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Unjust Humanity
Trust comes at a price: Husbands to pay salary to wives 18 September, 2012
This article severely condemns the proposal to force men to part with their income and give salary to their wives and highlights the contributions and sacrifices that a man makes in order to make a marriage work. One also wonders how our economy will be boosted if we take out some money from our pant pocket and put it in shirt pocket.

IT WAS an early day in the office due to hectic work pressure and I just logged into my system to start another usual day at the office, when I received a ping from a friend and a fellow men’s rights activist. He wanted to inform me about a recent proposal by Smt. Krishna Tirath, Union Minister of Women and Child Development. Tirath wants every man to pay for the trust he invests in his wife after marriage. Yes, you heard it correct, she vouches for “Salary to Wife by husband”.

The moment I heard this proposal, I was elated; not by the proposal, but by the sheer joy I experienced in seeing my feelings about feminists getting validated. In the words of Dominic Raab, British Politician, the obnoxious bigots that feminists are, was out in the open with this proposal along with the sheer hypocrisy with which they work.

Feminists have spent a lot of effort not only in spreading false stories of victimhood of women but have also left no stone unturned in spreading male hatred in the society. And this proposal was also no less devious in spreading male hatred in the society. The basis of this proposal was that Indian men get paid for watching TV and lying lazily on the couch while the women (the housewives) are the ones who have to slog it out.

But a look at the reality paints a different picture. First of all, what this society conveniently forgets or rather takes for granted, is a man’s contribution and sacrifice for his family, especially his wife and children, often at the cost of his own interests. The sacrifices that a man makes for this family and then after a day’s hard work, the little relaxation that men need, is passed off as a man’s luxury and all his efforts go in vain!

Women, on the other hand, keep on getting one after another free bonus. First of all, housework is a very easy thing to do. There are maids, cooks and servants to do all the stuff and all that the housewives do is either watch TV or gossip against their husbands amongst themselves and create schemes to make them spend their money more and more.

Popular media ill-influence men into buying property in the name of their wives even if the entire amount is paid out of the hard earned money of the man. He is coaxed into buying the property in wife’s name under the pretext that – “After all, you are giving it to your wife. Think about her future after you.”

This single statement tells a lot about the role of a man in family. He is just a protector and a provider, that’s it. He is just a free ATM machine and an unpaid bodyguard.

Moreover, such initiatives reflect the deep male hatred with which they are carved. Passing such laws or hailing such proposals as “progressive” clearly enunciates the sick mindset of the society which considers managing house as a tougher task than earning money. Whereas, when one manages house, even assuming one does; one mostly deals with known people and the tasks are also mostly repetitive in nature.

Whereas, in job/business/profession the challenges are dynamic, the risks are more and the stakes are deeper. It’s far more difficult to ensure that the livelihood keeps running especially when men carry the financial burden of entire family. They slog whole of their life, taking abuse from their children, wife and in-laws and even their own parents at times, and are still chided during their retirement that they are sitting idle. The family conveniently forgets their lifelong sacrifices and contributions and the fact that, had it not been for the men, the family would have starved.

When men live their lives in such high stressful situations compounded with a social mindset that only seeks to ridicule and criticize them, it’s no surprise that suicides by men across all ages and across all social strata are way higher than women and also men have lesser life expectancy than women and it’s men who die more due to stress related diseases like blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, etc.

Every year 62000 husbands commit suicide and men have a life span shorter by at least 5 years compared to women.

Tirath says that housework is unpaid labor. So, my question to the Honorable Minister – “Madame, would you please be kind enough to answer, as to what payments do men get for”-

- Repairing electric appliances at home.

- Lifting heavy suitcases of their wives while on travel.

- Lifting their heavy shopping bags.

- Acting as drivers for them, wherever they have to go.

- Bringing grocery and other household stuff.

- Taking risks by picking and dropping visiting relatives at late night and early morning.

- Doing other odd jobs at home.

And so on and so forth, the list continues to grow about the contributions that men make in order to run a family and yet, at the end of the day, all they get in return is,

- Abuse

- Criticism

- Chiding

- Be-littling

- Insult and humiliation

- Responsibilities sans rights.

- Social neglect

- Social condemnation

- Hatred

- Despises

As atrocious as the proposal sounds, that when men are already making so much contribution, why should there be a law that mandates them to part away with a portion of their salary under the pretext that they are lazy, women work more than men and that such a proposal shall increase the GDP of the country.

If I have Rs. 1000 in my pant pocket and if I take Rs. 100 and put it in my shirt pocket, how will that increase the GDP of the country?

The Govt. of the country and the WCD ministry are fooling the people of India as they are unable to either boost the economy or provide employment to people and hence they are coming out with such proposals.

Nevertheless, assuming the proposal, goes through, it will deal a deadly blow to the element of “trust” in marriages and marriages will become yet another employer-employee contract and with wives getting salary, should not the husbands have the right to,

- Audit the performance of their wives

- Fire their wives for non-performance and

- Restrict the amount as guaranteed by the upcoming law and not give a single penny more albeit for cosmetics and apparels and other luxuries!

This proposal is also interesting because it covers every man and does not bother whether,

- The man is earning or not

- The man is earning more than his wife or not.

Earlier anti-male laws had a dependency that the man was made to pay only when the woman complained. Now, there is no need to complain even. Just get married and start getting money for free from your man. Is not this unpaid job with the highest remuneration?

In fact, considering various factors like cooks, maids and servants, in reality, men will be paying for sex to their wives. And if that be the case, why should any man marry at all. Paid sex can easily be availed and that too with variety and at will without any botheration of responsibility.

What is the need to take the risk of getting married and risk other cases like Section 498A (dowry harassment case), Domestic Violence Act, Maintenance cases and get abused further?

This proposal could also be a blessing in disguise for men as finally men may get to know the ultimate reality of marriage that it is nothing but a socially accepted form of prostitution with a lot of responsibilities in it for the men and henceforth, men may refrain from marrying and that single decision can be path-breaking for empowerment of men.

Moreover, considering the fact that all the benefits that women get out of marrying, there is no doubt that marriage are extremely useful for them to upgrade their lifestyle and get free money for doing nothing and also be assured of life long pension if they wish to end the marriage. At the end of the day it’s the man who pays the price.

Only if men woke up and took a stand against misandry in the society.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
About The Author
Virag R Dhulia, a software professional, has been a prominent men's rights activist. He has been engaged in creating awareness about the abuse of men and their families through anti-male and gender biased laws like Section 498A, Domestic Violence Act etc. He has been instrumental in networking with fellow men's rights activist both across India and abroad and has played key roles in organizing events to create awareness about abuse of men by the society. A book titled, 'The Secrets of Manhood' authored by Virag has been published. This book is a collection of short articles which focus on issues and problems faced by men and how men are victims of social stereotypes.
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