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Unjust Humanity
Understanding the torchbearers of Gender Equality 21 August, 2015
This article explains how currently the concept of gender equality is doing more harm than benefits. It also shows a glimpse of how true, actual and absolute gender equality should look like.

If you are not talking about "Gender Equality", you are orthodox, insensitive, chauvinistic, misogynistic, opinionated, and many other despicable terms.

If you are talking about "Gender Equality", you are modern, sensitive, open-minded, caring for women and many other fashionable terms.

This is the map of the modern society. This is how modern society, also known as civilized society, creates stereotypes. And since a lot is being talked about gender equality, let's dive deep into understanding the term - what it means and what it stands for.

As far as the meaning of the term "Gender "Equality" is concerned, it's pretty straightforward and self-explanatory - Equality of the two genders - male and female.

At the onset, it does sound like a benevolent thought as it seems to eradicate the gender based discrimination our society is wrought with.

But, when we look at its practical implementation and execution of the meaning, reality is completely different.

In real life, "Gender Equality" ekes out to "Women's Rights" and it does not stop there. It also entails discrimination against men as a positive affirmative action.

Let us look at some candid examples of gender equality gone wrong,

1.    Akshay Kumar urges women to engage in violence against men in the name of "Gender Equality".

2.    Aamir Khan says 70% men are bad in the name of "Gender Equality".

3.    Deepika Padukone promotes promiscuity and disregards to a man's emotions in the name of Gender Equality.

4.    Farhan Akhtar ignores problems of male victims of sexual assault and paints every man (including himself) as a potential rapist in the name of Gender Equality.

5.    Three innocent men are beaten up mercilessly by two abusive women in Rohtak over seat disagreement in bus and even after the girls are found to be liars, they are not punished, thanks to Gender Equality.

6.    Innocent man trapped in false rape case is lynched to death brutally and mercilessly by a 7000 strong crowd in Dimapur in the name of Gender Equality.

7.    Special seats are reserved for women in almost all modes of transport while a huge majority of men go standing. Many times young women do not offer their "reserved seats" to old and fragile men. So much for gender equality.   

8.    Educated, well-qualified and many a times, well-earning women are given maintenance by courts at the expense of a man in the name of gender equality.

9.    Girls can easily break up a relationship but boys are punished for doing so and it is called gender equality.

10.  Women can beat up a man and be called bold but men are taught not to beat women, again in the name of gender equality.

Above and many other examples show that, as a society, what we are practicing is affirmative discrimination of men, dissemination of hatred against men, all in the name of gender equality with a false notion that patriarchy benefits men so gender equality should eke out the differences marauding the gender ironies. However, that's where the anomaly lies.

In fact, patriarchy is largely beneficial to women but not men. Men are made to live under an imaginary illusion that patriarchy works for them, but in reality, it works only for a handful of men who have all the power, money and influence concentrated and congregated in their hands. For the vast majority of powerless men, patriarchal dominance is just a dream that never realizes. A mirage in a desert, they keep chasing and finish off their entire life chasing.

Let's have a look at how patriarchy and the inherent concepts of male-bashing camouflaged as "Gender Equality" harms men,

1.    Patriarchy does not provide choice of convenience to a man not to work and earn for his family.

2.    Patriarchy binds the role of a man to be a Protector and a Provider. Failed protectors are autonomous criminals for society in a patriarchal setup. It's orchestrated with concepts of Gender Equality for smoother implementation of hate mongering tactics against men.

3.    It's patriarchy that refuses to acknowledge the abuse of a man by a woman.

4.    Patriarchy forces men to take risks in life, endanger their lives and prove their worth in order to prove their manhood - a step essential for a man to even contemplate liking a woman.

5.    Patriarchy applies automatic filters on the number of available men for women as all unsuccessful and moderately successful men are automatically eliminated and women get the choicest of men to spend their lives with.

6.    Patriarchy makes the world of men extremely competitive which makes every man an enemy of another man.

7.    Patriarchy divides men by caste, creed, religion, language, culture, country and these factors contribute to the already existing hatred amongst men. As a result men are continuously at war with other men. Women transcend all these boundaries and unite by their gender against patriarchy and hold men as villain for any discrepancy. Patriarchy ensures, men take the blame and are punished for it. For, the patriarchs can't afford to lose the grip on patriarchy for some non-conformers.

8.    Patriarchy makes the lives of men disposable and then glorifies the disposability with honor. This is the reason; men are more than willing to die for the country land, even though they may get nothing in return, let alone losing their lives. The delay in OROP implementation is a shot in the arm telling how society treats its saviors and guardians.

9.    Patriarchy dismisses issues of men as individual problems, belittles them and does not believe in providing institutional, state sponsored solutions to the same; take the suicide statistics for example. Even though, double the numbers of men are committing suicides compared to women, it's the number of women that wrecks the psyche of the society; it's not the skyrocketing suicides by men that paves the way to up the ante against suicides.

10.  Patriarchy holds men responsible for the abuse they undergo and punishes them for the same.

So, as we had a glance into how patriarchy harms men, it should be clear why concepts of gender equality as a measure to counter patriarchy are turning out to be counter-productive and no solution is in sight.

This is because we are attempting to solve the wrong problem with the inaccurate solution. The problem is not patriarchy harming women, the problem is patriarchy harming men and the needed solution is not male bashing camouflaged as gender equality, but true, actual and absolute gender equality.

Currently, the torchbearers of Gender Equality are painting the town red with their inherent male hatred and are brandishing male hatred as the new age gender equality. And that's a dangerous trend.

If they want true gender equality then,

1.    Do not have any gender biased scheme, be it education, occupation or any other sphere of life.

2.    There should be absolutely no gender based reservation and all existing forms of gender based reservation must also be abolished.

3.    Punishment for crime cannot be gender based. Principles of true, actual and absolute gender equality require that equal punishment be awarded to both men and women for the same offenses committed.

4.    Equal participation of women in all risky, dangerous and menial jobs like combat, mining, plumbing, painting, construction of building etc.

5.    No glorification of first woman combat trainer, first woman bus driver, first woman train driver etc.

6.    Abolish the concept of alimony and maintenance for all women who are educated 10+. There are enough jobs available for all people who have studied more than class 10. If men can find one, so can women.

7.    No special preference to the feminine gender in any form or respect. If men can stand in a line, so can women. If men can stand and travel, so can women.

8.    No special budget should be allowed for women else allocate equal budget specifically for men.

9.    Abolish all women specific bodies like National Commission for Women, Women and Child Development Ministry etc. or form similar bodies for men.

10.  No automatic license to commit violence on the basis of gender and anyone like Akshay Kumar or someone who promotes such violence should be booked under appropriate sections of the IPC for instigating and promoting violence and intimidating crime in the society.

While, it is understandable that the concept of gender equality is too vast and complicated to be covered in a single article but this article should serve as an eye-opener for all the torchbearers of gender equality, that when you say gender equality, it's equality at all levels, not at those that are cherry picked.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
About The Author
Virag R Dhulia, a software professional, has been a prominent men's rights activist. He has been engaged in creating awareness about the abuse of men and their families through anti-male and gender biased laws like Section 498A, Domestic Violence Act etc. He has been instrumental in networking with fellow men's rights activist both across India and abroad and has played key roles in organizing events to create awareness about abuse of men by the society. A book titled, 'The Secrets of Manhood' authored by Virag has been published. This book is a collection of short articles which focus on issues and problems faced by men and how men are victims of social stereotypes.
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