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Treat Modi as political opponent, not as enemy
Lengthening shadow of Narendra Modi in the Indian political scene is having different effects on different stakeholders. Every time they think they have sized up Modi, in reality, it's they who get sized up.

At first glance, it looks political class is suffering from mental disorientation and that’s why Congress treats Narendra Modi as an enemy rather than political opponent. But on a closer look, one finds that Congress as well as the other political opponents are suffering from Lima Syndrome i.e. a situation where, the captor ends up feeling sympathy for their hostage.

Some of the examples of Lima Syndrome are Digvijaya Singh. In his 16th July blog post “Am-i-anti-Hindu”, he not only defends himself but her mother also as being Hindu. (a real sad day for any mother, who gets dragged in politics by own children). While the other secularist Mulayam Singh Yadav goes on to say that “Firing on kar sevaks was painful”.

If political class is suffering from Lima Syndrome, then media and others are experiencing poetic justice, i.e. where virtue is rewarded or vice punished, by an ironic twist of fate intimately related to the character's own conduct. Following are the examples of the same:

March 2013: The Wharton India Economic Forum (WIEF), an annual student-run conference hosted by the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and scheduled to take place on 23 March 2013 disinvited one of its keynote speakers, Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat.

July 2013: MBA applications at the Wharton School fell nearly 6 percent this year, even as rival schools reported large gains. The decline in applications at Wharton comes as other top 10 full-time MBA programs report significant increases, including a 12 percent rise at Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management, 11 percent at Virginia’s Darden School of Business, and 10 percent at Chicago’s Booth School of Business. Smaller increases were reported at North western’s Kellogg School of Management, Michigan’s Ross School of Business, and Harvard Business School.

Let’s look at the poetic justice in the case of media:

14th July 2013: Clarification, page 7, Times of India:  The Times of India on June 23 published a report from Uttarakhand headlined “Modi in Rambo act, saves 15,000,”……did not say that 15,000 people have been “rescued”. He neither tried to exaggerate facts nor misled us. We regret any inadvertent inconvenience caused to any individual by the article.

20th July 2013: First Page, Times of India: Times Crest: The last edition: …………….this weekend would be the TOI Crest Edition's swan song……..

For uninitiated, Rambo is an action film series based on the David Morrell’s novel First Blood and starring Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo, a troubled Vietnam War veteran and former Green Beret who is skilled in many aspects of survival, weaponry, hand to hand combat and guerrilla warfare. When he is harassed unnecessarily by the sheriff from leading a civilian life then Rambo fights his way out with his bare hands. The unnecessary harassment of Modi by Congress using CBI does remind one of Modi as Rambo.

Interestingly, just a month before Modi became “Rambo”, Congress had called him “Feku”. Congress has used  the term ‘Feku” to convey the message that Narendra Modi indulges in showoff; unfortunately the masses thought that Narendra Modi will overthrow the Congress in the coming election hence he is being called “Feku” by Congress. Hence they switched to Rambo, and faced more disastrous consequence.

All the Government machinery, media, and NGO’s have not been able to stop Narendra Modi. Because Modi is not an individual anymore, Modi has become an “idea”. One can neither stop an idea whose time has come nor can size it up; but only accept it or get vanquished.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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R Tripathi
I am not worried but happy that a leader like Narendra Modiji is taking his position with full accountability with utmost reliability & validity. Whenever there is paradigm shift form eccentric powerful political mix, it is but natural to have sharp, undue, unfocussed and rather disoriented, distorted reactions float around in the media mix from a political party like Congress who is now emerging as less as political party and more as political syndicate who runs the public post for malicious reasons well known now. There is a planned movement going under the carpet to marginalise the effect of national issues which is of utmost important and need immediate attention. The problems exist in system which has in heritage of apathy and eye washing schemes to lure mere vote bank rather a strong development base large scale and visionary approach like Modiji has shown to us in few days back in his speech in Pune. Congress is more than worry and has its own problems which are going to increase if person like Modiji is in power. Moreover it’s a rich and powerful company who cannot afford to lose power as there corruption and other issues will be addressed more strictly. So they will turn all the stone to stop Modiis from coming to power and we a Bhartiye should take it as a challenge. This is an opportunity for us that after a long gap we are getting a nationalist leader like Modiji who has agenda for national development rather personal gain. He is trying to unify the much diversified country which is need of the hour. Congress and others will try to defocus by raising unnecessary issues like communalism and Hindu Rastravad. The time has come for those so called pseudo secular hindu to come out from pseudo secularism and be bold to accept the truth prevailing in the country that we constitute nearly 80 % of the population and we now the inertia will again create an unnecessary block in the mind. The time is now perfect to attain real independence and bring back the glory of Bharat emerging it as one of the world leader in all front. This only possible if we choose Modiji. Let the opposition oppose Modiji. By doing so they are opposing an idea of a emerging strong nation and people are observing this and they will react in due course of time. I believe that Bhartiya are mature now and they know that media is not working in true sense but as a tool to promote certain undue and disguise agenda to fulfil a group of people or party and thus they are equally loosing there credential. I hope they will realise one day and take a constructive part in nation building. One thing is good that they are showing almost every day something about Modiji and thus creating an awareness which is again can be turn to be an opportunity in coming months to reach out to the masses educating them the differences one should know between an active nationalist ad a passive one. Once Modiji is able to differentiate in the line in due course no matter how much congress+ oppose him he will win the heart at large. The change has to come otherwise degradation at this speed will jeopardise the whole generation and then we will be far back to recover with world pace. I donot see any leader of Modiji calibre in Bharat as even Advaniji took back foot for this noble cause and I really appreciate now. We as Bhartiye must work hard to save the nation from these scruples, hungry deprived and ill people by supporting the movement of positive change by bringing Modiji as Leader of the nation.
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