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Understanding rape vis-a-vis polygamous nature of men
During gynocratic age, the knowledge and concept of paternity had not been established. Females were considered as tree which bore fruits when ripe. Child birth was a mysterious phenomenon, and females were worshiped and envied for life giving power. Sex was considered as normal activity with no taboo attached.

Humans are different from other mammals as they are polygamous. This is supported by facts that males are blessed with millions of sperms and females with thousands of eggs. Human females don’t ovulate periodically like females of other mammals and remain in receptive mode continuously. 

As the knowledge of paternity crept in, societies developed institution of marriage, some permit one male and one female and others keeping polygamous nature of humans, permit males to keep more than one female. This marriage phenomenon generated continuing conflict with polygamous nature bestowed to humans. By nature human males have more sexual urge than females. A male thinks about sex all the time and can get attracted to females at any time.

There is no single theory that conclusively explains causes of sexual violence. Sexual inadequacy, expression of gender inequality, power of male domination and present time permissiveness, exhibition of sexuality within society, availability of sex literature in the market and vividly shown on electronic media kindles external stimuli in males without emotional bonding. 

Economic growth of the country resulted in large-scale migration of male population from rural areas to growth centers who had to leave behind their families. They have no place to satisfy their sexual needs. For orderly growth of societies its dictates, no sex outside marriage, must prevail but this is against the basic molding of polygamous character of human males. Measures to control rapes must balance between these two conflicting variants; also it must be kept in mind that rapes can never be fully eradicated.

These days public is very vocal to demand death and castration for rape offenders. The aim of punishment is reformation, turning criminals into law abiding citizens. If the life is terminated then what is there to reform. Punishment should not only reform but also act as deterrent to other would-be-criminals.  Human psychology of fear of unknown and loss of dignity can be effectively used to achieve it.

Rape cases should be decided in two different courts. First accused should be tried by legally constituted courts. During trial, their fundamental rights as far as freedom to speech and expression and protection of civil rights by means of writ such as habeas corpus, should be suspended. This will help in speedy disposal of cases by trial courts. If found guilty, a rapist should be presented in a public court, where he would understand emotional trauma of a victim.

Here, he should be treated in a manner where his self-esteem is vaporized and dignity shattered. It should be publicized widely on all TV channels. It will inculcate respect for law and will force a would-be-rapist to think twice before he loses control over his sexual urge.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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