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The silent tears of our unofficial spies: An ode to many like Sarabjeet Singh
We should also think of countless others like Sarabjeet Singh either dead or languishing in Pakistani or Chinese jails. Many stalwart Indian journalists have written a lot about our unofficial spies and their unjust plight of getting only sorrow, debauchery, and a few alms instead of a reward at the hands of the government. It is too disconcerting to hear about their plight and risks they have taken for our Nation. This article reminds us once again about what many journalists have written over the years about these children of lesser gods.

It is something, which is common to only ‘Mera Bharat Mahan’ that the common person suffers the most. Over the years, I have been reading Hindustan Times and I am convinced that true patriotic face of Indian Journalism, can only truly be seen or gauged through our dailies.

These true honoree patriots, the true of the soil like Krishan Lal Bali, Kramat Rohi, Gopal Dass, Gurbax Lal, and countless others who have over the years suffered inhuman torture or deaths in Pakistani or Chinese prisons without even being noticed by their government for their humble sacrifice for their country.

Are we Indians so heartless, cold and pettily selfish as to not to honor the contribution and sacrifice of our sons of the soil? We should not forget that it is our agencies who actually gullibly exploit innocent citizens on the borders to turn into spies. They do the dirty work for someone else’s laurels and are as dispensable as tissue paper in case they get caught.

Is the value of an Indian Citizen not even worth a tissue paper? There might be an angle of corruption involved with these kind of operations, as one cannot call our agencies to be above corruption seeing the track record of all government departments and recent scams. This corruption angle needs to be urgently investigated for if found true it would pose severe repercussion and a grave danger to our national security.

As a patriotic citizen it is unbelievable that RAW until today has not been able to develop a professional covert network on the lines of CIA, KGB, MOSSAD. MI7, etc in Pakistan, China or elsewhere. One can only imagine of its highly questionable prowess in other countries. The Chinese and the Pakistanis no doubt have a better spy network in our country than our covert agencies. 

Time has come for our nation to take note of the dismal affairs of our spy agencies and take appropriate action in making them competitive and world class vis-à-vis other agencies to safeguard both our national and international interests. Though they have evolved over the years but still lack an edge like bringing in Daud Ibrahim etc to book. A lot needs to be done to bring them on par with their foreign competitors. There is also a need to revert to only two spy agencies on the basis of national & international operations for better management, sync and accountability.

Let us take note of the clamor being raised for Sarabjit Singh who was martyred today and not forget about other sons of soil who too have sacrificed their bit for the benefit of our nation. These men have sacrificed their lives in jail or gone through torture, humiliation or torment worse than death without a bat of an eye.

Let us all silently pray for them and give them their due credit as such brave Indian spies are nothing but people cajoled and fooled by our RAW into becoming spies or couriers to serve our nation. Our Sarabjeet too belonged to this category of Indian Spies who were not hired by UPSC exams or vide any other official recruitment process but in some way or the other has performed better than our official potbellied spies, for many of them with only days of training are pressed into service. Their families only live by their photographs in the hope of seeing them someday.

These families have nothing to fall upon on like pension, compensations in case their bread earners lose either their lives or freedom like their official counterparts. Let us give them their due as an honorable nation their lost credit for relentless and unconditional service to the nation. All of them till date should be officially given recognition and the state should arrange for their welfare. As a policy all these spies should be given salaries and other benefits on par with our official spies. They should be given full support like the Italians did for their two commando’s in the fishermen massacre in Kerela in case they get caught.

I salute these patriots for their brave acts of courage, valor and sacrifice for the wellbeing of our nation. I also thank our news papers and magazine journalists for not to have forgotten these brave men and from time to time raise their voice for their welfare.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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