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Trinamool will never support the cause of Gorkhaland, like Congress did for Telangana says GJM general secretary
The approval of Telangana by the Congress Govt. have once again raised furore in the hills of Darjeeling. Supporters demanding for Gorkhaland have woken up with a bad taste in mouth.

Bimal Gurung has resigned from his post of GTA chief and also the executive body, after congress agreed to form a new Telangana state. An indefinite strike has also been called starting 3rd Of August. Darjeeling has also been fighting its own struggle for a separate statehood of Gorkhaland, but they have been let down, as their issue was not even discussed by the Congress Working Committee in Delhi.

 It is through these strikes that GJM would be piling up pressure on the government. Roshan Giri, Gorkha Janmukti Morcha general secretary said, “It will be a democratic movement.” In the past as well, when there were such strikes, it was said to be a democratic, but violence did break out. Will such things happen this time around as well? Only yesterday, a GJM activist, Mangal Singh Rajput, 42, set himself on fire with chants of "We want Gorkhaland" in Darjeeling. 

Gorkhaland lacks political support

 The Gorkhaland movement was brought to light once again around 2007, when Bimal Gurung raised hopes of Gorkhas scattered in the country and primarily in Darjeeling. Political parties have not been supporting the cause, in fact, very rarely has the topic of Gorkhaland echoed in the parliament. In 2009, Trinamool Congress and the Congress had expressed their desire to create Gorkhaland.

This exercise can be called futile with Telangana being formed and Gorkhaland kept in the dark. The GJM are aware of parties from Bengal, which would not support their cause of a separate state of Gorkhaland. “Trinamool will never support the cause of Gorkhaland,” said Giri. The fight is only going to get tougher for GJM, as it lacks the backing of political parties. Till date, only Jaswant Singh, MP from Darjeeling supported the cause of Darjeeling in a bigger stage, and now even his political party BJP is opposed to the creation of Gorkhaland.

Darjeeling residents blame politicians from the hills

The innocent residents of Darjeeling feel not only betrayed by the Congress, but also their own politicians, who raised hopes of many people in Darjeeling. Ishwar, a resident of Darjeeling said, “We trusted our political leaders to achieve Gorkhaland. We believed in whatever they said, as we were innocent. It is our simplicity, which is being betrayed.” Ishwar compares the political leaders who fought for Telangana and Gorkhaland. He added, “When Telangana was formed, we felt hurt as the Telangana leaders were trust worthy compared to the politicians in the hills, which helped them achieve Telangana.”

“Strikes in Darjeeling are like knives without an edge”

There has been a number of such strikes in the past six years or so, as a part of their Gorkhaland struggle. But, has Gorkhaland benefited anything from it? Nothing, in fact, it was the locals who suffered due to these strikes. Vivas, another resident of Darjeeling said, “Such kind of strikes are like a knife without an edge. It is not going to help the movement go forward.”

GJM needs to come up with better plans to raise their voices once again. A meeting is scheduled for today, which would in all probability discuss about their possible future plans. Vivas suggests, “Good strategy is what we need. It is not a wrestling match, but a game of chess, where every move needs to be planned accordingly.”

Normal life to get disrupted

Darjeeling, which is shut down at present as well, will only be opened for two days, on 1st and 2nd of August. These two days would witness a chaotic scene in Darjeeling, where students have also been asked to leave for their respective hometowns, away from hostels. Locals need to pile up ration to meet their daily needs. But, it could be a difficult period for those, who make their earning through daily wages.The immediate future does not look too bright for residents from Darjeeling. 

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Indians, be vigilant against the sinister design on our motherland Gorkhaland issue is a serious problem which must be tackled judiciously with iron hand by the Central Government. Telengana was inhabited all through by the son-of-the soil for thousands of years while Darjeeling region was given to India by Sikkim and not by Nepal and now enjoyed by the invaders from Nepal who are basically not Indians. Hence, the Gorkhas have no right to change the name of Darjeeling region to Gorkhaland with the ulterior motive of achieving complete separation from India. The irony of the fate is this that owing to massive infiltration, Gorkhas have already outnumbered the Sikkimese son-of-the soil in Sikkim, which is now a part of India. In 1962 we made a major mistake in our northern border by keeping the region unprotected. The Government should study the history and problems of the region in its proper perspective and should ever remain alert on our border areas. Of late disturbance has erupted vigorously in northern part of West Bengal demanding a separate state for the Gorkhaland, especially after the Central Government agreed for division of Andhra Pradesh with formation of the new sate of Telengana. Earlier also similar division has taken place, such as, formation of Jharkhand state dividing Bihar, while Chhattisgarh was created breaking the former state of Madhya Pradesh. It matters little if the states are bifurcated or not, the citizens of all states remain Indians and loyal to their motherland. In case of Darjeeling, inhabited mostly by Gorkhas, who are originally not Indians but by dint of entering into India and staying in our country, are considered as Indians. During the time of independence movement, Gorkhas helped the British in supressing our independence movements right from the days of Sepoy Mutiny. Hence, make a very careful and judicious decision on Darjeeling area which was never a part of Nepal but was given to India by Sikkim on the understanding that the British would never attack Sikkim. Hence, for more than a century Darjeeling remained a territory of the British India as a part of the adjoining state of Bengal. Despite the fact that Darjeeling is a part of Bengal, even after independence, recently a Gorkha leader has said that Darjeeling is never a part of Bengal. No wonder that these people can also say that Darjeeling was never a part of India and demand separation from India. In fact in 1947, at the time of independence, the Gorkha leaders were not willing to join India but wanted that Darjeeling should be merged with Nepal. The former Chief Minister of West Bengal Late Shri Jyoti Basu once stated that any Indian can come to West Bengal and settle in this state. In Kolkata there are more than fifty percent of populations who are not Bengali. In contrast, the emigrent Gorkhas do not want that Indians from other states as well as Bengalis should settle in Darjeeling region. Bengalis and all other Indians have always treated the Gorkhas in a nice manner and have given them jobs throughout India based on their education and capability, mostly as gatekeepers and similar jobs, even in Government offices. It would be better if the Central Government recruits soldiers especially for guarding our vulnerable northern front from the northern part of India, such as, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Uttarakhand and Arunachal Pradesh, who are accustomed to live in cold climate. For securing demographic balance between the intruders and the local Indians who are the true son-of-the soil, these soldiers from the entire northern part of the country would be encouraged to settle in Darjeeling region by giving them land at nominal prices or free of cost. In this manner demographic balance between true Indians and the Gorkhas can be established and Gorkhaland demand can be countered in the interest of the Nation. It appears that if Gorkhaland is given to the Gorkhas, who are originally not Indians but foreign infiltrators, it would be a greater defeat for India than the defeat suffered at the hands of the Chinese in 1962. Late Shri Morarji Desai rejected their demand to include Nepalese language in the schedule of Indian languages. In that case, how they can demand a separate homeland? The anti-Indian evil motive is very clear when they rename, Darjeeling - an Indian territory - as Gorkhaland. If we analyse last seventy to hundred years' census reports, the sinister design of capturing Indian Territory by the northern intruders would be clear. Hence, all patriotic Indians, be vigilant and strongly resist the sinister design of the intruders. At this crucial juncture, it is essential that all Indians, should understand the problem in its proper perspective, and stand for India's interest in a patriotic manner. * JAI HIND *
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