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Tutorials: A necessary educational evil!
Private tutorials are busy making money at the cost of the students but least are they aware of the fact that beyond skyrocketing charges, they are also creating a divide amongst the students. It’s time the government should wake up to people’s call.
JAMMU IS fast becoming a treasure trove for the money minded teachers, who are out to grab every penny that parents save for the future of their children.
While numerous teachers are provoking the students directly or indirectly to have tuitions, some have devised a plan to loot the parents of the students completely by opening tuition centres with high profile faculty to attract the large flocks of the aspiring engineers, doctors and what not.
Name a career and you have the experts to guide you. But wait; there is a price tag with everything, for nothing comes free!
All was well till the students learned the tricks of the trade and got good careers but the question is why tuition centres, which again act like normal class rooms by the same faculty that is supposed to teach the students in the schools.
Here we are not talking about the professional coaching centres but the tuition centres for classes XII and below.
Huge flocks of students can be seen in every nook and corner of the city and peripheries, where these erstwhile ‘gurus’ now called teachers have opened their shops to teach the same set of students who are not taught anything at the school by these very teachers.
The story does not end here but instead it begins, as the once upon a time concept of monthly tuition fee has been replaced with the course fee that ranges anything from Rs 7,000 to Rs 20,000 per subject, which aggregates to around Rs 80,000 for the coaching of four subjects for just a couple of months or so.
Parents, who cannot afford such a huge amount for extra coaching, watch helplessly and search for some not-so-business-minded teachers who charge in hundreds for a subject per month.
An aggrieved parent told this scribe that he had become restless since one of the tuition centres demanded Rs 80,000 for coaching of his ward in class XII, adding that he had somehow managed to save around 1.5 lakh for the future professional course of his ward but was under tremendous pressure because his ward felt inferior before his friends.
One wonders, where did the education department’s great plans of banning the private tuitions by government teachers vanish or is the government sleeping while the new age gurus make hay till the pocket of the parents keeps shining.
It is time the government takes note of the things and devises a plan to curb the skyrocketing tuition fee of the tuitions centres, so that the poorer students do not feel neglected and the basic aim of educating the down trodden does not fail.
Even though teachers have every right to earn money but since they have become businessmen, the income tax department too must watch them carefully and their tariff cards kept under check by the ministry of consumer affairs or whatever ministry has the right to do so.
Till then, parents and the students of the lesser god will keep cursing their fate while the moneyed ones continue to grab every piece of the educational cake and new age ‘gurus’ flaunt their palatial bungalows and flashy cars to their old umbrella wielding counterparts who used to feel elated when a student wanted some extra coaching, that too free of cost.
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No, Tutorials are not evil but the students who are not upto the mark despite good teachers who train them and ask them do the given homework which they never complete overall they bunk the school by attending various functions and parties for which the parents are responsible. If the parents take care of their children's and back-up in day to day work then there is no necessary for tutorials. I have seen some children's whose parents are illiterates but children's are good in studies they even work after school hours with some caterers later midnight hours when the work is finished they complete their given homework and attend the school regularly. Can all the parents who can afford their children with good education will back-up their wards. The teachers are the foundation of good corporate bosses,scientists,doctor's,engineers,etc.. all are paid well except the teachers who are paid less than a laborer. They are the one targeted by media barons for some corporal punishments.Pay the teachers well like the corporates or the government staff this menace can be then stopped. In State of Andhra Pradesh even for a Ration Card each and every category is mentioned right from businessman to beggar at least 100 category is mentioned but nowhere Teacher name is mentioned, thus it seems Teachers are worst than beggar in the eye of the Government, you all can verify the Ration Card Form thus will come to know the status of a Teacher who builds the nation in nook and by lanes of the country.
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