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The geophysical factors would dictate the end of the world
Maya priests have not shown any exceptional wisdom in predicting the world as it exists and therefore, their predictions about the end of this world should not be taken seriously at all. The world would end when geophysical factors predict so or humans themselves destroy it through conscious choice.

THE GLOBAL doomsday industry is predicting an end of the world today on 21 December, based on certain calculations by ancient Maya priests. But this is nothing new as there is place for doomsday theories both in Christian and Islamic literatures. For Hindus it is the constant creation and annihilation; a universe lives up to an age, it gets annihilated and the new one is created. The whole process has the ultimate end but that time is too far away; billions of trillions of years.

The argument that since the universe has originated it should have an end is correct, but this can’t be determined by any religious or ideological arguments. The fact is that earth geography is relatively unstable and prone to cataclysmic changes. This gets evident by the fact that earth still does not have proper understanding of religion. People do not understand that religions are politically speaking Rightist ideologies even though economically they can take any shape; capitalist, pseudo-capitalist, socialist, communist and humanist etc. There was not much capital and majority of the people were poor when major religions were preached that is why religious preaching appears more socialist in nature than capitalist.

Jesus promised in Bible that he would return to earth again but warned that his followers would not be able to recognize him. This appears to have been influenced by spaceships to plan a military mission even though for Christians it is rejuvenating prophecy and many of them are sincerely waiting for Jesus second coming. Muslims also believe in Jesus’ return to earth and a day of judgement when the whole world will come to an end. For Hinduism, it is the dharma since eternity and would last trillions of years on this earth.   

The argument is not that Mayan calendar can’t go wrong; the argument is that why should it predict correctly. How many events that have happened on earth has it predicted correctly? If some are correct, how many are missing and how many wrong? What is there in Mayan calendar that earth scientists do not know? If it includes the diktat of super-intelligent extraterrestrial species the predictions could have meaning but again not because of religious fatalism but because of the wish of the political-military institutions of another planet.

But then people do forewarn about the end. This should be taken for granted even from the most indecent external civilization. But there is nothing that is happening on earth which could foretell the end of humans on earth. If people do not accept spaceships but consider it is an act of God, Ishvara or Allah then they should explain why humans while progressing should die. According to Hindu scriptures it is Kaliyuga; the Dark Age, but if one looks at Indian history, India and Indians are doing better than what they used to do in the past. The same is true for Americans and Saudis. Humans are innovating new technologies, the standard of living and literacy is improving, then why should God end the earth without preaching morality and without telling humans where they went wrong? Dying is no great act even in the name of God, Ishvara and Allah.

But then any of the gods has not created this part of the world neither the universe. The first universe has to evolve by the laws of science and if there is only one universe nobody has created it. The question is why do all things; living and non-living, follow the laws of the science. Why does God or his equivalents in other religion not show magic? Why does not God control all earth satellites and start communicating about himself and his powers proving that he exists? Sure, there cannot be single absolute God for all humans as Ishvara of Ramayana and Gita, God of Bible and Allah of Koran are all different entities. But all can show to their respective believers. Even if one accepts that God and his equivalents exist then he cannot be the originator of first universe. Moreover, God would have to follow laws of science; some known and some unknown to humans. Also, if the God’s civilization is not the originator of the first universe then it needs to evolve itself. In fact all evolved; some became humans, some superhuman and some even Gods. The differences were in the elementary constituent particles, goddamn particles, gauge bosons, highest possible speeds, genetic codes etc and differences in physical, chemical, biological and psychological evolutions.

One needs to take quantitative aspects of doomsdays theories; people need to know how many prophecies are made in the great books and how many of them have turned out to be correct and also how many times the doomsday prophecies have turned out to be incorrect. Without developing science and mathematics these are more likely to be considered fluke and if many prophecies, which otherwise require the knowledge of science, turn out to be consistently correct then it should be considered as acts of external agents, for specific purpose like spreading their theories or expecting returns on whatever little investments they have made.

Gods could predict how the political world would evolve but they could not tell how the science would evolve. Their predictions on general aspects of human evolution turn out to be true because their followers would follow their preaching and the dominant of an era would like to impose them on others. In this regard Jesus telling ex nihilo creation about the origin of the universe should be considered a religious belief and not any scientific proclamation based on reason.

There is nothing great in dying for religions and beliefs; there is greatness in living for one’s beliefs. Anyway earth is not showing any sign of human life coming to an end. Few earthquakes, Tsunamis, floods, heat waves and cyclones etc are not sufficient reasons to infer end of humans on earth. These are continuous phenomena since the inception of earth and more frequent since the beginning of anthropocene. Only geophysical factors would determine when the human life on earth would end.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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