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Things one must know before transforming their four wheels into an attention seeking machine
Gurgaon- the millennium city is giving a tough competition to Delhiites when it comes to bragging their wealth. Delhiites have set certain standards all these years and now its Gurgaonities who are turning the tables upside down. Cars are something which always come handy when it comes to turn on the swag and when the mean machines are customized, the feeling is inexplicable.

A modified four wheeler shouts loud and clear- “Look at me” on roads and you can be the KING of roads in no given time. However, in order to get the desired alluring look there are only handful of car customization options available in Gurgaon.

If one wants to modify their wheels, one needs to tick mark two things on their list. First, your pockets should be loaded with lots of moolah and secondly, you need to have a design or a concept in your head. If you have cross checked the above mentioned pointers thereupon you might be recognized in the city only because of your car.

One can consider DC (Dilip Chhabria), Autopysche and Bimbra 4x4 to customise their vehicle. They are some of the best filtered options in Gurgaon or else you can always head to any local car modifiers (but beware they might screw your car and your hard earned money as well).

Shiny rims, roaring engine noise, light weight metal alloys, heavy bumpers, beautiful leather seats, the loudest speakers in town, LCDs and window roofs are some of the common weapons people use to seek attention and they do succeed after their customising their vehicles. Customization of cars involves lot of technicalities and need specific trained people to do the job. If you are bewildered for how to go for customization of your four wheels then we have the answers.

We spoke to two prominent car modifying organizations i.e. Taran Bimbra- the owner of Bimbra 4x4 and one of the employee (who wished to stay anonymous) from DC and they answered all the essential questions which one should foresee before pimping your ride.

Q. Who customizes car and why?

It's imperative to know who are the people who gives a makeover to your machine. When we spoke to Bimbra, he said, “Our car modification company has a specially trained staff for the same. Since we are devoted to off tracks car modification it becomes essential to hire specially trained people who are extremely professional in their jobs. We just cannot hire any random guy who doesn't have the knowledge of the same as safety of the clients is always on our mind.”

An employee of DC, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, had the same views.

“Hiring technically inclined people is our first priority so that the clients don't face any issue with their cars in the future. A trained staff ensures quality work, which in end brings satisfaction for the consumers.”

Q. What kind of customizations are done generally?

4X4 Bimbra: If one is interested into off roading adventurous trips thereupon you can opt for Taran Bimbra's 4X4 Bimbra as the car modifying company is dedicated to off roading trips. “We, at Bimbra's 4x4 provides all kinds of off roading facilities. If one is going to an adrenalin rushing trip in his/ her car then basic modifications like under body safety, heavy bumpers, seating arrangements, suspensions, and shockers are a must. People who regularly take the off roads trips need to throw light on safety and that's where we step in.”

Anonymous DC employee: “We do anything which the customer says and this is the reason DC has created a name of its own in the market of car modifications. It is our responsibility to fulfill the client's demand. DC doesn't cater to any particular car modifications. We are known to fulfill our promises and will continue with the same”, said the DC employee.

Q. Which are the most popular car for customization? 

Bimbra's 4X4 as the name suggests is only meant for the 4x4 cars as it's easy for the owners to take them off roads. However, to be specific Taran Bimbra's organization specializes in SUV's, XUV's, and Jeeps.

On the other hand DC have stepped into everything. DC has the capability to give a make over to vanity vans and cars ranging from small ones to SUV's. However, people mostly opt for sedans with an intention to seek attention on roads.

Q. Does customization void warranty of the original manufacturer?

Taran Bimbra and DC had the same views on the warranty of the original manufacturer. What happens when you buy a car and then take it to the car customization center? Does customization void warranty of the manufacturer? This is one question which has bewildered the customers over the last few years and should definitely be answered.

Taran Bimbra stated, “We do not touch the technical aspects of the cars which are concerned with the warranty of the same. The reason behind this rule is to not to void the warranty of the manufacturer because if the client faces any issues with the car, he/ she needs to steer towards the manufacturer and not to us. This is how every car customization organization works.”

The anonymous DC employee shared the same views. “The credibility of the machines remains unharmed as this is something we cannot work on. We focus on the looks, designs and innovative concepts in order to give a new life to the four wheelers.

Q. Are customization always costly?

If you have decided to give a make over to your wheels then cost is something you need to ponder over. Customizing a car does come at a cost although it relies what you are going for.

Taran Bimbra on the same said, “One needs to unquestionably shell out money to modify their cars however it might dig a hole in the pockets when it comes to upgradation as they have to be maintained on a regular basis. We at Bimbra's 4X4 doesn't provide any package deal as the prices of the items used in modifying are priced reasonably. Upgradtaion comes into limelight when it's the question of additional safety.”

Anonymous DC employee: DC on the other hand charges according to the customization of the mean machines. “As I earlier mentioned, our key priority is to keep a check on the customer's demand. The customization is available at medium range and goes up to anything as per the client's wishes. If one just wants to fit in shiny alloys thereupon it might not be a costly affair although if one is opting for a complete make over then it's palpable he/ she will be charged bomb.”

Q. Are customizations safe? Can they spoil the stability of a vehicle? After all a vehicle is a result of multiple engineering principles.

There are people who visit local car modifiers in order to save money and on many occasions they end up damaging their expensive swanky cars. There is no dearth of car customization shops in local markets of Gurgaon, however giving them a visit might be risk taking. Customization can be safe only if you give a visit to few authorized and experienced car modifiers. A car might be introduced to damage if the customization is imprecise and not upgraded.

On this Taran Bimbra replies, “Safety of the car is the very first priority. Customizing a car does not really affect the stability as the machines are given additional features keeping in mind the technical aspects of the car. For eg. if a client elects for colorful rims or metal alloys or window roofs, etc it has nothing to do with the stability of the car.”

We hope, one has got the answers of all the fundamental questions with respect to car modifications. Now, you can conveniently steer towards the car customization centres and enjoy seeking attention on Gurgaon roads. GOOD LUCK!

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