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The new 'Modi Bhakt' - Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan
Our beloved Prime Minister Shri Narndra Modi ji has received several awards including the following from Islamic countries: King Abdulaziz Sash Award, Amir Amanullah Khan Award, and Grand Collar of the State of Palestine.

And the latest is About Zayed MedalThe United Arab Emirates (UAE) on April 4, 2019 honoured PM Narendra Modi with its highest decoration, Zayed Medal in recognition of his "pivotal role" in strengthening ties between the two nations.

With the departure of all old guards of Bhartiya Janta party even from the Marg Darshak Mandal also, Narendra Modi is BJP and BJP has become synonymous to Narendra Bhai. So interesting that now Imran Khan has also got his entry into the Naredra Modi Fan Club. He claims that there may be a better chance of peace talks with India and "some kind of settlement in Kashmir" if the BJP wins the Lok Sabha elections. Speaking to a group of foreign journalists in Pakistan, he said that if the Congress leads the next government, it may be too scared to seek a settlement with Pakistan over Kashmir, fearing a backlash from the right. "Perhaps if the BJP ? a right-wing party ? wins, some kind of settlement in Kashmir could be reached."

Truth needs no proof. RSS / BJP juggernaut has a relationship with the largest minority or a section of minorities of India that could be described as cool aka indifferent at its best and inimical at worst. Exceptions prove the rule. It is not a rocket science and taller proclamations on either side won't change the reality. Let us recall that Naredra Modi had sported a number of head-gears since he got prominence but a Muslim Cap had found no place over his head. That simply explains his attitude.

I for one had never made it an issue as NaMo is a product of RSS hard core ideology. On the contrary, I laugh sometimes at the political wisdom and historical immaturity of those who with such gestures want to be in the good books of RSS ? an outfit that is actually ruling this country from the back door.

Yes, all that is happening now, the great learned Indian politician Moulana Abul Kalam Azad had anticipated long ago. I believe that Moulana Abul Kalam Azad was the tallest leader that Muslim community has produced after Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. Undoubtedly, he was a great Indian leader who had the deepest insight and offered many pragmatic practical solutions for Indians especially Muslims. No one article or a book could do justice to his contributions.

In 1946, Maulana Azad, in an interview to Shorish Kasmiri, had said that if Pakistan were the solution of Hindu Muslim problem, then he would have extended his support to it. If we use the Muslim League terminology, this new India will be a Hindu state both practically and temperamentally.

This will not happen as a result of any conscious decision, but will be a logical consequence of its social realities. How can you expect a society that consists 90% of Hindus, who have lived with their ethos and values since prehistoric times, to grow differently? This communal politics has hurt the religion beyond measure. Muslims have turned away from the Quran. If they had taken their lessons from the Quran and the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and had not forged communal politics in the name of religion then Islam's growth would not have halted.

The Indian Muslims have frozen Islam and its message and divided themselves into many sects. Some sects were clearly born at the instance of colonial power. Consequently, these sects became devoid of all movement and dynamism and lost faith in Islamic values. The hallmark of Muslim existence was striving and now the very term is strange to them. Surely they are Muslims, but they follow their own whims and desires. In fact now they easily submit to political power, not to Islamic values. They prefer the religion of politics not the religion of the Quran.

Division of territories on the basis of religion is a contraption devised by Muslim League. They can pursue it as their political agenda, but it finds no sanction in Islam or Quran. What is the cherished goal of a devout Muslim? Spreading the light of Islam or dividing territories along religious lines to pursue political ambitions? The demand for Pakistan has not benefited Muslims in any manner. How Pakistan can benefit Islam is a moot question and will largely depend on the kind of leadership it gets.

You are using the name of Islam for a cause that is not right by Islamic standards. Muslim history bears testimony to many such enormities. In the Battle of Jamal (fought between Imam Ali and Hadrat Aisha, widow of the Holy Prophet) Qurans were displayed on lances. Was that right? In Karbala the family members of the Holy Prophet were martyred by those Muslims who claimed companionship of the Prophet. Was that right? Hajjaj was a Muslim general and he subjected the holy mosque at Makka to brutal attack. Was that right? No sacred words can justify or sanctify a false motive.

After the separation of East Pakistan, whenever it happens, West Pakistan will become the battleground of regional contradictions and disputes. The assertion of sub-national identities of Punjab, Sind, Frontier and Balochistan will open the doors for outside interference. It will not be long before the international powers use the diverse elements of Pakistani political leadership to break the country on the lines of Balkan and Arab states. Maybe at that stage we will ask ourselves, what have we gained and what have we lost.

The fact remains that if India had not been divided, today there would have been more than 33 per cent Muslims, a huge number in any democracy. In any case they would have formed their own governments in the Muslim majority provinces and would have had stake in the whole of India. Several Muslim leaders could have become prime minister of India. Today there are about 18 crore of Muslims but are still a minority and face several problems as a minority and also have to carry the guilt ? wrongly of course ? of having partitioned the country. Ironically there are more Muslims in India than in Pakistan and yet they constitute only 14 per cent minority.

Muslim history is an important part of Indian history. Do you think the Muslim kings were serving the cause of Islam? They had a nominal relationship with Islam; they were not Islamic preachers. Muslims of India owe their gratitude to Sufis, and many of these divines were treated by the kings very cruelly. ?????..End of Moulana Azad's quotes

My point is that whether it was the King of Saudi Arabia or prime minister of Pakistan, what matters to them is their survival, immediate interests and the geopolitical interest of their county. Religious Brotherhood is not even at the last place in their thoughts. We, the Indian Muslims, have always an attitude:

'Khanjar chaley kisi per tarapta hai apna dil, Sarey jahan ka dard hamarey jigar men hai.'

We have to think what serves us right as Indian Muslims. Forget about the attitude of every Tom, Harry and Dick. World politics at times is quite difficult to comprehend and beyond our ambit. But that is the reality of life.

So, if Imran Khan is a new Modi Bhakt ? no surprise!

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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