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The possible conspiracy & high voltage political melodrama behind former soldier Ram Kishan Grewal's suicide
Ram Kishan Grewal, a veteran retired soldier of Indian Army, allegedly committed suicide on Tuesday, 1st November, 2016, by consuming poison.
The reason for his drastic step has been linked to OROP by the opposition parties, mainly Congress, AAP, CPM and TMC. In fact, Rahul Gandhi, Manish Sisodia and Arvind Kejriwal wanted to visit the hospital where he died to show sympathy (read photo-op) with the family members of the deceased, but were rightly detained by the Delhi police.

The main stream media kept showing this political melodrama as breaking news all throughout the day. Each channel showed us what they wanted to show and conveniently hid what they wanted to hide. But this is the 21st century and people are no longer dependent on main stream media for accurate news. There is social media which can counter any news shown with malicious intent.

Some people criticized Delhi police for detaining RaGa, Sisodia and Kejriwal. But these people forget that in a hospital, silence is absolutely necessary and therefore political entourage with chaos cannot be allowed in a hospital campus, violating the fundamental rights of the patients. Delhi police was right in detaining them, but rather than releasing after a few hours, they should have detained them for at least three days to teach them a lesson.

There is also news that the Delhi police abused, kicked and manhandled the family members of the deceased. The son of the deceased had actually complained so. Now this is not acceptable. If it is true, then action should be taken against Delhi police staff who did this.

Why RaGa rushed to the hospital? If it was for showing sympathy to the family members, then why there was a team of his sycophants equipped with cameras? And who shows sympathy to the aggrieved family by grinning ear to ear? RaGa's only objective was to do a photo-op so that he could prove PM Modi's declaration of implementation of OROP fake. Little does he know that PM Modi had implemented OROP with some disagreements among the stakeholders for which negotiations are being done. 

Doing politics over a dead body is equivalent to 'Khoon Ki Dalali' (trading in blood). We all know that RaGa used this phrase to blame Modi government subsequent to surgical strikes. Now, he is doing exactly the same. This is vulture politics and no wonder other political parties like AAP, TMC and CPM have jumped into the scenario having the same objective of proving PM Modi wrong on OROP, so that they could garner some votes during the upcoming elections.

Kejriwal declared Rs 1 crore compensation to the family of Grewal calling the deceased a martyr, but he has done nothing for the martyrs of Uri attack and those killed in ceasefire violations at the border. Delhites will pay a Haryana soldier, courtesy their CM who orchestrates suicide drama and pays compensation when it goes wrong. Excellent melodrama!

Earlier, there was political entourage for Rohith Vemula's suicide and now for Grewal's suicide. But the same parties never visited the family of constable Rama Shankar who was murdered by SIMI terrorists while breaking out from Bhopal Central Jail a few days ago. What a sick mentality!

OROP has been a long pending issue. Indira Gandhi removed it in 1973, but no one criticized her. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi were calling the shots during UPA rule, but they did nothing. PM Modi did it within one and half years of his rule and is still facing criticism. This is the biggest irony. What kind of country is ours?

I think not everything is as it is. There could be a conspiracy behind this. Here are the reasons why?

A.      The deceased, Grewal, was getting a pension of Rs 13.000 which subsequently went up to Rs 28,000 after OROP implementation. But he was getting Rs 23,000 only because of a miscalculation by the bank responsible for paying out the pension. Such anomalies are taken care of by Army Welfare Cell when informed and I don't think this could be a reason for his suicide.

B.      Five minutes after consuming poison, he called his son and disclosed the news. The entire conversation was recorded, the audio tape of which was released on ABP News. I carefully listened to the conversations and this is what I felt:

1.       Who recorded the conversation? If it is his son, then how did he know that his father would be talking about suicide and therefore there was a necessity to record the conversations? Was he omniscient or a man of intuition or is there something else?

2.       Grewal appeared to be drunk or confused. It could be the effect of the poison he consumed, but then who was prompting him?

3.       If a son gets the news of consumption of poison, should he keep on talking and recording or try to take some actions so that his father could get treatment immediately? Since the poison was in the form of tablets, immediate stomach wash in a hospital would have saved his life.

4.       Two minutes into the conversation, the son asked about the poison coolly without any anxiety. Why the son did not call for an ambulance, or inform the police immediately?

C.      So there is a big question mark over the authenticity of the audio tape. If it is not authentic, then its existence points towards a conspiracy. For those who might have forgotten, let me remind what happened to Gajendra Singh, a farmer, who committed suicide during AAPs rally. The suicide drama was a part of conspiracy by AAP which went horribly wrong. Gajendra never wanted to commit suicide and there was no valid reason as well, but he decided to be a pawn for AAP and agreed to stage a drama. It was his bad luck that it did not go as planned. The AAP leaders kept on giving speeches and blaming Modi government although the lifeless body of Gajendra was hanging from the tree.

Congress or even AAP might have taken a cue from this incident to hatch another conspiracy, this time involving a soldier. Someone might have told him to do a suicide drama by consuming poison with assurance that he would be saved later. This answers who was prompting him during the conversation with his son.

D.      Grewal had written a letter to Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar inquiring about few points on 31st October, 2016, but committed suicide a day after that. Although that letter never reached the defense ministry, it got widely circulated over social media. Why can't it be a pre-planned gimmick?

E.       The letter was a basic letter of OROP with multiple signatures. Only suicide as a footnote, not even signed by the deceased, so it cannot qualify as a suicide note.

F.       He had informed his family that he would come back on 1st November. Such a person cannot commit suicide. Someone has definitely played a role here.

My take is that in the aftermath of surgical strike, there is widespread appreciation of Modi government across India. Worried about their political future, the opposition parties are conspiring to somehow prove that Modi government is anti-soldiers. OROP implementation is a strong point for Modi government and this is precisely why Congress is into this conspiracy. Unfortunately for them, their lies have no takers. But they will keep on conspiring only for their own survival.

A probe by competent authority will throw some light on this incident.  I hope a probe would be conducted soon to find the answers.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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