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The Rainbow Hues (2014): A wonderful mingling of creativity and scholarship with a social message
The poetic anthology, The Rainbow Hues (2014 ISBN : 978-93-82630-49-4) edited by Prof. P.Gopichand and P. Nagasuseela published by Aadi Publications Jaipur provides a wonderland of musings and melodies. Poets of different parts of the country and abroad contributed their choicest poems for the volume. The creativity of the academic minded people is really astonishing. Creativity is nearly complementary to scholarship in each and every poem published in this anthology.

The Rainbow Hues (2014 ISBN : 978-93-82630-49-4) edited by Prof. P.Gopichand  and P. Nagasuseela   published by Aadi Publications Jaipur is a wonderful anthology of poems contributed by poets of the world in the Seventh International Poetry Festival -2014 at Guntur JKC College .

Dr. Srinivasarao of Sahitya Akademi in his message wrote about the occasion for publication of the book, "These types of international poetry festivals are important for everyone in the world, especially in times like this. Today we have stopped looking around, enjoying the beauty that Mother Nature has bestowed upon this earth. There is growing intolerance and violence across the globe. We do not know what it is to interact with other cultures and learn from them." 

This is really encouraging to know that the poets from various corners of the country and abroad are encouraged to compose their best and at the same time encourage people to appreciate poetry. Since November 2008, two national poetry fests and four international poetry fests have been organised in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.

Six poetry anthologies have been published and the one under our critical scanner now is the seventh anthology entitled The Rainbow Hues containing poems of 179 poets, and nearly 70 poets recited their own poems on the dais for two days in the festival from the anthology.

The 7th International Poetry Festival in Guntur JKC College was attended by nearly 200 poets from various parts of India. Here there were no so called serious discourses and research paper presentation but serious engagement with heart and mind. All those who read their poems here were not required to pay any fees, but were honoured with mementos and an anthology of poems, one fruit and one Uttariyo and an anthology The Rainbow Hues. All the poems in the anthology promote human values, world peace and environmental protection.

Mani Rao in the very opening poem 'OM' writes, "Some/aliens/will eat/flesh/in the hope of  becoming flesh" (p1). Durlabh Singh in 'A Song for Myself' writes, "I am the toiler of the sea/A seeder of the earth/An emblem in nectar /For the humming bees" (p.4). In the poem 'Lure' Jessica Tyner wrote, "My heart cracked no more at  the grasping/of child beggars, unwilling to explode into confetti/even after all the beatings/you've given it for five thirsty years".(p 6). Poet Kapardell Eftichia had 'a fabulous border/image of the world' that he 'built with Ageless wisdom'(p9).

Mahinour Tawfik in the poem 'Wings Broken' beautifully records the pain of a bird "Poor little bird shall never fly/Again/Shall never see the sky/She sees nothing but her pain.(p.14). Frank Joussen feels that thoughts emerge like eagles from the bottom of his bottomless self.

Other poet in the volume Brian Daldorph described the tragedy of King Lear while James Bell and Stefanie Golisch imagine a critical time. K.V.Skene says "We can smell the north wind,/the cold  dark scent/of home"(p31). C.L.Khatri is also an editor and as a poet he excels when he writes with a clear social message "Don't worry, dear/the land is cooking inside/the coal is burning in the breast/rats, rabbits and lambs/ are roasted in its fire and heat." (p.41).

Dr. Sunil Sharma another important poet sang about the 'Dark skinned squealing kids/ Playing outside in the mud /Barefoot and half-fed"(p 43). A wonderful poetess Dr Neelam Saxena Chandra writes in her poem 'Will You Come Durga Maa?' "Durga Maa. I summon you/Change your garb, modify your frame/Build up that anger and wrath/and come once again on this earth/to kill all 'Asuras 'forever".(p58).

Deeya Bhattacharya writes very well and in this volume the two poems she contributes are exceptionally good. Dr. Ram Sharma writes: "You are the doer in real/and you are yourselves the action"(P81) G Maria Joseph Xavier's 'Farmers Indispensable' reminds us of the poem 'The Man with the Hoe'.  

Asim Kumar Paul a photographer poet describes graphically 'Ruins of a palace'.(p93). Dr.Dalvir Singh Gahlawat is wonderful in his conviction and his two poems  'Self' and 'Wall of Trust' seem to be full of gracious feelings, "Wild animals tried to  demolish/Walls were not shaken"(p.103). Jayeeta Kar, Kedarnath Sharma,Dr. Sudershan Sharma, Dr. Sutapa Chaudhuri,Dr. Piyali Bhattacharya contributed nice poems.

But Aju Mukhopadhaya weaves magic spell in his poems  'The Grasshood' and 'Invisibly with Me'.Dr. Vivekanand Jha utters a grim truth about the poets, "The poets do poetry/Irrespective of the results"(p.162). Dr. Mahasweta Chaturvedi raised the question 'What Kind of  Goddess' only to conclude, 'Man was the omnipotent's /Second mistake'.(p173).

Dr. Kriti Sengupta is famous for his 'The Riverse Tree' in this volume. Reema Das described the social neglect of a 'Child of Unwed Mother', "I was born in Moonlit night – a girl child!"(p.201). The famous poetess Nandini Sahu contributes two poems 'Memory'  and 'Moments' in both of which she creates poetic spell for the readers as usual. 

Nandita Chakraborty Banerji very much realistically describes the 'Fears of a Destitute Girl' and 'Rape of Love' in forceful poetic language, "What's the use of  keeping you/Locked in my heart/When all it will do is to rip it apart?' She asked in her poem 'Rape of Love'(p. 226). Dr. Anuradha Bhattacharyya wonderfully satirises the 'Money Magic' and her poem 'Sometimes' is a very nice one.

Dr. Bhaskar Roy Barman wrote 'The Flowered Vista' and Ms. Achla Grover her wonderful poem 'To Dust, with Love'. Mr. Gagan Bihari Purohit is always sincere in his poetic rendering and two poems 'Beloved' and 'Mango Orchard' are aesthetically satisfying. The famous Muse India Editor and poetess Ambika Ananth wonderfully wrote in 'Waiting', "Rooted in her sadness, she waits for the winged angels/of peace and joy/to beg of them/to fulfill /the promises of life/before the last lonely sigh."(P.277). Dr. Padmaja Iyengar is wonderfully lyrical in her poem 'A Poet's Chariot' and 'Contrition'. There are a number of other poets in the anthology who are very famous and they could not be mentioned.

Dr. Kumarendra Mallick is a renowned poet and his sensuousness is reflected in the narration, "Lovely eyes /Forehead free of wrinkles" in the poem, 'Beyond Petals and Thorns'(p 296). Prof. P.Nagsuseela is really an optimistic poet who can so poetically utter "Waiting for the dawn/Darkness won't stay forever/ Life revolves round hope" (p.320).

The wonderful anthology ends with the two nice poems from Prof. P Gopichand 'A Dream' and 'Frontier Soldiers'. In 'A Dream' the poet wonderfully writes a one sentence poem "looking into flowing waters/currents of the past/pulls me into its eye/ going round and round/and when the currents  end/new calm prevails/only to form new currents/ cycles of currents/ past and future/ both in dreams/ make us happy and sad/ when we know/ it's a dream" (p322). The poem makes us engrossed in a dream as it were. 

Thus the anthology provides a wonderland of poetic musings and melodies. The beautiful list of poets and their short bio info is another significant part of the book. The creativity of the academic minded people is really astonishing. Creativity is nearly complementary to scholarship in each and every poem. The anthology is worth keeping in any college and university library for ready reference to the poets of modern times.

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