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The media has changed profile
It is time to talk about freedom of press/media afresh and straight, lest media turns this country unchecked into another America completely docile to the dictates of vested interests with fatal consequences for its future. India is not America and needs not be one, despite what Manmohan-Ahluwalia-Chidambaram, Atal Bihari-Arun Shourie-Pramod Mahajan or Modi say. We are happy with its colours; may be conditioned but also destined to be one with its future.
The election to 16th Lok Sabha is a watershed. This election proved to be a bitter battleground between competing corporate houses for hegemony over state establishment; they are fighting the war of supremacy with no hands barred. Yes, they were preparing for it with diligence storing and sharpening their arsenal for long. This is all to advance their financial interests that can be assured with such commanding heights and turn the country into their fiefdom like Wall Street HQ did in America. Secondly, this election will be known for the media that shed its colours and turned into a powerful instrument for a war between competing corporate houses.

The current campaign for elections to Lok Sabha is a warning signal as to how media is swaying the fortunes of this nation to certain sponsored agendas of dubious values. Media has now completely turned partisan to the interests of expropriators with no chance of return to what was once conceived as a vehicle of free opinion.

Utilising a constitutional provision for its gain, media has come to serve as a faithful instrument in the hands of a small coterie of rich-men club and pushing the nation to an absolute state power structure to the detriment of people’s power. Since the day media has adopted a commercial profile, it has forfeited the right to enjoy constitutional freedom and cannot claim extra protection for its activities than a shopkeeper enjoys in the present dispensation.

As citizens of this country, deprived and alienated, have a reason to say that we do not want to be duped by media or some other state institution any longer. By now it is certain that the resources of this nation are being used by those who happen to sit over these for subduing the deprived majority to the wishes of the globalised corporate capital. It may not be to the advantage of all to be pushed to such a wronged destiny.

We want to assert our right to survive but with dignity and peace ourselves. We want to assert our natural right to shape our own destiny with our own hands. We should be left to ourselves to look after our house. We no longer want messiahs to decide our destiny for us! The time for messiahs perhaps has gone forever; they have forfeited it themselves. They have proved no better than cheats and peddlers of vested interest of low value to citizens.

To be honest to history, messiahs working through political parties were destined to perform what they are doing; only we gullible citizens so far wished them to function otherwise. We know from history that Political parties with leaders at the top to decide for followers, as instruments of running the representative democracy, were brought on the scene when participatory democracy became a threat to its progeny.

Forget what Lenin said of political parties as instruments of class struggle; Leninist teaching proved as futile before the forces of history as any other soothsayer was destined to. So, let us not talk about political parties and leaders as instruments of deliverance for the aam aadmi, if aam aadmi is the 80% of population that stands deprived and alienated. India of DIG (Disposable Income Group of American description) has left caring for Hindustan, we on our part do not want to kowtow before the butchers and expropriators! That is that. It is as straight and blunt.

Previously, media stood accused of paid-news phenomenon during elections in 2004 and 2009. This time it is working on full time contract to avoid charges of paid-news. It is difficult to find a single channel or paper who is functioning as a news courier. Find one and get a prize!

Every one of the media entity without exception is aligned with one interest or the other in this election campaign, trying to befool the consciousness of citizens to its sectarian views. The whole domineering media is working like an industrial/commercial concern for money against the service. Of late, during the last twenty years of liberal and globalised economy, the leading core of journalists themselves has been flaunting this commercial profile of the media as something to be proud of. The old legacy of mission that dominated the nationalist media during Indian freedom struggle is gone for good with the times, this core declares with 56 inch chest blown out. Times have changed and so media must change, it proclaims to hide its fall for money and individual interests!

One may recall that this country had made media as a sacrosanct icon of freedom in its early phase of liberal democracy. Now with this changed profile of a commercial avatar, it has lost the iconic image and cannot earn our protection more than a shopkeeper. Given the circumstances, media by now has already turned itself into a dangerous octopus around the neck of citizens in general.

We are watching how the media at command of powerful corporate houses has came handy to the aid of BJP for pushing the country to a design and go beyond the ambit of election law to appoints it political executive answerable to itself. Before the elected house takes oath, there is a PM-in-waiting instead! An anomalous situation indeed, which these evil forces have heaped upon an unsuspecting nation.

The character of the Indian media has come in sharp focus as a tool in the hands of corporate capital in this electoral campaign; it has turned itself into a privileged tool deliberately to fool consciousness of the masses. It needs to be seriously taken note of.

Indian Constitution underlines a fundamental right of citizens, described as freedom of expression and media was taken as its tool. Thus, freedom of press/media was regarded as something sacrosanct. But it can no longer claim it with its changed profile.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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