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There was no chance of VHP's yatra being successful
The Vishwa Hindu Parishad's (VHP) attempt to start 84 Kosi Parikrama in Ayodhya was practically a non-starter and almost a non-event. It did not receive support of the media, judiciary and executives, not even the public. The fact is that the proposed organization was political rather than religious.

The freedom to practice their own religion freely is granted to all religious identities in India and no individual and institution can stop Hindus from performing their religious duties and from organizing their events. By the same count Muslims cannot complaint about them being denied to worship the way they want, in spite of they facing some sort of discrimination post-independence.

But the fact is that the VHP has not been consistent and regular in performing the rituals. It might have continuously sought the permissions to organize the Parikrama from all previous non-BJP governments in the state since the Ramajanambhoomi temple issue became a highlighted core issue in national politics, but the VHP’s requests could not always be considered genuine.

The fact is that if VHP makes that particular event apolitical and accept the legality about the sanctity of the complex as enshrined by the Supreme Court of India, then it can easily hold the Parikrama. It needs to promise to keep the status-quo intact. It needs to guarantee that the present status of the disputed complex would not be changed.

Akhilesh Yadav-led government handled the issue very deftly and the event ended almost non-violently. It had upper hand over the matter as there was not much enthusiasm among the public of the state and Awadh sub-region and also judiciary did not have any interest in taking up VHP’s cause. But, BJP cannot much polarize the issue though it can get some more Hindu votes.

The SP would not loose much of its support among Hindus but would be compensated by some Muslims votes if that be the case even though the SP support among the Muslims might have reached almost saturation. The Congress Party on the other hand, cannot improve its performance in the upcoming general elections over its performance in the previous general elections without segmentation and alliance. The BSP would not be affected much by these recent events.

One should remember that Rama is the creator of Brahmin caste: he was born too far before from the dawn of consciousness and without Hindus having script available to them. Rama; the biggest investor and unionist India has produced so far, had no option but to rely on the dominance of a very fair (from the standard of the time), intelligent, talented and efficient people. His preaching would have lost without the creation of Brahmins. Brahmins after the incarnation of Krishna largely made Rama the Ishvara exclusive to the practicing priest community. They reinvent Rama after the arrival of Islam in the subcontinent.

BJP needs to understand that it cannot revive the same passion it ignited among the Hindus of state and those of around the region in nineties. That was a completely different time: the Soviet Union was just dissolved and it was just the dawn of modern day consumerism induced nationalism in India. People had different emotions then.

The incumbent in the Center then overlooked much of the passion because the then Prime Minister, P V Narshimha Rao, considered BJP better than regional parties and communists. This is a completely different time, where habits of even rural public have changed. The temple issue has become a fad and majority of people would not like to over rule Supreme Court.     

Anyway, the fact is that the organization was for a political purpose. If VHP pleads honestly, better before highest judiciary than before executives, then it can easily hold the annual event. The VHP needs to accept before the highest court of land that its stand has been inconsistent and was political in nature in the past.

It should promise only apolitical rituals even though the present one was obvious political mobilization in favor of BJP in view of upcoming general elections. Once permitted by the highest court of the land and it getting started, the yatra cannot be stopped till it vitiates communal fabric of the state and that of the nation as well.

The critics can argue that the event has not been regular and that there may not be description of such practices in authentic Hindus scriptures but the supporters and other theists can argue that sometimes it had taken place in the past and also that Hinduism permits renewal of many religious practices and fresh start despite of it being claimed by them as eternal. Hinduism permits updating and it is many times adaptive. So it can happen. There should not be much fuss about it and the Yadav family of Lucknow should not be dubbed as anti-Hindu. After all, nobody would concede defeat politically by conscious choice and because of his and her own action.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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