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United opposition without the Congress is a better idea!
In a democracy, opposition is as important as the ruling party. But the opposition cannot oppose everything just for the sake of it to avoid being perceived as an obstacle to country's growth.

Unfortunately the current Modi government does not face strong and effective opposition which would have helped making the incumbent more accountable and responsive. The weak opposition is due to several reasons, but persistent lies being spoken by almost all opposition leaders is the main reason why the citizens despise them.

The unwanted 'No Confidence' motion against Modi government brought by TDP was actually designed to give Rahul Gandhi a platform to show his offensive caliber against Modi government so as to become the unanimous face of united opposition. He spoke well, delivered the punchlines with consummate ease, and made the members of treasury bench look nervous. But then cupid stuck and he started talking about love and affection. In a rare fit of emotions he rushed towards PM Modi's chair and asked him to rise from his seat for a hug. Startled Modi did not comply and then Rahul hugged him against his wish. The acting did not stop there. Rahul returned to his seat and winked at his colleague Jyotiraditya Scindia and thus removed all doubts that his antics lacked seriousness and stage managed to give a perception only.

All brownie-points earned through his fiery speech were lost in a moment of hug and wink. He was ridiculed nationally and internationally for this immature behavior. Not that people consider him mature, but this kind of childish behavior was not expected.

Gale Milna (hugging with affection) and Gale Padna (An irritation to someone or become a burden to someone) are two distinct things. Rahul Gandhi did the latter thinking that he was doing the former and thus became nation's laughing stock overnight. Some Congress PiDis argue that hugging someone with a good intention should have been reciprocated by PM Modi. But first, there was no good intention (confirmed by the infamous wink) and hugging is for friends, not for rivals. After falsely accusing PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi had no business to hug him by force. Winking at parliament showed his lack of respect to the temple of democracy.

In addition, Rahul Gandhi had spoken the following three great lies inside the Parliament:

1.     Rahul Gandhi claimed that there was no secrecy clause in Rafael deal as confirmed by French President during a meeting with him earlier. So, BJP bought Rafael aircraft at a much higher price than fixed by UPA way back in 2008 by getting kickbacks and PM Modi was a partner in the corruption. "You are not chowkidaar (watchman), you are bhagidaar (partner in crime)", roared Rahul Gandhi while levelling allegation.

This was a blatant lie. 

The French President never said anything like that to Rahul Gandhi. Immediately after Rahul Gandhi's allegation, the French government released a press notice saying the secrecy clause did exist since 2008 (in fact, UPA signed the secrecy pact) and the prices and features could not be made public.

For those who think what the deal is all about, here is an easy comparison, UPA wanted to buy Maruti-800 car and NDA bought Mercedes. Obviously Mercedes will cost more. Similarly, the Rafael jet considered by UPA was like Maruti-800, devoid of advanced features. The deal PM Modi struck was to have the jets with advanced features with extra provisions of nuclear warheads. Each feature costs money. Sharing the price break-up would mean exposing the combat features of the aircraft to the enemies of India (Pakistan and China) and detrimental to India's interests. Rahul Gandhi is actually working for India's enemies by revealing the features of Rafael. Thanks to the Modi government that such an effort has been crushed with an iron hand. The secrecy clause also helped. 

1.     Rahul Gandhi claimed that PM Modi promised to give 2 crore jobs each year during the 2014 campaign, but failed to do so. He compared creation of 50000 jobs per day by China to 400 per day by India (Who gave him the data?).

Another deliberate lie by Rahul Gandhi! 

While PM Modi, during his reply, had given the figures of employment and earning opportunities created by his government, I searched the database to find when PM Modi had made such promise of giving 2 crore jobs per year. I did not find the reference.

Then I watched ABP News' 'Viral Sach' program where the anchor talked about this particular case. According to ABP news, PM Modi had never made such a promise anywhere during his election campaigns. Add to it the fact that it was not a part of BJP's election manifesto. The closest reference was PM Modi's rally in Agra where he talked about UPA's failed promise of giving one crore jobs per year, but did not promise to give 2 crore jobs per year.


1.     Rahul Gandhi claimed that PM Modi never spoke on atrocities towards minorities, women and Dalits. 

The fact is PM Modi had spoken strongly against lynching by cow-vigilantes, against Kathua rape case and against atrocities towards Dalits. The other day, ABP news showed all the instances when PM Modi had spoken against such things.

"Beat me if you want, but spare my Dalit brethren", PM Modi had famously said.

Another flagrant lie by Rahul Gandhi duly exposed.

There were several other lies spoken by the Congress president, but I have mentioned the top three above. If the punishment for each lie spoken in parliament is one year jail-term, then Rahul Gandhi would spend his remaining life in jail. BJP has already moved a privilege motion against Rahul Gandhi for misleading the nation by telling lies in the parliament.

There is talk of united opposition to take on Modi in 2019. But united lie-peddling opposition cannot stand against the truthfulness of Modi government. After the debacle in the parliament, Rahul Gandhi's prospects to be the face of united opposition are as good as over.  Mamata Banerjee roared from Kolkata that she would take on Modi at national level although Mayavati, Chandrababu Naidu, Sharad Pawar and Mullayam Singh Yadav will not easily concede.

So the situation is we have a strong performing government at the center with a weak, selfish, communal, corrupt and divided opposition. Even if they unite against Modi's BJP, the narrative will still be in favor of Modi. Any citizen will ask, "If Modi was bad, why did you unite despite differences?"

Chanakya said a couple of millennia ago, "If all the corrupt opposing forces are getting united, then it shows that the ruler is honest and doing his job par excellence."

So true is this statement considering the present Indian context!

Therefore united opposition is a failed idea. If Congress is a part of it, then it is surely doomed. Any opposition alliance with Congress will surely fail because Congress has lost its base. After the 'no-confidence' debacle, Rahul Gandhi has become a liability for the Congress leading it towards its extinction. Congress is like "hum to dubenge sanam, tumhe le kar dubenge", meaning "Congress is doomed and anyone associated with Congress will also be doomed".

So if an alliance is made sans Congress, then it will have some success. But 2019 is done. It is Modi government, again. A Congress-free united opposition should start dreaming about 2024.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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