outcastes can be reduced by expansion of the global economy and devaluation of the major currencies.But it requires a big change in the manner in which people think: it requires no conversion attempts on religious and cultural matters, acceptance of humanistic forms of capitalism by majority of the people all across the globe, checking of universality and convergence, development of localized and culturally-sensitive products, abandonment of unnecessary competition, end of jingoism, understanding others’ viewpoints and containment of diffusive theories.

The reduction of human race to two categories does not mean that humans would become mere economic being. Cultures and religions are very important and intrinsic to the evolution of humans. The reduction to two races would increase the wealth and change the functionalities to higher order.The earth’s evolution is such that in order for the Americans to become superhuman they require segregation, inequality and racism. Mr. Obama's election should be seen in this context. If from early history taxation was proper and prices were rational then there was significant probability that the earth would not have developed communism or at least the ideologies widespread support would not be there. The reality requires supporting fair and rich people globally on one hand and supporting majorities locally without suppressing minorities on the other. There is nothing wrong in big becoming bigger; what is wrong is small becoming smaller. Without changing the genetic pool, earth can be a better place if it starts understanding itself properly and change the way problems are approached.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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