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Truth curtained and curtailed on Syria amidst Western media's misconstrued propaganda
Western media controlled by Zionist lobby tried every trick in their armoury of deceit and hypocrisy to help their masters by spreading fake news and gory photos which were not of Syria in the first place to gain sympathy from across the world and tarnish the image of Syrian elected President Bashar al Assad.

They used the power of social media at their best to spread the message of civilian causalities especially of children and those photos became viral like wildfire and everyone started sympathizing with them. None can accept the atrocities of that magnitude if it really happens anywhere in the world.

People started cursing the Syrian Army, its leader Bashar al Assad and his allies namely Iran, Russia and Hezbollah. Recently, the portal Janta Ka Reporter published one such article blaming Syria and its allied forces and countries for the plight of Syria and its people. The said article was highly biased in its reporting and factually incorrect on several fronts. It claimed that Syrian government used chemical weapons on its populace which was never proved anywhere. America and its allies are blaming the Syrian government for the use chemical weapons since long though they have never presented verifiable documents or evidence of the same. Even during Aleppo operations similar hue and cry was made by the Western media and countries that earlier supported terrorist organizations under the garb of moderate rebels.

The main sources of information for these countries and the media are the White Helmets, a self proclaimed human rights group and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Anyone interested in finding out the truth can understand their role simply by checking their human rights related work in government held areas. Terrorists raged havoc in Syria but these groups were never interested in doing any humanitarian work in government controlled areas as nothing was happening there for them. These groups mostly worked in terrorists held areas which clearly means that they were there to help terrorists in their mission to oust the Assad government replacing it wait a puppet government.

Noted journalist Eva Bartlett had exposed the lies and deceitful use of words of by the United Nations(UN) in her article in She said, "In his February 22 address, only once did the UN's Lowcock address terrorists' shelling of Damascus, saying: "shelling from eastern Ghouta is reportedly killing and injuring scores of civilians in Damascus city."

Further adding, "Why reportedly? Why Lowcock not take and read testimonies of civilians as he claims to have done of civilians of eastern Ghouta? Damascus is far more accessible than al-Qaeda-occupied Ghouta: Lowcock could very easily travel to the Syrian capital and meet with some of the many civilians affected by the years of mortaring from terrorist factions in eastern Ghouta."

Bartlett is not only highly critical about the role of Western media for providing false information regarding the situation in Syria but has also criticized the role of the United Nationsowing to its biased stance on Syria. For the information of my readers, she is among the few journalists who visited Syria extensively during the Syrianwar and observed the atrocities being inflicted on civilians.

Another noted journalist, Steven Nezar Sahiounie extensively reported on the ground situation in Syria and wrote political analysis and commentaries during the Syrian war. In his latest article published on titled "Escape from Saudi-backed Takfiri hell: A story of brave woman from Eastern Ghouta", he writes, "Mary (original author changed the name due to security reason) is all alone. She said there are men who are demanding sexual favors in exchange for food. 'My honour and dignity are not for sale,' said Mary. She is also even in even greater fear of the safety of her young son. The Syrian fighters (read terrorists here) either have a wife or have girlfriends. But the Saudi fighters only like little boys. Females are safe around them but my little son is just the right age to attract their attention and without a father around him, it would be a hopeless situation. Boys older than 10 are safe, they only want the little boys." He further asserts, "Jaish ul Islam is one of the 2 main militias in eastern Ghouta. It had been founded and headed by a Syrian named Zahran Alloush, before he was killed. However it is exclusively supported and funded by Saudi Arabia."

An Arab history expert and social media crusader Sabyasahi Chatterji had written in his Facebook post, "Every time a Western journalist or a news story speaks of Syria, they only cite the facts and figures supplied by the British-funded elusive Syrian Observatory of Human Rights of the opposition situated in London, the information dies more because they don't have an authentic source at all."

People were not aware of the fact that these photos which were circulating widely on social media are actually part of a bigger plan of Western forces and their allies in the gulf region. The plan of Western world powers from the very beginning of the war in Syria, imposed by US, UK, Saudi, Turkey, Qatar, and Jordan, was to remove Bashar Al Assad from power in Syria and install a puppet government as they had successfully done in Afghanistan, Libya, and Iraq etc. so that they could loot the resources of the country and thwart future threat of a strong nation close to the Israeli border.

People who are blaming Assad and his allies for the humanitarian catastrophe should have tried to get proper information before writing articles in dailies and portals because they are misleading people with false information. News portals are not meant for dishing out false propaganda in the name of journalism. People take news articles quite seriously and becoming part of propaganda machinery is ethically wrong.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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