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The idea of Europe is real, practical and important
The political union of Europe could stand for all kinds of unification; across Atlantic, of the whole Caucasian race, of the all Christians and eventually all humans. It requires imitating a god to do away with the containing effect of nature.

THERE HAS been constant talk about Grexit (exit from Eurozone) though newly elected alliance led by the conservative party has promised to keep Greece within Eurozone while requiring some modifications in bailout agreement.

The probability is high that Germany would listen to the Greece's demands.The idea of European Union is real and it dates back to medieval periods and even before when European intellectuals used to interact with each other. There is a lot of point in similar people having common future as enshrined in accepted common laws for political and economic union.

The Europe must remain united as it is very productive and efficient region dominated by Caucasians. The idea of unified Europe is crucial to the political and economic stability of world provided that the US and the EU behave more as friends than like competitors. The Europeans should vouch for Europe but there should not be much talk about European nationalism because the measure of it, if it exceeds beyond a point, could divide and hurt the Western part of the Caucasian race.

Individual nationalism when combined with a common future is a self-correcting tool and together with union it acts as a hidden hand of markets to drive out the wrong, inefficient and conflicting aspects of European lives. There should be more interlinking and interconnectivity of institutions and more adaptability of the people in Europe. The Europeans should have better understanding of each other and they should appreciate beauty and wealth more. There should be more appreciation of materialistic aspects of successful economies.

On one hand while trans-Atlantic relations should be improved, on the other equal emphasis should be made to bring Russia within the positive influence region of the West and the rest of the Europe. This is required to unify all Caucasians, Christians and eventually all efficient humans, ultimately saving them from the premature end of human race. For that the trans-Atlantic relations should improve and the US and Europe should appear like Janus of same 'common' identity. The root of conflict in the world is anti-Americanism and its reaction by the Americans. Russians in order to be part of the unified race should carry Western interests with themselves wherever Russian Federation expands. If Russia joins the 'common league of nations' then ultimately White Christians can be united and through them all humans. This is the logical extension of the EU: to expand the West, expand capitalism and to improve efficiency and reward performance.

The maximum returns on a particular investment come from a stable and lesser conflicting world. On its part the US should see that not too many bubbles are developed because of consumerism induced nationalism and because of both economic and non-economic inflations. The US should let market forces; hidden and explicit, burst those bubbles and should not support them by artificial means. The US and the rest of the West should forget about converting the Rest culturally though homogenization and institutionalization should be promoted. The Rest on their part should abandon anti-Americanism, particularly anti-Republicanism.

But such beginning has to come from the Europe; the Europeans should be more tolerant of the Americans and should accept their dominance. For that to actualize both the US and the EU should consider capitalism as the final and inevitable theory. As such the European nations should try to increase the size and depth of their people's pocket by investing in them. Instead of trying to wholly universalize the laws they should promote universal education, hone capital generating skills, improve efficiency, promote capitalism, improve the functionalities and make people learn the importance of symbiosis, co-evolution and in-phase evolution with their partners.

It will equalize the Europeans to the extent possible. The goal should be to increase the buying powers of an average European, give him the better consuming options, better investment options and improvement in all aspects of his life, instead of subsidizing his life. It requires proper automation achievable through robotics. The above would help improve individuals' lives, result in more tax collection by states ultimately resulting in lesser tax slabs and also in higher investment in public infrastructure, more profits for corporations and banks and permanent dominance of capitalism. The US and the EU should make sure that price, wages and taxation are rational to the extent possible in order to increase rationality and objectivity and to promote capitalism. If keeping the European political union intact requires keeping the monetary union intact which in turn requires US subsidizing the EU economy, then the US should not hesitate to do so but only with bipartisan consent. By doing so it would automatically become beneficiary in the Union's prosperity.

The same is required by the richer European nations. The reason is, as previously stated, that political union of Europe is clue to the unification of human race. In the unification of humans the Americans are the biggest beneficiaries. The EU should stand for expansion of markets, that of capital and capitalism and the expansion of Western values if not the political West. The measure of unity of race attains its biggest value through the unification of Europe. This way, humans can control their psychological evolution and majorly the idea of 'Angloeurocene'; the dominance of all English and European language speakers and that of all elites of all non-European language speaking countries, can be realized.

In order to do away the containing and controlling effect of nature, the humans need to behave like a 'god'. That obviously requires end to conflicts and maximal unification that is possible. In order to develop higher egos and superegos the Earth's humans should have the ability to constantly produce technology, products and through them the capital. The capital so generated should be reinvested, accumulated, properly spent and shared through proper legislation and taxation. It requires wish to behave like a 'god' in order to become one. It requires huge growth and constant updating by the majority of people all over the globe.

Ultimately, it requires elitism and accepting capitalism as the final theory. But even then there would be no end to history, race or time. The unification and becoming of 'god' would increase asymmetries, inequalities and differences and distinctions among the humans though it would be beneficial to almost all humans by and large. By default and by choice, the integration of White world in which the West is partner should be supported. The biggest topologies possible should be encouraged without the harmful non-linear contagious effect of interconnectivity.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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