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The rise of the Red Crescent
A lot many people had started asking me about the future of the world vis-a-vis Asia, after I had prophesied Russian & Shiite alliance as far back as the anvil of the Syrian crisis & rise of ISIS.

The story is full of intrigue, a real mystery, which many with an intuitive eye asked me to shed light on, simply enough, minus the complexities of the situation so as to make them understand things better just like a lay man. You all will be surprised that a small country like Syria would become the centre of the worlds political & economic ambitions. It beats any political thriller by a mile.

Let's first understand that the world as we all know off post World War 2. It was comfortably settled in a seemingly unending cold war between the erstwhile Soviet Union & the USA with their respective cronies; NATO, SEATO & CENTO except for a few nations with a superiority or an inferiority complex like us, failing to acknowledge any alliance openly SAARC, PANCHSHEEL, NAM etc as a face saver.

The British had wisely divided the Asian map on the basis of their successful divide & rule policy, sealing the prospects of a united Asia ever rising against the empire or the West under a Russian or a Chinese flag. Let's go a little further to understand things a shade better.

The greatness of the USA was because of three things, first their escaping directly the devastating rumblings of the world war on their infrastructure, their booming economy, secondly their powerful currency and lastly the third reason being their nearly half the world following during the ongoing cold war because of their economic and military might. There is another fact which one should not forget that the 'War of the Crusades' had never ended, the embers are still smouldering red hot, lot of history has been shipped in, out and off which has affected the world opinions as we know off today.

America and its allies in Europe mostly Christian or Jew nations, under the NATO umbrella have over the years developed into highly developed and prosperous economies. Similarly, the Soviet Union with her allies too developed as a showcase of Communist role model but kept lot of ugliness hidden behind her Iron curtain with prospects of having entire Asia under their umbrella sometime in the near future. Soviet Union developed militarily, became a super power but could not hoodwink the world into believing them to be a safe, luxurious, in vogue destination for the worlds Richey Rich.

While the rest of South & South East Asia sulked licking their wounds left behind by the brutal world war, merciless exploitation by the Europeans, poverty, hunger and natural calamities. It was a world full of misery and exploitation by the rich and the powerful of the poor masses day in and out.

It was a world, which was already divided by the colonisers and the country's looked at each other with suspicion or racial discrimination or religious hatred. The white colonisers had somehow made the west look like heaven in comparison to the third world leadership and making them believe there depilated and destitute country's to be nothing less than hell.

The white colonisers' loot quadrupled as the rich and powerful kings, bureaucrats, businessmen and the corrupt politicians made West there investment destinations along with a manipulated consumer driven market dependency from everything to anything made in the West.

The West and the Soviet Union saw to it that the third world remained poor and destitute, military dependent upon them, so as to safeguard world's precious natural resources like food, energy etc for themselves as consumption would increase manifold creating major shortages if the third world ever dared to become a developed competitor and consumer. They saw to it that with a powerful weapon of corruption, country's like India could never have policy's implemented which would make them rich and developed ever again.

They would create wars and hatred to keep them pre-occupied, military dependent and exploit their natural resources while using them as lab animals for their lifestyle medical safeguards. This they did easily by controlling all those who mattered most in forming public opinion and decision making with doles of riches and green cards in third world countries.

Meanwhile, the unlimited new black liquid Gold became the new challenge for the two bastions of cold war. Whoever controlled this liquid treasure would not only control the economy of the world, but also will be able to make there currency acceptable as world currency. Now the Soviets were left behind by the NATO alliance in this aspect in early days of the cold war. Dollar became the International trading currency with the world's gold deposits and bonds backing it up.

Time passed, the world changed with collapse of the Soviet Union and many countries got freed up to become part of the new European Union. Oil still ruled the world market. America with the help of Saudi Arabia dominated the market. Meanwhile China and Russia too developed somehow to become superpowers with all the same hunger for resources and energy needs as the developed world.

Today oil has finished with Saudi Arabian led Sunni power alliances. Most of them are internally reeling under the NATO created religious terrorism as a weapon and also to ally all the Sunni's to contain the Soviet union. The Russian backed Shiite states with Iran in the lead are the new oil superpowers of the world today as they have near virgin oil reserves. This also includes central Asian Shiite countries under the Russian flag.

How can Russia, China and Iran ever leave such a God sent opportunity to not to rule the world as super powers? This is the reason for Syria to become such a hotbed for fighting for world oil control and for the US Dollar vs Rouble currency supremacy. A new world order is slowly but steadily settling in now.

Russia under Putin has reorganised its economy and has all the necessary makings of a versatile super power once again. The new alliance includes Russia, Central Asia, some EU and South American nations, China, Turkey with Kurdistan becoming its part, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Jordan and South Asian country's like Myanmar, Taiwan etc.

Now Turkey that wanted Kurdistan for themselves and not under Saudi flag has left NATO to catch hands of Russia. Today Saudi Arabia and the USA stand all alone with China also rising as a powerful foe controlling South China Sea Oil reserves with a Russian tie up. Oil now is completely under Rouble control and so is OPEC.

America created Taliban in Afghanistan, ISIS with Pakistani ISI help under Saudi Control to capture Syria, Yemen, Iraqi oil fields and also to suppress the Shiites from ever raising their fists against them. Saudi Arabia funded all terrorist organisations under one motto and that was to keep Sunni dominance over the Muslim world, which has actually become its own Bain. This strategy has now backfired on NATO.

India under PM Narendra Modi has to take the call soon enough for hitching up with which side. A non-aligned India is next to impossible now given the NATO penetration into Indian government, society and psyche. India it seems will now tow the US line.

It would one day be shunned as Pakistan has been now by the US after sucking it high and dry of everything to anything meaningful. India has to develop its military and economy to a self propagated and motivated level where it can have its own independent say in world affairs. This is the current world scenario, everything is falling in place for a major stand-off. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Third World War.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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