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The 'Monkey Trial', Trump and global warming
The 1960 movie 'Inherit the Wind' is worth watching, if nothing else for sheer brilliance of arguments from both the sides! Practically all the famous names of the US were involved and the world press was reporting the proceedings at Dayton on a daily basis, including from the famous writer, HL Mencken. The movie is available on YouTube.

In 1925 in the state of Tennessee, a young teacher John Thomas Scopes was taken to court for teaching the theory of evolution, disregarding the Butler Law. The people of the states belonging to the Bible belt (much like our own Cow Belt), were aghast that Scopes was teaching, that Man was descended from Apes! The prosecution contended that this was in complete disregard of the Biblical version of Creation, as in Genesis.

According to Genesis, on the sixth day God created the following, in that order:

· Land animals: (a) creatures that move close to the ground (small animals), (b) large animals, and (c) animals of use to man, as livestock.

· First man, Adam.

· First woman, Eve (formed from Adam's ribs).

The poor teacher never recalled, whether he had at all referred to Darwin's Theory of Evolution, or any such notion. Nevertheless, he willingly decided to stand the trial. Finally, on some technical grounds, he was let go but with a nominal fine.

Officially, the case was called: 'The State of Tennessee vs John Thomas Scopes', but it is popularly remembered as the 'Monkey Trial'. Since then, Monkey Trial has become a metaphor for the perpetual conflict between blind religious faith on one hand, and science and reason, on the other.

It is no wonder, that in the polls in the US, Trump had overwhelming support in the Bible Belt. Even now, as President of USA, Trump continues with his unpredictable bizarre outpourings and crass behaviour, thus befuddling both friends and foes alike!

Anyway, one thing that he made clear pre-poll and even after assuming office is that he has no concern with environmental issues. And also with the threats to mankind, in the form of global warming and ensuing climate change! For him it's only, 'America First' and the business interests of his cronies. Finally, his threats to withdraw from the Paris Accord have materialised.

'March of Science'

Understandably, the anti-science of Trump had already disturbed the scientists, even before he withdrew from the Paris Accord to the extent, that the scientific community was galvanised into carrying out 'March of Science' on Earth Day in April 2017. From Washington DC and other 600 cities around the world over a million marched, 'to emphasise that science upholds the common good and to call for evidence-based policy in the public's best interest. The organisers had used crowd science techniques to estimate the global attendance!

Trump had scientists all worked up with his comments about climate change, which he called a "hoax". He also suggested that global warming was a scam invented by China! Over $7 billion of research funds are expected to be axed, in the areas of health, weather satellites, earth sciences, marine and coastal preservation research.

The entire world is working towards cutting use of fossil fuels, particularly coal which is the worst culprit. By overturning Obama's strictures on coal-based power plants, Trump has given a free hand to his cronies who run the coal industry.

Somebody has to tell Trump, that global warming is already upon us. His neighbour, Canada suddenly lost a 300-year old Slims River in just four days in 2016. Due to fast melting of an Alaskan glacier, its gush also swept away the waters of Slims River, far away into another river, permanently! What happens to the communities living for generations on either side of Slims River?

USA generates 18 per cent of the environmental pollution. With Trump opting out of the Paris Accord, both India and China have declared to do better than their original commitments. Some are even suggesting that this is Modi's chance of leading the remaining member nations of the Paris Accord!

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