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The US Debt Crisis - reading between the lines
The world of Politics is something which keeps its own agendas at the very top, even if it means compromising the nation's well being as a whole. This universal phenomenon has to change; politics has to keep the nation's needs before anything & everything

I GOT a mail from Mr. David Plouffe who happens to be Senior Advisor to the President in the White House.

As I read his mail, I was quiet taken aback by the state of affairs  regarding the many contentious issues which are sensitive to the  US people especially the more recent episode of handling of the entire US Debt crisis – Tax Default by both  the White House and the congressmen at large.

I believed such hegemony existed only in our Indian political structure but now it seems nothing but a universal phenomenon.

As per the president the nation is climbing out of its worst recession since the Great Depression, and one of the most important things he wants to do is to help the economy get its fiscal house in order and reduce nation’s deficit. He cannot let the moment pass by, for it would prove disastrous for both the country as well as the world in the near future.

The big bone of contention is that the Congress does not agree with the president on many of the proposals regarding solving of the economic crisis now facing the nation. It is so much so that the congressional representatives are ready to curtail or undercut him even if it spells out a compromise on the US Debt issue, risking the nation to face a Tax Default Crisis.

The President wants some of the most egregious loopholes for the very wealthiest Americans and special interests to be tamed so that hedge fund managers employed by them do not pay lower taxes than fire-fighters and teachers. The president simply wants to balance the society’s tax collection so that a Deficit is avoided and the likes of corporate jet owners do not end up paying lower taxes than their commercial airline counterpart’s pay, and also commercial entities employing powerful lobbyists like the oil companies don’t get tax cuts at a time when they are making record profits.

You should know that the financial sector in America is a powerful lobby, virtually a government in itself and nobody has the guts to challenge or break it. It actually is the mirror to the capitalist thinking of the American people. It plays a vital role in whatever it takes to make the US and what the US is actually today.

However, it seems the Congressional Republicans have dug in support of this lobby and demanded that the sacrifice fall only on the middle class, seniors and struggling Americans, completely avoiding the elite capitalist class as usual.

I consider it nothing but a cocktail of simple politics and of course, a little bit of pure capitalist white thinking. My apologies in using the word ‘white’ as it might make me sound racist but actually and factually, that is the very least of my intention. This also means that both the Republicans and Democrats need to step outside their political comfort zones and find some common ground and high tune it with that of the President, who is willing to make tough cuts with real impact on the elitist class & of course with not so many easy decisions lined up in the horizon concerning the economy as a whole.

You should know that the basic fabric of Americanism is Capitalism and it is in the genetic structure of all Americans. The entire system of governance in the history of America till date is based on capitalism. As an example  all the wars fought till date, from the beginning of the war between the states, through the two world wars, followed by cold war and ending with the war against terror has a hidden agenda based on pure capitalism, which is nothing but ‘World Supremacy at all costs” & “The world leaders in Arm race”

This is what makes the country tick, the Whiteman tick and the Congress tick. The nonwhites as the world knows have always been on the receiving end of everything bad and hence have a natural tendency to bend towards socialism, which is completely non-American or simply put ‘unacceptable to the American society and the capitalist vision of the country as a whole’.

I might be mistaken but this unintentional bend towards socialism is also bringing the ratings of the president down at a personal level even though he is being genuinely concerned about the American public’s welfare at large. The President’s entire thought process and his decision making from the heart, regarding the powerful financial system, media, the health insurance and lastly the ‘backing out from war on terror’ is taking its toll. You see that all these problems with ‘a kind of socialist type of handling and trend’ by the President are not going down too well with the countries capitalist thinking. As the Americans would say it – “Socialism is nothing but just another word for Communism”. This has to change in the white house’s mannerism, thinking and action to have the congress bow to its will. For example, I do not know if any of you had noticed that when His Excellency the President visited Saudi Arabia he had naturally at first bowed in greeting to the Saudi King, who had all the time stood erect.
This apart from being quiet undiplomatic and ethical too has to change with the President at a very personal level to bring about an acceptable change.

The Congress too also needs to align itself with the common American public rather than the elite class, forget politics for a moment and start thinking about the country otherwise it could spell doomsday for the US.

So I wish the Americans all the luck and very best from and on behalf of all the Indians, as they give power to David to tame the Goliath of the Debt issue which is nothing but ‘confidence building of both the republicans and the democrats in coming together to tackle the economic crisis at hand ’.

My mantra to them of course is ‘to always have the public viewpoint in tow’.

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