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The Undemocratic exploitation of the world by the US and Corporate World
In the recent years, the world has seen a myriad of events, which include many dramatic incidences and many exposures of high-voltage, raising serious questions on the democratic set-up of the world and protection of basic rights of people living in democratic countries as well. A series of events and leaks exposed throughout the world – especially done by wiki-leaks and by Edward Snowden is a clear indication of manipulation of basic rights and privacy of people by the United States and its allies, which amounts to causing serious threats to usual freedom and progress of the people and egalitarianism of the world also.

Phone-tapping of country-heads of even some dominant countries such as Germany and Brazil were done by the United States while the US also carried out illegal surveillance of citizens of the United Kingdom against their basic rights.

The un-justified war on Iraq and Afghanistan and many war-related operations in West Asia by the USA and its allies in the last decade and recent years have demystified the capitalistic treatment of the world being carried out by the USA and its allies. Multi-national companies (MNCs) from USA and its allies have sound businesses in many regions of the world and high antes for resources and potential markets in developing countries and in Africa.

The concept of colonial notions is yet not over, since under-developed world and developing countries basically serve as markets for these MNCs and the markets are being exploited. Moreover, MNCs are also treating people in developed countries as their bounded employees as basic rights, job securities, and growth and protection of small scale industries and business are least important before the greed of corporate world, which is touching a new high.

The world is being played into the hands of capitalists, who are nowadays having a strong nexus with governments of their countries. The mercenary interests of capitalists and politicians are breaching democratic notions as violations of human rights, suppression of people’s voice, discrimination on basis of race and communities, and violence in form of civil wars, proxy wars, and terrorism in many parts of the world are being carried out and supported, which in many ways are purportedly organized by corporate world, politicians with hands in gloves, and governments.

The un-democratic acts and business practices of MNCs are being supported and even executed as per their plans and agendas by the governments of countries like the United States and its allies and even by the governments of developing countries where politicians are mostly corrupt and have stakes in business and markets.

The natural questions one would raise here is why a country’s resources, when owned by and meant for its entire population, are being blatantly abused by guilds of capitalists and how could governments who are formed to protect the people’s rights on winning elections on people’s votes, work for mercenary unethical capitalists.

Working in the interests of country by governments of various countries could not be the sole objective whereas this concept is utilized in large to deceive people in general, when the people of a country blindly trust governments but governments are actually executing policies of the corporate world and misusing national resources as well as workforce for benefits of capitalists and politicians.

It is well-known that hard-work and workforce are exploited, and benefits are mainly reaped by capitalists. Economic depressions and global crises render people in general jobless and in miseries but life and business of capitalists and politicians are least affected; nonetheless they are least concerned for distress and hardship of common people.

It is very clear that the wars and war-related operations are many times professed by the USA and its allies not for protecting country’s interests but for conquering resources and securing markets for their MNCs. Many documentaries and movies such as Blood Diamond, Demolition Man, Elysium, Terminator series, Bourne series, etc. have highlighted the threat being caused by the policies and mechanism of the corporate world, a group of people, and governments of the USA and its allies who could seize the world for their gain and let less privileged to live in miseries.

The corporate world and politicians of the USA and its allies and also of many developing countries like India are relentlessly trying to create a world, which suits their business and interests and where they can hire people who should work as subservient class for the corporate people and politicians if common people want to have access to resources, infrastructures, facilities, and privileges - which must be no doubt meant for and equally claimed by every citizen of a country and possessed only by the public or the state or the nation. People, who disobey the un-democratic set-up of the world by the corporate people and their puppets in governments, will be termed rebels, mutineers, and even renegades and will be sent or forced to live in quarantine-zones.

The current democratic set-up in major parts of the world does not fully protect rights and freedom of people. Governments in almost all countries are formed indirectly and manipulated directly by corporate world and people have much less choices but to adhere to the system, especially in today’s complicated world, where opportunities are scarce or have been curbed or controlled in a way to nail people and reign into people’s personal life too. It’s exigency of time, need of the hour that devilish plans of the corporate world and their puppet governments throughout the world must be laid bare and checked immediately.

There should be movements and agitations, in large, to hold back the iniquitous agenda and vicious order being materialized gradually by the corporate world. Judicial courts, all constitutional protectors, pro-democracy activists, socialistic organizations, righteous groups must take immediate actions to expose all wicked interests of the corporate world and save common people and this world too from diabolic exploitation.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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