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The story of Pakistan – A country on the verge of disintegration due to its long-fought proxy war against India
Pakistan was created with a basic mindset of hate India or specifically hate Hindus. Despite India having a sizeable population of Muslims, as majority of them preferred to stay in India post partition, Pakistan has always wished ill of India.

Pakistan has been claiming Kashmir in the name of Muslims of the Valley but till date has not been able to succeed in its intentions except for keeping a part of Kashmir under its occupation, which we call Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK).

Since 1947, Pakistan has fought four wars with India, all of which Pakistan lost badly. Moreover, Pakistan's defeat at the hands of India in the 1971 war resulted in the liberation of East Pakistan which became independent Bangladesh.

When Pakistan realised that it can't win in a war against India, it started a proxy war. A proxy war always costs a nation dearly because for fighting such wars, one has to depend upon terrorists and their support groups of fundamentalists.

Thus, fundamentalists of Pakistan gained priority and gradually started extending their influence in the country. Gradually, these fundamentalists became even more powerful than the civilian administration. Today, the people of Pakistan trust the army and these fundamentalists even more than their elected political leaders.

Now, let us examine, as to what further losses has Pakistan sustained apart from losing East Pakistan.

Inside the country, terrorists and fundamentalists are no more under control of either the civilian government or the army. Although, they sometimes do assist the Pakistan Army in anti-India activities, but then, they also indulge in anti-Pakistan activities. Thus, even Pakistan has now became a victim of terror. No country of the world is today willing to send their sports persons or athletes to Pakistan due to security concerns and neither is tourism thriving in the country.

Pakistan already stands isolated among SAARC nations. Bangladesh, Afghanistan and India have alleged that Pakistan-based terrorist organisations with covert support of ISI and Pakistan Army have carried out terror attacks on their soil.

Recently, India launched a South Asia satellite for common use of SAARC nations but excluding Pakistan. Pakistan's isolation from SAARC should be considered as a blot on the nation.

Recently, Iran warned of carrying out surgical strikes inside Pakistan against terrorist bases. Thus, Iran became the third country after India and Afghanistan who have either warned to strike inside Pakistan or are already striking. American drone strikes inside Pakistan can be considered as a strikes on behalf of Afghanistan. How would you justify yourself as a civilised nation if three neighbouring countries are at loggerheads with you?

Even China, although supports Pakistan for its strategic interests and investments in the CPEC but is very strict in allowing Pakistani religious heads to visit China, particularly its western provinces where Muslims are in majority and there too extremism is beginning to raise its ugly head.

For rest of the countries too, Pakistan's image is that of a terror-sponsoring nation because majority of terror activities always have a direct or indirect link with Pakistan. The situation is such that in many countries Pakistani people hesitate to state their nationality.

The above facts show how Pakistan has completely failed as a country. But, the question is, can it amend itself to win back the confidence of rest of the world? In my opinion, perhaps Pakistan has no chance of correcting itself because of three reasons.

Firstly, the Pakistan Army will never agree to cede its space. If the noose tightens from the civilian government, it will not hesitate to overthrow the government and impose military rule.

Secondly, the fundamentalists, who are having high status, and having their own armies of terrorists will never allow Pakistan to turn its back on its state policy of sponsoring terror.

The public of Pakistan has systematically lost the art of exerting public pressure. In fact, the people have no say in the country, which reflects how Pakistan is a feigned democracy. In reality, a government without the people. The people of Pakistan have only two options. Either leave the country or fall in line. So, there seems no hope that Pakistan will ever mend its ways or recover from this disillusioned state.

But, what would be the end result be? I can say one thing. A country formed out of hatred is destined to finally disintegrate. May be not immediately, but in the coming years, Pakistan could disintegrate into independent and autonomous states. Although, it's difficult to predict whether those autonomous states carved out of Pakistan would be good for the world or not!

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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