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Three years of Mamata Banerjee's rule in West Bengal: A saga of peace and progress
On June 10,2011 the great change came to West Bengal with Trinamool party winning the State Assembly Elections under the leadership of Agni Kanya of Bengal Mamata Banerjee who gifted the Ma Mati Manush government to the people. Three years have been completed of this government on June 10, 2014.
Three years, three long years are a very short time for assessing a government. A short review may serve as an eye-opener to many who are constantly criticizing the Mamata Banerjee government without thinking the positive aspects and the silver lining that is now visible after the dark over-politicised suffocating regime of the Left.

In case of the West Bengal Government of Mamata Banerjee, over these three years people saw the euphoria over lot of new things happening. The cadre-based party of the CPI(M) has vanished into vapour. BJP which has an incredible sway elsewhere in the country, got a few inches of ivory in the elephant of Lok Sabha seats.

The slogan 'Ma Mati, Manush' still carries the magic in it. State's Education Minister, Partha Chattopadhyay in an article (Sambad Protidin, June 10, 2014)wrote: 'The three catchwords of development are now - Transparency, Honesty and Rapidity.' The promises of the Election Manifesto are being realized with an incredible rapidness.

The red- tapism is not allowed as the files are being cleared before they gather dust. The social welfare projects are doing well - Kanyasri, and Yubasri are the two important projects which can make the poor and people below poverty line happier. The CPI(M) theorised everything and in reality nearly nothing has been done except politicisation and nepotism. A few faces were stealing all the limelight.

Anilayan and Bimanayan were paralleled with the mistakes committed by Buddhadev Bhattacharya, who apologised again and again to an extent of ridicule. Decentralisation was the excuse for making party units all over the state during the previous regime. Now those half educated party hooligans are a little silent and subdued. Some Trinamool party supporters in the locality may do excess but still they are not in a position to politicise and theorise everything: 'All are equal, but some are more equal' as it was practised by the party Harmads of the previous era.

In Agriculture, in industry, in the patronisation of the artists and filmstars, in provision of Health, Drinking Water, or development of Roads, supply of Electricity - there is the acceleration of the process. The first Left Front Government showed some such pro-popular urges and took some steps for decentralisation of power in the rural areas. Now the same thing occurs with Mamata Banerjee in power for three years.

The great success comes from the Hills. The earlier Chief Minister lost courage of facing the hill problems. The continuous strikes in the Hills and slogan for a separate state became a daily event. Mamata Banerjee achieved a spectacular success in restoring peace and maintaining integrity at the same time. The CPI(M) depended solely on Subhas Gissing. Here the Chief Minister herself personally faced the ordeal and won laurels as the more successful Chief Minister compared to her earlier counterparts.

The second and more spectacular area of success is the restoration of peace in Junglemahal, where the Maoist activities are curbed by providing the basic amenities to the poorest of the poor. Many schools and colleges are opened. Howrah is now a Satellite City. At one time it was merely the oldest 'Coolie Town', the 'City of Concrete'.

In 3349 village panchayats, 16 thousand kilometers of road is going to be built. Housing is a problem in West Bengal. Sincere efforts are done through HIDCO while in the previous years of the Left Front government only party associates have enjoyed all the benefits. Kandi, Ghatal and Damodar Masterplan are going to start soon along with the works for Keleghai and Kapaleshwari Projects. In Rangamati, Dwarakeswar and Gandheswari projects will also start.

In 2013-14 sales tax is collected to the amount of Rs. 39 thousand crores, which is nearly double the earlier times. 24 laks of farmers have been distributed Kisan Credit Cards over the last three years. Once Benoy Chowdhury remarked, "The Left Front Government has turned to the government of the contractors." This has been changed in the last three years under the capable leadership of Mamata Banerjee.

One or two stray incidents such as of Park Street or in schools and colleges, cannot belittle all the achievements of the Trinamool Government. These are the reasons why the Trinamool has grabbed 34 seats in the recent Lok Sabha elections.

Just two words - Peace and Progress, mesmerized the voters all over West Bengal. A women university in every district or Engineering institutes in the Hills and Junglemahal, Hospitals in the rural areas are all accommodated in the development projects of Mamata Banerjee Government without the least hesitation.

There has been lots of discussion about Mamata's vision and her penchant for action. The concomitant empowering of bureaucracy, cutting the red tape, inducting professionalism and inculcating a sense of responsibility within the government have all been commented upon and will presumably be implemented. After the abounding stasis of the previous administration, all this will be refreshing in this generalized breathless euphoria, it would seem churlish to even question whether there would be any structural changes.

The media with its irritating excitability will proclaim the arrival of 'valo din'. The real problems come in with the age old ideas that Trinamool means violence, bloodshed and hooliganism. In the seventies, examination became a farce. Even today the Leftists cite references to those days. At that time, it was a Congress period and not a Trinamool regime. But the same crocodile has been shown over the years.

Today the Leftists have been wiped out from the state for all their false promises and stunts of so-called theories to make America as a villain for everything. When BJP is making its dent in new vote banks of the state, the Trinamool has at least curbed the wings of BJP nearly in all places except in a very few ones. Communalism as a political force has been kept in check by Mamata Government. Still doubts have been expressed in some academic quarters that the Trinamool hooliganism will continue more now, but this is a baseless charge.

The way the CPI(M) government in the state politicised the education system, this violence is expected if some changes are to be brought. The student wing of Trinamool is following the footsteps of the SFI leaders in academic institutions. Fears about 'Fascism' loom large as the Trinamool party is guided by one person both in politics and administration.

The essential contradiction between the liberal and progressive legislative and judicial framework and profits are bound to come to a head. Unlike Western democracies, the stratification in our society is too vast for it to be managed smoothly. It is also true that we are not yet prosperous enough to buy our way out of these contradictions.

Fascism conjures up all kinds of images, which in their specificities will possibly not materialise. There will not be any official racism or communalism. The storm troopers will do their vandalism and intimidation while the administration treats them with kid gloves. After failing to get a financial rescue package from the previous UPA-II government, West Bengal on Monday sought a three-year moratorium on payment of interest on debt from the new Narendra Modi-led government.

The state government had to shell out Rs. 77,000 crore in last three years just to service the debt. The nation's finance minister Arun Jaitley is requested to consider providing the state an interest moratorium for three years and explore ways in which this can be done. But this too is not done by falling prostrate at the feet of the Modi Government.

The next two years we shall wait for more and more good things to happen. 'Long Live Ma Mati Manush Government' in spite of the satire and ridicule of the so called leftist intellectuals in the state over Mamata Banerjee's English and Hindi speeches. The leftists have given sophisticated speeches, and none of their promises have been fully carried out. 

In the name of socialist and proletarian ideology, they only duped people. Some people can be made fools for all time, all people for some time, but all people cannot be made fool for all times. This is the lesson the Leftist leaders have got after three years of Mamata Banerjee-led government.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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