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The Syrian war and the Western world's propaganda machinery
The Western world is used to referring to the Syrian war as the Syrian civil war and as per convenience of our conscience, which has been conditioned to follow the Western world of white supremacist ideology, believe in whatever is being dished out by them.

We are unable to see that media houses of even the Western world are quite silently working for their respective governments and trying to propagate their agenda in the name of journalism. Journalism which was once one of the most sacred professions as it used to bring out the truth for the masses has been converted into money minting machines by corporate houses. Now, it is an industry worth billions of dollars controlled by the corporate houses and no industrialist is interested in losing money.

We have to see and understand how these corporate houses who run the media are actually forcing us to believe in their stories by providing fake pictures and videos. There is hue and cry in general public for Syria, thanks to media houses who have sold their conscience.

My simple question is what new has happened in Syria in the last one week that the whole world has started crying for Syria? How many of these people really follow the developments taking place in Syria? Do any of them really care for the children, women and the elderly who were killed by the American and Turkish armies in the sovereign land of Syria? The Turkish army is still killing the Syrian army and the people by its incessant bombardment in Kurdish regions. Why no outcry is there against Erdogan of Turkey, the so-called saviour of Muslims? Are killings of Syrian people including children and women by terrorists by the American and Turkish armies justified in their opinion?

Syrian war is not a civil war as it is being propagated and conceived by a majority of people. Steven Sahiounie writes in the American Herald Tribune, "The CIA agents running the Deraa operation from their office in Jordan had already provided the weapons and cash needed to fuel the flames of revolution in Syria. With enough money and weapons, you can start a revolution anywhere in the world."

Steven further adds, "The fact that those so-called teenaged graffiti artists and their parents have never been found, named and never pictured is the first clue that their identity is cloaked in darkness." These lines of Steven are enough to prove that the Syrian war is not a civil war, instead, it is a war imposed on Syria and its people by CIA-led terrorists and supported by Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia etc. They have created an environment for uprising against the elected government of Syria and provided all sorts of support in uprising. This so called civil war is actually a war on the sovereignty of a nation which has lost its people due to terrorism created and supported by same Western world.

Several times during this ongoing war, American jets dropped arms and ammunitions on hands of terrorist organizations that were maiming and slaughtering innocent Syrians. From the very beginning, America-led forces were involved in destroying the infrastructure of the country in the name of fighting terrorism and during whole episode, terrorist organizations were advancing like a well trained army. 

We also need to understand that American intervention in Syria was completely against all international laws. In 2015, Russia intervened after official request from Damascus to help the democratically elected government of Assad in fighting terrorism. Russia intervened and provided not only strategic support but it also provided air defence to the Syrian army. This intervention of Russia along with Iran had changed the ground situation in Syria, terrorists started getting killed that forced them to retreat from several areas of Syria.

There are very few pockets in Syria where terrorists belonging to different killer groups still have an upper hand and the Ghouta region belong to that pocket. Syrian Arab Army encircled them in eastern Ghouta and started purging them with support of Russia. It worried the perpetrators of crimes and creators of terrorists and they were trying to find the excuse to get public support so that they can directly attack Syria as they did in Iraq, Libya etc.

First of all they blamed Syria for chemical attack on civilians which fell flat on their faces due to lack of evidences and there are thinkers who believe that chemical attack on civilians could actually have been orchestrated. Now they started screaming about brutal killing of civilians especially children by Assad led government. They needed some sort of proof to spread the news and they have used several pictures of Iraq and Palestine and claimed that Assad is involved in killing innocent children. Photos of innocent children enraged the public and they started accusing and cursing the Assad government for its crimes without verifying the veracity of these photos.

My dear friends of humanity…

Assad is not the problem for Syria, instead his government tried its best to save Syria from becoming slave and people of Syria knew it well. If you are really concerned about Syria, you should have opposed illegal presence of American forces on the sovereign land of Syria. You should have opposed training and logistics facilities provided by Turkey and Jordan to terrorist organizations from the very beginning of the Syrian uprising. You should have opposed the funding by Saudi and Qatari regimes to terrorists. You should have opposed the America and its Western allies which provided arms and ammunitions to terrorist organizations.

No, you are neither concerned for Syria nor its people and children. You people have been duped by the Western media which used its propaganda machinery excellently.

Do you know that according to Syrian Centre for Policy and Research, more than 4,70,000 people had been slaughtered in Syria whereas Syrian Observatory for Human rights estimates casualties somewhere between 3,40,000 and 4,80,000. According to UNHCR, more than 7.6 million Syrians are internally displaced whereas more than 5.1 millions are registered as refugees who are living in hell like conditions in other countries.

Who is responsible for so many causalities and the plight of people?  

Wake up and try to understand things by looking around you before it is too late!

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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