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Two points on "Modi-Salman's kite flying adventure"
Why do we notice every incident with a political or a religious scanner while certain incidents have remarkable merit to have a prospective economical discussion? Is it our obsession with politics, religion etc or media’s craziness to create sensations?

Earlier this week Bollywood actor Salman Khan was seen joining Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi for a kite flying festival in Ahmedabad. The festival raised many eyebrows in the political arena of our country. The whole event was seen as a desperate attempt on the part of Narendra Modi to conciliate the minority community on the day of Eid to harvest support from them in the form of votes ahead of the Lok Sabha elections 2014. Some also whispered cynicism about Salman Khan having a lunch with Modi

My first point is:

Is it right on our part to look at this incident the way it is presented to us by the media? I mean how can we see the action of any national icon through the political or religious scanner?

I mean, both Salman and Modi enjoy an extensive popularity in India. And their reputation is truly because of their own effort of personification of their own deeds and actions and corrective measures they’ve taken in their respective fields as well as in their lives. Has it anything to do with their religion?

Even if they met in a particular occasion with a vested interest, is there any point in making it a hot issue on the grounds of the religion and politics?

It has always been a tradition of assimilating film stars in campaigns during the elections by every political party in our country. So why this incident can’t be taken in that way?  Or else it could have made only news and then should have ignored. But on what moral ground we focus on this issue on the basis of religions of both the personalities? How ridiculous is this?

Again, in the past many people have praised Modi for his development work in Gujarat. When Ratan Tata eulogizes Modi…he is an Industrialist not Parsi. When Amitabh Bachchan admires Modi…he is an iconic actor in India not a Hindu. But when Salman acclaims Modi for his work or Irfan Pathan shares a dais with Modi on any occasion suddenly they become Muslims and not a popular actor or an eminent cricketer. Isn’t it simply bizarre?

In this way aren’t we really ignoring these people, who irrespective of their religion have a right of choice to endorse anything as per their own liking? Is there anything about this for raising eye-brows or even making a small controversy on religion point of view?  
Amir Khan has lauded Arvind Kejriwal and AAP and Shahrukh Khan has backed Rahul Gandhi. We don’t have any problem with it. But when Salman Khan had a lunch with Modi and said something good about him….something sensational comes in media!!! That means when media enjoys TRPs with sensationalism by dissecting “who spoke what and where”, we focus on the religions forgetting that nothing such happens in our daily lives.

Neither a doctor asks about the religion before treating our ailments nor does a grocer deliver our item after querying about our religious belief.
One step further I can add here that does Modi really need a Salman Khan for any of his political or popularity aspects or Salman Khan needs a Modi to endorse his films? And most importantly are Indian citizens are so fool that they cannot see anything or understand anything?
My Second Point is:
Didn’t we lose an opportunity to discuss about the valuable economical prospect of kite industry?
In the process of making this incident a small but impactful headline and a topic of hot discussion on the grounds of political stunt by Modi or Salman Khan, hadn’t we lost the opportunity to notice how this kite making industry has grown in the past decade in Gujarat providing livelihood to many people? A small but determined administrative will on the parts of Modi has given this industry a real boom…isn’t it a fact?
In our country every state has its own festivals and certain things exclusive to that state only. For example in my home state Odisha we have a festival called Baliyatra observed in Ras Purnima (Kartik Purnima- full moon day in the month of Kartik) on which people religiously float beautiful boats (made up of paper or thermocol) in rivers or any water body.  We have a long and wonderful tradition attached to this festival.
Now I feel why the CM of my state Naveen Patnaik can’t make similar effort to boost this boat making industry attaching it to the tourism? In fact in Odisha every place has something exclusive. If they will be given a push by the Govt. then certainly there will be not only a height of revenue generation but also a huge amount of employments and livelihood creation would happen. Why can’t we discuss such aspects on our national platforms?
In other states also there might be certain valuable efforts already made to elevate the economy using small things. But they may not be getting spotlight due to our obsession with politics. Isn’t it unfair? I mean why the camera can’t focus on the “Kite” and  why the main discussion was not on its economic aspect but on “Modi or Salman???
My point is very simple. We must learn to stop adding politics in everything. Sometimes the camera should focus only on the “Kite” or similar things and their economical prospectives. The experts must discuss in the TV debates about how Modi made it a prospering industry and while others aren’t doing or if anybody doing then lets discuss about that also.

Not the silly things like Modi tried to appease minority or Salman voiced his opinion on Modi or promoted his movie should be focused on. The real point of discussion should have been the Kite actually.
Because these people (Salman Khan and Narendra Modi) are too small things when compared with economical aspects of kite or similar small scale industries which has tremendous scope and merit pushing our economy to a step further towards growth of our country…isn’t it?

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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