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The politician Manmohan
Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, a thorough gentleman, who genuinely believes in what can help India grow further and see better days, is not a predator who exploits politics but only a victim who fell prey to predation of politics.
“AT LAST, politics has made me politician,” groaned Shivaji Rao, a character essayed by Anil Kapoor, in the closing sequence of Hindi film ’Nayak’. I remembered this scene that I had watched some years ago when I read the media reports speculating about prime minister’s thank you call to all those members of Parliaments (MPs) who defied the whip of their respective parties to bail United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government out of the abyss, which the Left had put it into. A decent person as he is, perhaps it was another honest gesture from our Prime Minister to those who thought it fit to serve the nation on his call rather than paying heed to the call of their own parties. Now we, ensconced in our bed rooms, savouring the pattering of rainfall, can only guess how handsomely those who served the nation must have been served.

What happened in the Parliament on July 22, whether it was the V (victory) sign flashed by our PM or dance that wads of currency notes indulged in, drove one vital thing home. In an ambiance starved of ethics and replete of obtrusive display of pragmatism it is not the individuals that shape up politics of a nation, but it is the politics on whose tunes individuals dance. Out of those who happen to dance some dances out of their fascination for music being played and some shakes their hip out of a desire to celebrate the moment no matter how crude the music is. Manmohan Singh, to me, seems to belong to later category.

As we witness the boorishness of people, who are neck deep plunged in ocean of degrees they have amassed over the years, across the country and curse our education system for having become a cellar of degrees, we also see our politics becoming a womb that nourishes the fetus of corruption. So by the time foetus comes out to have its time in the world of politics, he is already a ready made politician: a politician wrapped in the diaphanous clothes of vulgar ideologies through, which is visible nakedness of hunger and a scary hirsute flesh. It is this ideology behind, which lay the licentious pursuits of a politicians and the honest implementation of schemes or projects behind, which lay a promise for a better life for an ordinary citizen remains a ripped piece of soiled cloth consigned to a dustbin. People are never represented in such democracy. They are only fleeced.

Our Prime Minister, a thorough gentleman, who genuinely believes in what can help India grow further and see better days, is not a predator who exploits politics, but only a victim who fell prey to predation of politics. He never said he was not a politician. Ever since he barged into murky waters to give India its current shape and colour, he has been constantly chiseling himself as a politician, an honest politician. During his stint as finance minister, he took it upon himself to embark upon a new phase of economic freedom and liberty in an otherwise financially clogged India. And he did it with unrivalled aplomb and panache. Four years ago, when the office of prime minister came to him, uninvited and unexpected, he welcomed it and hosted it with a quintessential hospitality, which our Indian heritage takes pride in.

I refuse to believe that Singh took any personal part in executing numerous deals in pursuit of his ’big deal’. I personally endorse nuclear deal for so many reasons that I have come across while reading news magazines and newspapers, but still the only singular fact that Singh is so vehemently espousing this deal is more than enough reason for me to believe that the deal is in utter interest of our nation. The way he risked his government by spurning the support of Left for what he truly believes in, further enhances his stature in my eyes and I am sure same holds true for most citizens of this country. As for Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), their stature will further dwindle down when the tentative reports, suggesting that the cash for vote scandal resulting in flying about of currency in our Parliament was a stage managed event by the BJP to defame UPA, gets ratified. First phase of investigation alludes to the fact that notes are found to have been withdrawn from a series of banks across Madhya Pradesh. My heart goes for Atal Bihari Vajpayee (who was once categorically called a mask by one of their own prominent and top leader) and I see a pitiful stooping down in the stature of LK Advani in the twilight years of his politics in the hurry to become the prime minister.

But in this whole imbroglio where does our honest and Spartan Prime Minister situate himself? Doesn’t it look so odd when we see him taking pride in his government’s victory on the floor of house? Don’t we know that most Congress men don’t give a damn to what he says either when Sonia Gandhi is around or when she doesn’t throw her weight behind him? Don’t we know that Congress party can’t produce before us a single person who can hold a candle to Singh’s integrity and intellect ability?Then why did Prime Minister behave so toady to his own party and let them do what they did in his name? And why did he so proudly embrace it? The urgency and compulsions of politics may have influenced him, but this new politics will have a bearing on younger generation of India that doesn’t augur well neither for nation nor for those who think that honest people can remain unscathed in murky water. I don’t expect Singh to become a citizen of a Utopian world, but he could have at least remained in a world he had built for himself over the years.
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