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Theories surrounding the mysterious disappearance of flight MH370
12 countries, 10 satellites, 42 ships and 39 aircrafts with latest technology have been involved in one of the largest search operation ever, after the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 lost contact after take-off from Kaula Lampur to Beijing. There were 239 people on board including 12 crew members and two infants. The search operation has not brought out any concrete revelations, but there are a number of theories doing the rounds as to what might have happened. Until, truth behind the sudden disappearance of the MH370 comes out, the world can just speculate.

Let’s look at some of these theories on an individual basis:

Crashed in the sea

With the sudden disappearance of the flight, there can be three situations of a possible air crash – into the forest, high altitude mountains or the sea. The flight was last located over South China Sea, so, many assumed that it might have crashed into the sea, but upon search nothing came out of it to prove that it nosedived into the sea.

''There are no high altitude mountains nearby. Had it been on land, debris could have been located,'' said Harsh Vardhan, Aviation Expert. Still, there are many other experts who have not ruled out the existence of the flight deep inside the sea.

Ashok Kumar Khadia, a pilot with 14,000 flying hours experience does not agree that the flight could have crashed in the sea. He said, ''If the flight crashed in the sea, one would have found debris. It would not settle at the bottom.''

Initially, some oil slick was located in the sea, but it was later discovered that the source of the oil was a ship.

Still, fears run deep amongst many as to whether MH370 has met the same fate as that of airbus A330 from Rio de Janerio to Paris, which crashed into the Atlantic ocean in 2009, killing everyone (passengers and the crew members).

Possible Terror Attack

After the September 11, 2011 attack in the US, another such highjack attempt by the terrorists cannot be ruled out. But, with the flight still not traced and no terrorist outfit claiming responsibility, people are not looking into it with utmost interest.

''Even if it was a terrorist act, they would not be able to hide the plane. It is such a big airplane,'' said Ashok. What if there were some terrorists inside the flight at the time of take off? Could they take the plane to some far off place without notice? It is possible if the terrorists are well trained pilots, as they can highjack the cockpit and stop all kinds of communications and they can open only one channel, which would only be available for them.

But, Interpol has denied about the sudden disappearance of MH370 as a result of the terror act.

Serious Malfunction

''Instrument malfunctioning and unidentified mechanical error could have been responsible for the disappearance as well. May be, the pilot did not understand as to what was going on,'' said Harsh Vardhan.

Just before the flight lost its radar it made a u-turn attempt, just increasing the chances of its malfunction. The last verbal contact was made when the flight was between Malaysian and Vietnamese airspace.

Boeing 777 has one of the best safety records, as it has only been involved in two accidents after its introduction 12 years ago. But this sudden disappearance has brought an important question to the forefront – how safe is Boeing 777? One has to understand Boeing is also a machine and mechanical errors can crop up anytime. During the time, it depends upon the person involved how he deals with the situation. Could this be the reason?

Mid-air explosion

The Malaysian Airlines flight could have disintegrated mid-air, as a result of which the plane might have broken into various parts leading to the destruction of the communications immediately. Hence, no distress calls by the pilots (surprising for a modern day jetliner)! ''If there was a mid-air explosion, the fragments would be found on the field or on the water,'' said Harsh Vardhan. A huge amount of explosives would be required to disintegrate the Boeing 777.

Ashok disagrees with the theory of mid-air explosion. He said, ''In case of a mid-air explosion, the debris would be found 50-100 nautical miles and it is impossible for the debris to be ignored and the flight seats’ cushion would also float on water.''

Another Bermuda Triangle?

Bermuda Triangle is said to be one of the most mysterious regions of the world, where a number of aircrafts and ships have suddenly disappeared. It is located in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean. So is there any possibility of another such triangle?

''This could also be another possibility, though it is not hypothetical. It is the last thing that one should think of,'' said Ashok.

Other interesting theories doing the rounds

-          Alien attack

-          Conspiracy theory by some government

-          Sabotage

-          Missile Attack

-          Plane is in North Korea – most secretive nation

As of now, it is MH370, which is bagging headlines all over the world and receiving maximum coverage –irrespective of the media – TV, Print, Radio, Online. They are all speculating as to what might have happened, but without any substantial proof. Until, the aircraft is found, such kind of theories are only going to increase and lead to confusion on the minds of the people, who are following the incident closely. Even experts are confused and baffled with the sudden disappearance of the airplane.

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