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The rise of Ambedkarism
Ambedkarism is an organized struggle for justice against all the odds and social discriminations that are being faced by historically excluded communities. This revolution comes from the fire that emanates from the burnt huts of all those suppressed people who are being undergoing the physical, social and psychological attacks.

This revolution arises from the injustice that is being done in the courts. That revolution upsurge from the right to live with self-respect, dignity and honor. This revolution comes from all those institutional murders that are being done in premier educational centers.

This revolution is to combat against the monopoly of the resources which were tightly held in the clutches of the dominant castes/community/class. It is the tone of the marginalized communities whose silenced voice would be the roar for justice, for social equality and dignity of honor. It is a mission to reform and reframe the political scenario of this land. It comes from the centuries of protracted suffering of the people who are being infected by the venom of caste. It arises from the death-beds of all the Dalith massacres that were conducted across the country.

To all those casteist communists who are darkly blind to the oppression being faced by discriminated castes, Ambedkarism would offer them a better solution. The two-class theory of communists had utterly failed and had neither created harmony among all castes nor dared to see its end. But, they are always the first sympathizers of the suppressed people whose sympathy and empathy had hardly wiped the tears of the torn people. This revolution arises from the spirit of all those great leaders whose pioneering work was deceitfully flamed into ashes by the dominant practitioners of Brahmanism/Hinduism. It aims at the inclusive social growth that either turns the hierarchical vertical social order into horizontal, or bashes into granules.

The heights of irrational Hinduism had made the Indian scientists undervalue their own scientific temper by offering official prayers in profit making temples.

The Dalits, particularly, who tried to escape from the domination of the casteist Hinduism, their conversion to Christianity had injected the education of fundamental religion into their minds. It gave the medicine of useless 'belief' which psychologically suppressed them further and drowned them in the ocean of delusion of hell and heaven.

As Hinduism spreads across the world so is the caste. These casteist Indians feel proud in establishing caste associations in foreign countries. Caste is the fundamental rule and foundation of Hinduism. If at all one wishes to wipe out caste then it is that Brahmanic/ Hinduist thought’ that has to be hit at.

Ambedkarism is a process that leads the de-valued, de-Humanized and disempowered people from apathy to action, dependency to independency, from powerlessness to assertiveness, from ignorance to knowledge, from alienation to involvement, from manipulative to self-determination. Yes, the revolution comes from the agony of the bureaucrat whose constitutional authority is being blamed for being a Dalith. 

It is the voice of all those marginalized students whose knowledge is un-recognized in all the faith schools and learning centers. It is a resistance against the murder of all those couples who were beaten to death for marrying an out-caste. 

Let the rule of the oppressed rise and when the suppressed starts ruling, there will be no more suppression.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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